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I trust Kirby and the staff to make a good decision on that. I am by no means against Carson Beck, I hope he becomes a superstar. I just wanted to point out the relative unimportance of spring game performances.
“Beck was the best Georgia quarterback in the spring game” That’s debatable, and worth noting he was playing against the 2nd-team defense. Also notable that Spring games are literally just a televised practice.
“…and help the Cats finish 2nd in the east”. Fixed it for you.
“The Georgia transfer (Burton) who led the Bulldogs in receptions the past 3 years” Uh, no. Burton has only played two seasons. Brock Bowers had more catches in 2021 than Burton had in his CAREER at Georgia.
“As we saw last year with Brock Bowers…” It was about mid-November before SDS writers realized Bowers wasn’t just filling-in until Darnell Washington returned.
You realize Muschamp was in Athens in 2021 right? And the UGA defense was historically dominant? But anyway, keep making jokes about Little Debbies. It’s all you’ve got.
The biggest question is if can Kirby keep the team “hungry” after being told for eight months how awesome and legendary they are. That concerns me more than losing all the 1st-round draft picks.
Clever, but it’s more like Uncle Lou will pick his nose for an hour and Negan will spend the other 23 hours commenting about it.
Tennessee will not finish in the Top 15. That said, Tennessee MAY BE one of the top 15 teams in the country, so kudos to whoever made this poll. Too many pollsters try to predict end-of-season results, instead of simply ranking teams in order of how good they are. Doing this punishes teams with challenging schedules before toe ever meets leather, and it’s unfair.
The “UGA-fans-want-to-see-Beck-or-Vandagriff-instead-of-Bennett” needs to be be fact-checked by Biden’s Ministry of Truth. The UGA fans I know, and I know a lot, are perfectly happy with our national championship-winning, Top-5-nationally-in-QBR, senior starting QB.
Something is wrong with SDS. They forgot to label any prediction made by anyone about 2022 as “way too early”.
At what point do we stop calling them “way too early” rankings? Spring practice is behind us. The coaching carousel stopped a long time ago. We are a little over 100 days from kickoff. Rankings are hardly even “early” at this point.
As Lil Penny would say, congratulations on your no-prize-winning victory.
I’m not sure what the predictions are here. “Offensive Line” Yes, I too predict South Carolina will have an offensive line. Safe prediction.
Tennessee = where they still don’t realize they are Ole Miss with a bigger stadium. Dang, I can’t even use that insult anymore. Ole Miss is going to Sugar Bowls. Anyhoo, have fun losing the Music City Bowl again.
Georgia scored 13 offensive points in the 4th quarter. Unless Metchie and Williams played cornerback too, dogs still win. 2021 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS
Will Georgia win the national championship? Maybe not, we did lose a lot of experienced talent. We should still have an expectation and goal of making the playoff. If you think UGA is going to drop off a cliff, you’re in for a big disappointment.
And for the hundredth time having a “1,000-yard” rusher is meaningless. What matters is yards per carry. Tyler Badie had 1600+ yards. Zamir White and James Cook were drafted ahead of him.
Regarding the scoring average, keep in mind Georgia was almost weekly sitting on big 2nd half leads. The Dogs aren’t involved in 48-45 shootouts, like some other teams who brag about their points-per-game scoring average. (Looking at you, Big Orange).
Sean McDonough is by far the best in the business. Gus Johnson is fine, but not EVERY play should be called like it’s the Flutie Hail Mary.
He’s a good coach and entertaining but IMO, the “genius” and “savant” labels some apply to him are unearned. The next big game he wins as a head coach will be his first.
Another prediction: at some point Lane will throw his clipboard into the air on a long TD pass, and folks here will call him a clairvoyant genius, when all he’s really doing is watching the targeted receiver on the play break open, something any coach could do if they chose to, because they know what they are looking for on the play.
I look forward to beating them by multiple touchdowns again.
At least he didn’t call it “The University of Georgia Tech”, as others have in the past. I’m proud of him.
Thank you for not saying that it would require Alabama and Auburn to move to the East. This is an idiotic statement that keeps being repeated by folks who suck at math. If that happened, and OU and Texas joined the West, there would be nine teams in the east and seven in the west.
“it’s not really human nature to try to be the best you can be. It’s human nature to survive.” That’s a great insight, and much better than “fast is fast”.
Allow me to end the suspense. Stetson is 5’9” and will not get drafted. That has NOTHING to do with Arch Manning.