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Can't help if it's a been there, done that situation. So what? Only you make a big deal out of it. I just think it's funny... McConaughey and you.
Very well could be, and probably is. I just expect Brennan to win out because he has been dedicated to LSU, and albeit in limited action, has a veteran presence being there for 6 years. Don't think he would have returned if he didn't believe he was really going to be the frontrunner. That being said, I expect Daniels to transfer before the season starts, or right after the season and Nuss will be the backup this season, and starting 2023.
I expect Brennan as starter in fall camp. Daniels may stick around for 2023 and compete with Nussmeier and Howard. However, if Daniels is used minimally in 2022, and CBK lands any of Holstein, Moore, or Rashada at QB for 2023, I would expect Daniels or Nussmeier to transfer after 2023 spring.
Wouldn't mind Rashada or Dante Moore, but I like the ground made up by CBK in efforts to get Holstein.
36-16 and 37-10...both LSU wins vs UGA that knocked them out of national title contention.
Perhaps the fans can catch a nostalgic glimpse of Matthew McConaughey dropping the F-bomb on the sidelines again like he did in the LSU game.
Either way, it's still going to be hotter than Hades. Bama fans should enjoy the visitor section in the nosebleeds and the team should enjoy no AC working in the locker room...unless that part's been rectified.
I think a medium point of 9 wins is realistic with this team. I think they have the potential to win 10-11 games, though not likely. CBK probably thought win now, because 2023 might see a slight step back before possibly challenging for the SEC and national title in 2024.
Forbes is going to be one of the top CBs in the league, but nobody outside of him that QBs will want to avoid. Walley and the Bama transfer could make a dangerous duo at WR. The running game will continue to suffer.
I can see him redshirting. We have 2 bigs already with Williams and the guy from Northwestern State
It depends on how well prepared they are. Coach O did a horrible job of that and it set the tone for the season. I think Kelly knows better than to just walk in somewhere under prepared.
It benefitted UCLA. However, I expect CBK and staff to be much better prepared.
How do you not affix enough postage? Also, I highly doubt Jimbo will steal Omarion Miller from North Caddo from LSU.
Sounds like Addison to Texas is the reason he split.
I still believe it's Brennan's job to lose, but Nussmeier isn't making it easier. Daniels is a better runner. They should work him into gadget plays. They need not mess this up.
LSU has the only game on Sunday in primetime. Hopefully, this team will be more prepared than they were against UCLA. UCLA had the advantage of having played Week 0, and FSU will have that same advantage. Seems skiddish to me to do that before a big game. Man up.
I can agree to a point. It doesn't help that LSU is unlike past teams that have had bonafide ace pitchers. Also, take what's given. 95% of the time our hitters take a first pitch strike. That bothers me.
Maybe so, but it still doesn't warrant jumping ahead of them. If Ole Miss had upset Tennessee, should they jump 30+ spots above to be above the Vols?
Umm.... because they started off way lower than LSU, and are still a game behind. It's easy to figure that out.
Still, nothing wrong with that opinion.