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To me, this is the way it should have been all along. With all the ways to lose players, what difference does it make how many you sign in a particular year, as long as everyone has 85?
Good to see you make an entire article based on one Tweet you copied and added nothing to.
It is not being underestimated if you haven't done it yet. Leach has not, so color me skeptical. I like MSU, it is my uncle's alma mater. Though in Leach they got someone that can make headlines, have some interesting moments on offense, and rarely win. People talk about the tremendous passing number from last year. The numbers are to be expected if you do nothing but pass, and the passing yards did not translate into wins. I doubt this changes.
You got that right. It amazes me the number of people that drink the Kool-Aid that is spring practice and think their team is going to be better, and win more, based on 15 practices that in large part do not include more than a handful of incoming freshmen, and where live hits are rare.
Kirk did the Braves not have any home games? Did they not host the Super Bowl? Did they not host the Masters? Did they not host the Olympics?
That is as good a guess as anything else. These players get the wrong people whispering in their ears and make decisions that they pay for the rest of their lives.
You generally see the top teams have smaller lines in the early games of the season. There are questions to be answered and how well they answer them will have an effect on later lines. If a team covers the lines against competitive teams early, the lines will rise because more people will be convinced, they will be covered.
All things being equal, I would agree. Though no team plays to their capabilities every game, and if the other teams are prepared to take advantage of that they can certainly beat both teams.
Yup, and it is fact. The scheme goes just so far if your QB is constantly running for his life.
Yeah, that guaranteed money for being picked in the first round is going to be a whole lot more than he is going to make on NIL in the few months he will be a school.
Kirk you just keep proving your idiocy. Hosting professional sporting events has nothing to do with college football, and to keep insisting there is a connection just shows you are not worth taking seriously. Oh, btw I am a Braves fan, and saw them several times in person when Aaron was playing for them.
Considering they are saying he never was on the roster, that could be a stretch. If he was officially on the roster then he could not go to another team without sitting out a year, so I doubt Addison's decision would have come into play.
AFan that was my view. Of course, UT is hoping to be on the rise, and they have a rabid fanbase, but Virginia is not a team with much of a rich football tradition and is usually lucky as well as happy if they can squeak out 8 wins in a season. No UT has not done much better lately but they have a far richer tradition and much more rabid fanbase than UV ever will.
Any other season I would hate that the LSU game was in primetime. That is because any other season I would expect an LSU blowout. I am still not positive that it won't happen, but with the new personnel and the new coaching staff it will be interesting to see how they are meshing early in the season.
I agree. They are much too thin. No disrespect intended but I do not think you could even make this statement just judging starters, much less the position as a whole. I do agree that Owen Pappoe is a great player and I sincerely hope he is able to avoid injury this season.
Ron they are not irrelevant as the word is usually defined. Yes, Bama and UGA are on top, but it is going to be the games against all those other teams that decide the championship. Those other teams have 8 chances to keep Bama and UGA out of Atlanta.
Bama fans do not want him gone, and few AU fans want him gone. Though it is the AU fans with money and hurt pride that went after Harsin this summer, and that genie cannot be put back in the bottle.
Gus all but destroyed AU football with his recruiting. He never learned that in the SEC your offense, whether futuristic or not, begins and ends with the O-line. It does not matter how many small track guys you have.
I don't look for them to finish last, though they may. I pick MSU to finish last. They keep predicting breakout seasons for Leach, but I will wait until they happen in the field.
AU just does not have the talented depth to change much from last season. They will be competitive early and then the defense gets gassed, and they can't hold the lead.
Sometimes the grass is not always greener. Especially when you have an attitude problem and have a tendency to your coach's doghouse.
It would be cooler than a 2:30 kick off.
It doesn't really matter. If it is at 11am it will be cooler than starting at 2:30pm. Night would still be after the heat of the day had built up. Let them schedule it whenever they wish. Bama still has to go out and win it.
Ewers has shown nothing to this point, but the willingness to run out on 2 teams, to chase money that he has done nothing to earn.
So, you would say last year that Alabama did not feature 3 receivers when they had Williams and Metchie going in the first 44 picks in the draft, yet Slade Bolden still had 44 receptions as the number 3 receiver on the team? That does not even count the other receivers that caught passes. You have lost your mind.
If he is that good, he can go to Bama and make much more money in just about 8 months from his first game.
Who cares what events Georgia has hosted? That didn't win them anything. Are you saying that if those events had not been hosted in Georgia it would have been 81 years before UGA won another title? This article is about college sports, and college teams and their success. Do try to stay on point.
If he comes, he comes. If he doesn't, he doesn't. Like recruiting I will get interested when they sign, and not let some kid's decision be a point of interest.