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"I don’t know but BBall, SBall and gymnastics are going great." As is golf, bass fishing and horse riding.
"The scheme goes just so far if your QB is constantly running for his life.' Which we will all get to see on display in Oregon with Bo Nix.
Profound statement, Luv. It's too bad you don't get paid for your astronomically intelligent comments.
"Truth is you don’t know any more than I do Tim." Are you that constipated? Can people not have an opinion? Get a life.
Name a single team in the SEC (besides AL) that can beat UGA in the regular season.
I don't see any team in the SEC that can best Bama and UGA.
"begins and ends with the O-line." I've said that for almost ten years now.
"Auburn was worse. " UT was 7-6. AU was 6-7. WOW, UT won ONE more game than AU!!!! Try harder, clown.
Then AU should hire an AD that makes better hires.
Ma'am, UT hasn't won a national championship since 1998. UT has been an SEC bottom feeder for a LONG time now. Try harder.
I had no expectations about AU baseball this year. Happy to see them do better.
Is Alan Greene going to stay at AU? AU could have a new AD soon which could set the football program in another direction. Gus never should have been paid that much after 2017. Such a huge mistake.
"Oh, but you said TN was going to fold mid season. " Where did I say that?
Shon Coleman is a cancer survivor. Very happy that he is able to play in the NFL.
UGA will destroy every team they play until they play Bama in Atlanta. Same story as last year.
The ONLY relevant schools in the SEC are AL and GA. That's it. All the other schools will be irrelevant as usual. AU will be mediocre this year no doubt. Harsin will most likely be out by 2023.
UT was 7-6 last year, ma'am. Please let us all know when UT is relevant in college football again.
You are much better at being clear. Thank you.
"As good as Bama will likely be on D this season compared to last, the Dawgs will still be better. Mostly because after Oregon, our schedule is pathetic thanks to a schedule loaded with bad teams " I'll take "comments that make absolutely no sense, Alex"
"Bama has a tougher road to hoe, so their defense will not be as highly-rated." WUT
" Strange how many fan bases will say to TN, “give him a few years”, but others will want to can this guy at Auburn first chance they get.." Profound commentary. SEC Network should pay you for your opinion.
AU literally just picked up a safety in the portal.
"By the time you’re finished reading this sentence, Auburn probably lost another defensive lineman to the portal." AU just picked up a safety in the portal.
"There’ll be a lot of push back if you start chopping games like Auburn Georgia" I'm all for that.
Some former LSU wide receiver would like a word with you.