This week, NFTs came to college football, finally.

Campus Legends unveiled the first officially licensed NFTs for college football (and other sports) with its drop this past Wednesday in partnership with the University of Florida. This drop included a special collection of players from the 2008 national championship team as well as other current Florida athletes across a number of sports.

Since NFTs are new to some people and Campus Legends just launched this week, we thought we’d consider some frequently asked questions to help with fans that are curious about this new platform.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced. For example a one-of-a-kind trading card such as a Michael Jordan rookie card with a specific ID can’t be replaced. It’s distinct. NFTs are essentially the digital version of this. Powered by blockchain tech, buyers and sellers can exchange specific NFT assets online.

Why are NFTs in sports and college football?

As NFTs become increasingly popular in a number of industries, sports was a natural place for NFTs to thrive. We saw it with NBA’s “Top Shot” product where NBA fans could buy and sell NBA “moments” just like trading cards. Some of these moments gained in value and began trading for thousands of dollars each.

Campus Legends has brought NFTs to college football fans through officially licensed NFTs such as this week’s drop in conjunction with the University of Florida. More schools are on the way.

Do the athletes benefit from this?

Yep. Due to recent NIL legislation, Campus Legends is committed to assisting the former and current athlete in monetizing their name, image and likeness. The new NFT marketplace is an awesome way for athletes to capitalize on their value.

Officially licensed Florida Gators NFTs are live now on the Campus Legends website. Go here to check it out.

Campus Legends is a paid sponsor of Saturday Down South.