Shane Beamer and the South Carolina Gamecocks are gearing up for an important 2022 campaign. After going 7-6 in Year 1, the pressure is on Beamer to improve this fall.

On Wednesday morning, the South Carolina coach joined SiriusXM to discuss some changes he’d like to see made to college football.

As you can hear in the clip below, Beamer said he’d like the opportunity to scrimmage against other teams:

“I would love to see in either spring practice or the month of August where we could actually scrimmage another college football team,” he said. “We’re the only sport at any level — high school, college, pro, any sport — that doesn’t get any kind of preseason scrimmage, exhibition game against another team before you go play for real.”

There has been some chatter recently about FBS teams potentially playing FCS teams for spring games instead of having intrasquad scrimmages. We’ll see if that change is made in the coming years. It sounds like Beamer would support it.