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Hard to say. You'd think so, but (as much as we appreciate Kirby) the QB approach is consistently head-scratching. You'd have thought he would have gotten someone work in the blowouts last year but he kept SB4 in for almost every snap. I expect it to be different this season since he'll need to get someone ready for next year with both Beck and Brock getting 4th quarter snaps.
Not Class obviously but chiming in. We've seen so little of both it's hard to say but Beck has an extra year in the system so would be the more likely #2. But Vandagriff seems to have higher upside with the added dimension of running ability. Need to see Beck do it in a real game.
So I guess skipping Sr. year of high school is a thing now? Seems to be working out ok for Grimes at UNC who is projected as a high draft pick next year. We'll see about Overton at A&M too.
Agreed, the additional experience will offset the fact that he'll get thrown at more often with Kendrick gone and (hopefully) Tykee Smith back in form. Dude's got talent.
I think David Pollack's assessment of them being about 10 ppg worse may be right. Less pash rush means more pressure on the secondary so any shortcomings back there will be more exposed. And the dawgs consistently had great field position in 2021 thanks to the defense and great punter that was also drafted. Offense definitely needs to take a step forward to be in the playoff picture this year even if we're better on paper than everyone up to the SECCG.
Yes but when you get up at 6am you'll be in Hawaii.
Napier brings in the novel approach of recruiting and coaching guys up. Watching with interest what this guy can do.
I wasn't going to say it, humper, but I agree. Cox comes off as a guy that's more worried about his stats than the team. Maybe he'll prove me wrong in year 5. He has first-round talent.
I was surprised to see no mention of Cox as well. He has the talent to be a major disruptor but lack of discipline has been his hallmark so far. I know about his sacks last year but Grantham's system was tailor-made for him.
Once we get within 100 days, it's hard for me to think about anything else!
It's the offseason, gotta find something to write about. How long til kickoff???
So isn't that 2 - 2 last four and 1 - 2 last three? Maybe I'm confused (but I'm not).
The 5 things for AR15 - aren't they 5 of the 6 most important things for a QB, along with arm strength?
Right, any given Saturday but also the SEC grind will get you. Although each game individually may be winnable, the season wears you down. It's why the Cincinnatis and UCFs, while good teams, aren't in the same league (literally and figuratively).
It's a fascinating storyline for the 2022 season. With the defense undoubtably taking a step back, will any of the upstarts in the East (UT, UF, UK, SC) be able to take advantage? It will probably take more than one L to keep them out of the SECCG. Can't wait to see it play out. As for UT - great offense last season. Will the opposing defenses catch up with a season's worth of film to study and an offseason to do so? Is there an inherent problem with gassing your defense, no matter how deep, using that offensive style?
I remember Milton being the more heralded prospect. McIntosh has stayed healthy and looked good.
GOAT's not going to let there be a hole in his roster.
Best recruiting flip of Kirby's career and an impressive comeback from the ACL.
Somebody is getting a steal with Nakobe. Hopefully Pickens goes early tonight as well.
By definition they are already reloaded with elite D-players given the recruiting rankings. Kirby learned from the best how to stack talent like that. But the D won't be historically good so we definitely need improvement from the offense.
Perhaps the best recruiting tool of all is that Kirby and Co. know how to PREPARE guys for the combine. They obviously focused Travon and the others on training for the specific events that would be tested.
Please tell me you didn't read all that. Step 1 with a Negan post is to scroll down and if you have to go more than one page, skip it.
Mainly because they currently have Marcus Mariota and Felipe Franks as the depth chart.
His basketball skills are a direct reflection of his athleticism. He ran a 4.51 at 6-5/275 lbs. And scouts most definitely care about how fast a guy can get to the QB, or run down a certain Bama WR on his way to a TD.
Yeah I think a lot of teams want to trade down but there's no one to trade with. I do love Travon of course but wouldn't have imagined him being #1. Agree with you on Dean; dude is a laser beam getting to a ball carrier.