Dak Prescott suffered a devastating leg injury during the 2020 season.

Though he played in 2021, he wasn’t necessarily at 100% for much of the season, even while playing well for the Dallas Cowboys.

But now, with another offseason under his belt, Prescott told ESPN recently that he’s feeling great ahead of the 2022 campaign:

“A year ago, you’re excited because you’re back on your leg,” Prescott said. “You’re moving it for the first time. From one week to the next you get to do two jumps to three jumps to jogging to sprinting, so you’re excited and you feel progress. But a year [later], I get on the field and I don’t even think about my leg. It goes from getting that leg better to that’s not even a thought in my head. There’s days, maybe the cold front comes in, that I might feel it a little bit more, but it’s not a thought in my head or a worry or rehabbing on.”

He said his body feels back to full strength, so he’s excited to get back on the field this fall:

“It’s exciting,” he said. “Yeah, I mean throwing this morning and leaving that session, yeah, I mean pumped up just the way I feel, the leg feels, the arm feels, the body feels. Yeah, I’m excited.”

Can Prescott get back to his dominant self? He still has a few months left to get ready for 2022, which is good news for Cowboys fans.