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Class...Who do you want to see or project as #2 and possible starter if Stetson goes down?
Hmmm...interesting. That plan just didn't work if keeping Fields happy was the goal, and as good of a coach Kirby is, I am sure he learned from that situation. I saw Beck in the State title game when he was at Jax Mandarin...he lit it up. That #2 race is pretty interesting....but I think Beck will come out on top.
Tidefan...come on Hoss...you're better than that. So you think he can't get a high school job if he wanted it? The guy offered his son's school his expertise...while he awaits his next move.
Hall... Young fella...I hope you have a good support group around you and not a bunch of yes men. We don't know the situations, but continued movements may not be a good look. I pull for you big time being from Tampa Bay area...so find a spot, work and your talent can speak for itself.
I actually have good back and forth with Leghumper...IMO, the way it should be. Light-hearted pokes. I lived in ATL a lot of years...during most of our run over them...and always kept it fun. Negan...yes, he and others go overboard...but I will counter some points he makes hoping to steer the convo to just SEC talk.
"But during the Jacksonville jinx years. I saw too many better Georgia teams lose their natty hopes in Jacksonville." by Negan Too many insinuates a large number...which teams were better? Which of those losses ruined all of those Nattys? Zook was 2-1 against UGA (ha), so I give you those years as that is arguably true. One of those years you were in contention of the title...that is 1. Urbs lost one in 2007 when you guys embarrassed yourselves twerking on the field after a TD...still one of the lamest displays of all time. In 2008, I think yall were Preseason #1...Bama had you 35-0 in the Black out game...and we beat you 49-10 in route to beating Bama without Percy, and winning the chip over Oklahoma. That's a zero in those years that Jax ended a Natty shot. Spurrier's lone loss was in 97...maybe the 92 game you could argue as being better, but I disagree with that as we almost beat BAMA in the inaugural SEC chip. The 92 team was loaded and supposed to be all that with Hearst, Zeier, Hastings...but did the Jax loss deny a shot at a chip? Debatable...so let's give you that as you finished 10-2. That's 2 title chances
Patient fan base unfortunately is an oxymoron in the SEC outside of Vandy. I am that...and also realistic. Although your boy 2008 posts are annoying as hell :)...he is right...so realistic guys in our base should understand that we won't be at Georgia, Bama, Ohio State recruiting levels out of the gate. I think that could be year 2, provided CBN's processes go as planned.
:) Good one and fair point...most did, but there were still some that weren't all the way sold. He wasn't my first choice, but I thought his recruiting would improve after a good on the field showing. For me, Napier was who I hoped to get...and hopefully our base will give him time to change the culture.
College hoops is their calling card…and the additions over the past decades to now have not changed that mantra overall.
College hoops is their calling card...and the additions over the past decades to now have not changed that mantra overall.
Sony getting to play back home in South Fla...
You has a GREAT team...we get it. You guys win a chip (I was 10 in 1980) and a few of you are real clowns. Ridiculous and unfunny to boot.
Reportedly or I should say allegedly, he did stuff like (slaps upside the head, etc., that to test "toughness" on other cats he coached...and when you stood up for yourself, it was an "attaboy"...I believe it was a podcast I saw with Josh Shaw who ended up transferring out of UF. Kinda woosy...but whatever.
Luv...he is legacy...good pedigree. Solid athlete like his brother Trent and solid program.
Negan...yes you are right...everyone bows down to UGA after 40 year drought chip.
LOL!! How you get fired on your day off Craig...ha ha! Love this cat Devonta's game...and wish nothing but success.
Dawgtime...It's just not funny bro. Leghumper drops some good ones and is a cool poster IMO...his are simply unfunny no matter the alias.