Roll Tide!!

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Leg. Saban has made us forget about the 1992-2008 dry spell. Now that was 16 years. Not 41 years. Big difference Leg. Plus Saban winning 6 NCs at Alabama is kind of a big deal. Don’t you think so Leg?
You need Neggie to give you a hug and a snickers. You are a cranky little feller.
I wonder is Oregon has enough talent at all positions to hang with Georgia? Not sure.
Scooter. It was only about getting up at 6am to watch football. I am retired. I don’t do many things at 6am.
I guess we all got issues. Most of late games I watch come from the West Coast. Hawaii home games are only pay for view. I don’t that. Never will.
Tim If you get your 7-10 points right then that would be impressive. I just wanted to know if you had a system you used? It seems you blended an opinion with a guess. This is fine. We all do it all the time. Truth is you don’t know any more than I do Tim.
Kirk. Shame on you. Clean your own act first.
Kirk. Don’t be nasty. 41 years is a long tine. I don’t care who you are. Georgia should be celebrating. Congratulations. I am glad you have all of those other things going on for you. Maybe college football is not that important to you. That is ok. 2022 is fast approaching. You be nice now. Some of you Georgia fans have invented the one NC win dynasty. That belongs to you folks.
Addison is suppose to visit Alabama. Unless he already has?
I will be watching from my large recliner on my 82 inch Samsung. Bathroom and Beer will be close. I hope it is a good game. CSM(R).
That briefs well Ron. But, 18-22 year old young men have potential that go well or bad each week. Any team can be beat.
Harsin will have to win to keep the boosters and fans off his back. He has a tough job.
People sure are talking a lot about Addison and Alabama. Him working out with Bryce Young in California. We just have to wait and see.
Right now Georgia fans like you are enjoying a one year dynasty. Congratulations.
Hall said The Texas Steers was his new Fambly?
Neggie. You don’t know squat. You are blowhard. A liar.
303Doggie, nobody will be teaching the “head-game”. 303Doggie. They don’t teach that anymore. The head game as you call it leads to penalties and players missing game time. Try to keep up. There are some of us on here who will help you along understanding this college football stuff.
MattyJ. You got a lot of “I think” going on here.
Tim, You got it pegged to 7-10 points. Impressive Tim. Did you use a math equation? Maybe you have hired some professionals? Did you do weeks of research and analysis? Or Tim, is this just your best guess/opinion?
Hello Ron, Hope you are doing well. This prediction/opinion of yours. Is this your best Nostradamus act?
Right now Georgia fans like yourself are living on a one year Georgia dynasty ride. Enjoy.
In my opinion Georgia will take a step back in 2022. Not a big step. Georgia will still be very good.
I didn’t agree or disagree. I just asked you who have you “seen” saying anything. Your post not mine. I support everybody posting their opinion. I think your post is more your opinion than who you have “seen” say anything. I am thinking you have not “seen” anybody say anything about this. Of course unless you asked them and then got a response.
Kirk. We are on SDS. College football talk. Everything in my post is 100% true. Georgia college football history is very pale compared to Alabama. Just the facts Kirk.
Mattyl. Just who have you seen saying things? What people? It a fair question. You made the post.
You keep making these kinds of comments and you will be in the same class as Negan.