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Negan was conceived during an@l, there’s no other way to explain why he’s such a piece of sh!t
I think Will and Connor should box it out, or as Negan would say “3 rounds, ANY DAY any TIME.”
And why the sh!t does “TR@SH” require moderation?? SDS is s such a d@mn joke!!
I don’t claim Gwhite, my blood runs orange, but I’m also a realist. Gwhite is a tr@sh can turd burglar that rambles on nonsensically after getting hopped up on his home brewed frenchs’ style shine. Best to toss a nickel and ignore him
It’s Keith farner, literally all this j@ck@$$ does is copy and paste, adds the head line with “blasts” in it. G0d, I wish my job was that simple
Everyone has to make money. It takes money to make money, she bought the drill, paddle bit, and punch. Negan works it now, she makes 60% from his work, landlord, 25%, and Negan splits his 15% with his mom, because she’s the main attraction.
No, I’m not, I think drink will drown in the sec.
Negan can shove an entire butternut squash down his throat without gagging….
Did you and Negan break up again? You’re awful grouchy. You two scissor fight, kiss and make up. Lights out at 10 ladies
For you, it’s not a schlong it’s just a sch…
She drilled the pilot hole at a 1/4” diameter so you and your clam fighting buddy Negan, didn’t feel like such little guys. It’s ok, your secret is safe with me.
I find it hard to believe you’re such a candy@$$ and get on the internet and get so of fended. The but thurt is strong in you. Does someone need to pick you up and shake you to get the sand out of your v@gina?
Did your mom ever explain to you what that hole in the bathroom wall is used for? I heard it is glorious
Negan plays rock, paper, scissors with himself and still loses….
“Not acting with intelligence.” This coming from you? you are the poster child for being unintelligent. Your momma had to have been on a 9 month bender.
The people you are depending on for information are… Adam, the poster child for Hungerstrike U that spends too much time with corgis and peanut butter. O’gaya, who is impersonating John Crist because he got demoted to doing character counts. Neil, who only sees orange and blue and moderates, but doesn’t moderate, we are all still “awaiting.” Farmer, who has a man crush on Gary Danielson, and can literally publish nothing else during the season except “Gary Danielson gets blasted after comments from Alabama game.” These are your all-stars people!
So…you come to SDS for facts and information? You poor soul, if they can’t copy and paste it, or put a link to a twitter feed it’s above their journalistic intelligence. I only come here for the comic relief of the comment section. SDS is the laughingstock of modern journalism.
Negan had to start focusing on adults, he was specifically instructed to stay away from schools and churches. He had to shift his focus to older males.
If you’re ever in the scenic resort town of Jonesboro Arkansas, I’ll happily meet you with a fresh and shiny button. Heck, I’ll even take y’all for a round of golf and a few left-handed sodas! We can go to the 501 and make fun of ol’ butch together. Misery followed me here
Consider collegiate athletics, more national championships across the department than most, nationally. Who gives a rats d!ck about a pick, it’s arbitrary. Florida, as much as I hate them, produces talent more than most. Georgia fans don’t like sucking hind tit, and you do. You had a good year, I’ll make you a button, but you are not up to bama level yet. Maybe you and Negan can show up to fight me.
His idea of 3 rounds is probably not what mine or yours is.
The only thing you curl are another man’s toes when polishing his knob.
Most overrated? That title belongs to Texas, not Texas A&M.
I’ll be honest, I completely misread. I thought it said “best deep throat,” sorry Negan for thinking that actually you had a shot at being something.