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Afan, it will depend, not likely in a close game. Hopefully there will be few of them and in that case, I think we will see meaningful snaps for the 2nd QB. Bennett will be gone after this season. Need to get the future QB ready.
Class of 98, well said! Beck looked good, but that was when facing the 2nd team. His production dropped off against the 1st team defense. Bennett actually scored TD's against the 1st team. I don't think Beck did... But some in the media are determined to keep the fake news - Kirby mismanaging his QB's narrative going.
Luvdaride. You said "You got it pegged to 7-10 points. Impressive Tim." Thanks' for the compliment. Did you consult a professional? Or is this just your opinion?
I look for a small drop-off with continued improvement during the season. 7-10 points per game seems about right. Looks like Kirby feels pretty good about his offense in year - 3 of OC Monken. Not sitting on leads and burning the clock as much for the last two quarters will also tend to keep the defense on the field longer. The good news, the offense will score more points. The goals and potential haven't changed. It will just look a little different in 2022.
Gabriel. "worse ranking than Alabama in PPG allowed in 4 of his 6 seasons". Yes, Kirby had no excuse in topping the defense he built at Alabama, just as soon as he walked in the door at Georgia. It's not like it takes time to recruit - it's just plug and play, no matter who's players you have. The Kirby effect is producing the best ever defensive NFL draft class in just six years on the job. The Kirby effect is producing the best scoring defense in the SEC 2 out of the last 3 years - while Bama ranked 3rd in scoring defense 2 out of the last 3 years. Most Bama fans know it when they see it. Some just can't handle the truth...
Bama Time Baby back with yet another injury excuse. Bama would've won it all, but they had injuries. I sure am glad Georgia didn't have any injuries. Oh, wait. They did have injuries, and plenty of them. Every team had injuries, but the injury excuses just keep coming from the fragile segment of the Bama fan base...
natedawg has a point. 2021 Pre-Season SEC coaches all SEC defense. Alabama placed 5 players on the 1st string. Georgia placed 1 player on the 1st string. The Kirby effect is a real thing.
Mountain Dog, I was thinking the same thing, then I read your post. Anybody looking at Muschamp's passed and trying to use that to gauge this year's defense or beyond is not seeing the complete picture. Glenn Schumann is a coach who Kirby has praised on many occasions. It's not the Muschamp show. He's just one of several primary coaches. The difference in this defense will be in D-line depth. Jordon Davis will not be replaced, but the depth also won't be the same. I think they will still be top 2-3 in the SEC.
T A&M has no excuse for not finishing top 5-10. Looking at their recruiting over the last four years, resources and all. Who in the SEC has recruited better besides Georgia and Alabama? The expectations will start to ramp up on Fisher this year. As they should.
Broderick Jones, Warren McClendon, and Sedrick Van Pran are all more than capable. I have no concern about the guard positions. Don't be surprised when Georgia proves to have the best O-line in the SEC. I don't look for a drop-off in points, unless the O-line just starts dominating with the run game. There is no position unit on offense that won't be improved for the 2022 season.
Ricker, pump the brakes on Georgia winning another Championship in 4-5 years. Why? Kirby was one play away in his second year. four years later he won it. Two legitimate chances in 4 years. Georgia has the recruiting (top 3) every year. Is that not good enough? Georgia's developing the talent as good as any program. One could agues better than any program - Having a player drafted from every position except QB. New NFL draft record - 15 players. Is that not good enough? After losing a record amount of talent, I'll pump the brakes on this season and a NC. I see no logical reason to pump the brakes for the next five years.
tony, the kid is essentially already a millionaire. Doesn't matter which school he goes to; the NIL money will be there. Now, let's talk about his future. The NIL money won't develop Arch for the NFL. The NIL won't build a championship team with blue-chip players at every position. Not yet. TA&M might put that into doubt, but in the end every school will be paying NIL - it will still come down to which school can develop him the best.
I don't see Young going No.1. He has the talent, but look at how the NFL teams penalized Nakobe Dean. That kid was the best LB in CFB and he will be a starter in the NFL, but they downgraded him because of his size. Yes, the peck injury played a part, but so did his size.
Class of 98. Well said! As far as Bennett not getting drafted, as if that' a negative? The fact that a QB who's lacking NFL talent can perform that well is even more impressive.
Manning choosing Texas is like the first QB drafted deciding to go to a bad team. That player doesn’t get to choose a good or a bad team. There is no reason why Manning should take such a chance on any new head coaches dream of what he wants to build. That would be a huge roll of the dice. Doing so would be taking a much higher chance of injury because Texas can’t provide the O-line talent and depth. The article seems to dismiss Georgia way to fast. Georgia can provide all the ingredients to support Manning and develop his talents. Using Pre-Kirby Smart stats to argue against Georgia is useless and boarding on being disingenuous. Kirby Smart will play the best player at every position. With Georgia, manning would get developed and then he would play when ready. Do you want to practice against the best defense in CFB, then you choose Georgia, where you'll get to face the best defense in CFB every day? Georgia just had a player drafted from every position group except QB. Even the punter got drafted. Texas didn’t do that. Alabama didn’t do that. No other team did that. Georgia is the most dominant program in CFB over the last 12 months. Winning the National Championship and completely dominating the NFL draft by setting a new draft record with 15 players. No team in CFB is doing a better job of developing NFL talent than Georgia. Manning should decide between Georgia and Alabama. If he wants to be in a pass first offense and if he wants passing stats, then he should choose Alabama. If he wants to get developed in a more balanced Pro- style offense and be surrounded by the best talent on offense as well as defense, he should choose Georgia. Either way, he would win a National Championship and have great players to support his efforts.
Actually, neither one is closer to the camera. But, you hope nobody will watch the video - and they likely won't, because nobody else was "triggered" by my comment. But you go ahead and justify your stupidity any way that makes you feel better. I know you're wrong and you know you are wrong. That's good enough for me.
They were cheek to cheek at one point. There is no camera angle. The camera is pointed directly at both of them, and they couldn't be any closer. You tube. Stetson Bennett & Bryce Young share a moment of respect after National Championship game. Boy, you really like to argue over nothing at all...
Georgia measured Bennett. We'll see if you can figure out the rest. Good luck with that.
Young is not 6-0. Stetson Bennett is listed at 5-10. Bennett is slightly taller than Young. Watch the video of Bennett hugging Young after the NCG. Young makes up for his lack of height with incredible vision.
Just think, Adam Anderson was another likely 1st round pick. Kirby Smart has opened up an official NFL development program in Athens Georgia.
Simply amazing! Kirby Smart just produced the best draft class in the modern history of the draft! Congratulations to Kirby and to all the new NFL Dawgs!
Saban has been coaching for Decades. Same for Swinney. Kirby has been coaching (HC) for six years. He seems to be off to a very fast start. I like his chances...
gator fan, I agree with the first half of your post. Beating Saban once is one thing, beating him twice especially for a NC is another. Dabo is No.2 for active coaches. My post didn't point to a dynasty. A few have beat Saban, but besides Dabo, they didn't have the sustained recruiting to continue to be able to compete at that level. Like Dabo, Kirby is recruiting on the same level. After winning the NC and after setting NFL draft records, I see no reason for this to be the time to pump the brakes...
Look at what Kirby Smart has built in six short years. There have been challengers to Nick Saban, but no one has been able to sustain and really compete on a regular basis. People will say, look at Kirby's record against Saban. Saban has won most of them, as he should - again, all of those games have come in Kirby's first six years, when Saban had already dominated recruiting and Kirby was getting started and trying to catch up. Now, Kirby has caught up to Saban. Now we get to see who gets the better of who over the next six years. I hope Saban stays around long enough to find out. That would be something to see...
Kirby came back to Athens and in six short years is winning National Championships and setting NFL draft records. Georgia fans couldn't have asked for anything more. Way to go Dawgs!
Nick Saban didn't coach and develop all those Dawg's that are about to light-up the NFL draft boards; Kirby Smart and his staff did that! But Ingram can have his opinion. We'll take the Championship...
Travon Walker should go No.1. Aidan Hutchinson had all world numbers in the weaker B1G. So did the Michigan O-line. Then they met the class of the SEC in the Orange Bowl and the Michigan O-line and Hutchenson both looked average. I think that showing's playing a role in Hutchinson dropping to the No.2 spot.
I don't know what's gotten into Matt Hayes, but he's come all the way from "Dan Mullen is a better coach than Kirby Smart" despite all the head-to-head evidence, to Kirby's the next Nick Saban. But, if not Kirby, then who? What young coach has a better record? Dabo Swinney, but he's been coaching a lot longer. Kirby has accomplished more in his first six years than almost anybody, including Saban and Swinney. Some will say Orgeron, or some other one hit wonder, but they still didn't show the same sustainability and overall, record as Kirby. Kirby Smart has accomplished a lot in only a short time and there's nothing to suggest he's going to slow down any time soon.
redsox, I guess that depends on how you define outbid. Saban essentially sent out a commercial, explaining how his QB was already making around 1 Million and hadn't even started a game yet. But just like T-town men's wear, I assume you think Saban has nothing to do with his players and NIL? Get real. Any coach who isn't "managing" the wild West of NIL will be left behind. Saban has never seen a rule he didn't stretch. Now that pay for play is essentially legal, they are all doing it.
wolfman, I don't see your point. There has been nothing to suggest Kirby has been cheating at recruiting. If Georgia finds the NIL money and pays as much or more than 95% of other schools - I hope they do - it's essentially legal. TA&M just did it. Saban's using it to recruit his QB's. Thinking that Kirby's recruiting will drop off, is off base. Two reasons. Kirby works harder at it that 99% of the other coaches. Georgia has the recruiting base and the resources, and that's not going to change. Also, nobody's doing a better job of developing players. You couldn't say that about Georgia before Kirby became coach, it is undeniable now. Any changes that are coming will not cancel out Kirby's recruiting and development, and the state will continue to provide plenty of blue-chip talent.