Brian Kelly shares many of the same concerns that are becoming widespread around college sports with regards to name, image and likeness.

The LSU coach spoke on SiriusXM about the direction of NIL, and how he still wants to recruit, develop and retain his players, but changes need to be made.

“Certainly, I am in favor of the student-athletes promoting their brand, and having their name, their image and their likeness,” Kelly said. “We’re in a situation now where it’s unintended consequences. I don’t know if anybody thought we’d get to the point where seniors in high school were having multi-million dollar contracts. We’re looking at guys entering the transfer portal because they want to get paid to play. But that’s not name, image and likeness was intended to do. And so there’s going to have to be corrections. It’s not a sustainable model from that perspective.”

Kelly added that he’s not in favor of a freshman coming in without any experience, but holding a big contract.

“That’s not good for your locker room,” Kelly said. “That’s not good for anybody, and the same holds true for transfers as well.

Kelly added that he’s in favor of paying for travel and relocation expenses, but the large contracts are not sustainable.