This week, our friends at Campus Legends unveiled the first officially licensed NFTs for college football (and other sports). While more schools are coming to the platform in the future, Campus Legends launched with officially licensed NFTs for current and past athletes at the University of Florida. Of course, the collection from the 2008 national championship team is getting quite the buzz.

In conjunction with this launch, SDS was able to communicate with Tim Tebow, who is one of the founders and backers of Campus Legends, about this new marketplace and this new opportunity in college athletics.

SDS: Tim, what made you want to be a part of this opportunity?

Tebow: We wanted to start Campus Legends because we believed in the mission of helping alumni and current student-athletes. We believed we could build something special for the athletes, schools, and fans using this new progress. Things are changing quickly in the sports, digital and technology arenas, and we wanted to use this progress as a way to make an impact. We believe something special about Campus Legends is that it is a place for all athletes. Our platform is not just for the athletes that had incredible careers, or the current stars, but it’s also for the athletes that are maybe looked past because they don’t play as popular of a sport, or maybe they don’t have as big of marketing or PR team around them. We get the chance to showcase them and their incredible careers, and that’s pretty cool.

SDS: How do you see NFTs impacting college football players and schools in the coming years?

Tebow: These college athletes help create so many great memories for fans and work so hard. But sometimes when they leave school, they’re forgotten. To me, Campus Legends is way more than NFT’s and digital collectibles. It’s special to me because we have the chance to use this progress in technology and NIL to support the athletes not only when they’re in school, but afterwards as well. Through our primary and secondary marketplace, collections, and our community, we’re able to find ways to promote some of these athletes that may have been forgotten, but are so special to so many people and so many fans. Also, with the Campus Legends Helping Hands Foundation that we started, we’re able to help athletes that may be in a tough time in their life. That is really special and personal to me!

SDS: Were you excited to see Florida be the first officially licensed school to be on the Campus Legends platform?

Tebow: I think it’s exciting that myself and thirteen of my teammates from the 2008 National Championship team are doing this, and it’s pretty awesome that we’re joined by other current-student athletes playing football, softball, baseball, and gymnasts. I get so excited when I think about Campus Legends releasing the first ever officially licensed athlete & school NFTs, and doing it with thirteen of my teammates. We put in the work together on the field, and now we get to celebrate it together and it be a win for the University of Florida, a win for the athletes, and a win for the fans.

Officially licensed Florida Gators NFTs are live now on the Campus Legends website. Go here to check it out.

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