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I don't know. I have a good feeling about Nussmeier. He could turn out to be better than all of them.
I appreciate your optimism, but he inherited about 45 scholarship players and had to scramble to fill out a roster. Even then, he didn't have enough players to hold a proper spring game. There are some freshmen coming this summer, but they won't help much. I think some people are expecting too much from Kelly's first year. Depth is an issue, and the players have to acclimate to the new staff and to each other.
SDS has to make at least one mistake per article. I think it's written into the contracts.
FPI has them ranked #11 in the nation, yet has their win total at 7.7. How does that work? I think the win total is probably close, and the ranking is too high. I'm thinking 8-5 and hoping for better.
Yeah, everyone is having fun with that. Fun to watch Jimbo squirm and cuss.
Don't know why they keep referring to it as a 4-man race. Everyone knows Howard is going to red shirt.
But, to be honest, I think I'd almost prefer Nussmeier. Either Brennan or Nussmeier would be good. Keep Daniels out of it, use him as emergency backup. Howard will red shirt.
The defense lost those games. 117 points scored in those 3 games, that's about 40 points per game. That's enough to win, if the defense does its job.
I did say probably, based on what I've read. I don't know.
Sadly, I don't see this LSU team going far in the postseason. Johnson has a few things to learn about coaching in the SEC. Like I've said before, it ain't the Pac-12.
He's probably going for the money. He has nothing left to prove, having won the Biletnikoff award already. All he has to do is stay in condition and keep working. It might actually be better for him to choose the worst QB of the three. That way he can work on catching inaccurate throws. That's probably Caleb Williams.
Between fires, earthquakes, and water shortages, California might have to move East.
It's not really a Kelly offense. I mean, he likes TEs, and LSU is weak at TE. The OL is a work in progress. I'm not very confident in our running game, even though we have some good RBs. They need blocking. We'll see how it goes. The blocking may surprise me.
He was very good at LSU. First team All-SEC.
But if this does pass in some form, it's going to get interesting. Other states will have to respond. I can see a lot of top recruits going West. I wonder if this applies to all schools or only public schools.
It's one thing to get through Education and Judiciary, it's another thing to get through Appropriations. It sounds fiscally irresponsible. I'm thinking they are asking for the moon and realizing they'll get less.
Well, JaMarcus Russell was a #1 overall draft pick. What happened with Russell after that was not Jimbo's fault.
I am a bit more optimistic about LSU than I was a few weeks ago. When Brian Kelly says the offensive line is no longer his greatest concern, that has to warm the hearts of LSU fans. Actually, what he said was that the offensive line has more depth than some other position groups. Looks like his main concerns now are (1) settling on a starting QB and designing the scheme accordingly, (2) depth at TE, and (3) depth at CB.
If the schools have to share profits with the players, that effectively makes the players paid employees. Then there would be collective bargaining to settle on salaries and benefits. It's a safe bet that rosters would shrink considerably, as walk-ons would become a thing of the past. This would almost certainly compel the major football programs to separate from the NCAA and form their own league and governance, leaving most of the FBS schools behind. I can't imagine that the NCAA would be able to cope with this, and the major FBS programs have been threatening to leave the NCAA anyway.
Congrats to Ole Miss. Bad time for them to finally get it all together. Bad for LSU, I mean. Also congrats to Arkansas and A&M for reaching 17 SEC wins. They will host regionals.
Noah Cain is an afterthought to me. I guess out of sight, out of mind is the way to describe it. I'm not convinced that he'll be a difference maker for LSU. I have to see it.
I don't think there has ever been parity in college football. Can't believe Saban said that.
Nasty critters. Grab a raccoon, and you're gonna get bit.
Apologies. I just read that Mizzou has a .543 all time win pct. I didn't think it was that good.
Still need a QB. I don't have much confidence in Dalton or Winston. I guess Brees spoiled me. At least they have a good defense, that should keep them in games.
I kind of like the LSU-Arkansas-Ole Miss-MSU pod. The other pods look good, too, except for Mizzou. Mizzou would get stuck playing old Big XII rivals, and losing to them.
^^this^^ It's all about money at the level of conferences and college presidents.
The way USC is spending money, we can assume they will be competitive again. At least they will have the potential to dominate their schedule and thus be in the playoff race.
There's no way of knowing, one way or the other. But I think a lot of programs are doing it. Saban has been known to push the limits of what is legal. made him their poster boy. Gray shirts, medical red shirts, you name it. So I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me.
Winning the West doesn't matter. Arkansas is going to host a regional, and if they finish strong they might get a top 8 seed. LSU and A&M are playing for regional hosting, not the West.