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This news...if accurate confirms that his transfer was all about the $$$$$ not about possibly playing in a National Championship game.
Drink's work at Mizzou is still a big ? Mike Leach is an innovator and has produced teams with winning records at every stop in his career.
fuzzy...We agree again...concerning Heupel's Ultra-fast-tempo" definitely gives the Vols defense fits in terms of the minutes played per game. But that's what your head coach wants...speed/tempo. Running that offense severely limits the Vols ceiling in number of wins as long as Heupel is your coach. Heupel would have been much lower on my list.
Ohio State begins the 2022 season with a win & the new Notre Dame coach begins with a record of 0-1. True that the heat & humidity for a 'noon kickoff in the Swamp is rugged just to be a spectator, but to play in that the mid 3rd qtr the visiting team is done for the day.
Oregon...That's where Bo Nix transferred, right ? If Bo's at Quarterback the Dawgs will get at least one(1) pick, guaranteed. Georgia should win this one.
Balkwyll...The chances of Kelly's LSU Tigers doing better than his Notre Dame are much higher because of one word, talent and the ability to recruit elite players. Notre Dame has always been handcuffed a bit by the academic qualifications to gain admittance. His accent has zero to do with fielding a quality team, it's about the talent and coaches.
Florida State vs. LSU a major game ? That's an unusual definition of the word major. Norvell at FSU is probably gone by the end of the season at best.
Dawg you think Kirby will give one of the backups playing time in every game ? Might be a good idea if an injury or subpar play affects Bennett IV. In 3 months we'll see.
I recall watching the Pitt vs. Clemson game and he easily beat the DB's of Clemson and they were a talented group.
wadeless...You've set a record for being the most classless Gator fan ever.
Clifford...Correction, Muschamp was an analyst at Georgia during the 2021 season not the DC. He was not in much direct contact with the players. He definitely was not the Defensive Coordinator. We'll find out how he performs in that capacity in 2022.
Beamer had to build it -via- the portal, that cupboard was bare and filled with 3 *** players. Although the portal cannot be relied upon for a long-term "fix" for a program you sure can fill spots with it. Getting that good relationship with the H.S. coaches in your state is vital to any program's long-term success.
Harsin's initial time as the new head coach at Auburn tarnished him very badly and now his is damaged-goods as a major college head coach. After the Auburn gig ends he gets his buyout, takes a year off and reemerges a a head coach at some small school out West, where they obviously have the type of players that his Marine-Drill-Sargent style will work. Boise State to Auburn ? Let's face it did not ever sound quite-right.
Boondock...Great thought ! Think about it, he played in the ACC and Pitt's signature win was over Clemson 27-13 last year so he's looking for a brighter spotlight to shine on him for the NFL Draft. That spotlight is very bright in the Playoffs and in the National Championship game. If that is his real motivation it's Alabama. If it's totally about $$$$$ Texas or USC.
Correction for you: Best Quarterback in the country.
Realcojones...It's true that Negie has all of us agreeing on one thing. Our utter distaste & dislike of his novel-like posting rants.
If he's out of Austin...not a good move for him after all that Longhorn-Love message he posted. Maybe it's time, young man, to work hard & do your job and actually catch the football when it's thrown to you in crunch-time.
Red and Black...It seems that Harsin's already been judged by the powers-to-be at Auburn. Although I do agree with your comments about any new coach's 1st year...but this is Auburn.
Come on guy...Let's be nice to Negie. This forum is 100% of his life. It's all that keeps him hangin on. Second thought...not nice to Negie. He's 400% idiot.
A heckuva of a player for the Dawgs...Have a great NFL career.
Virginia is and will still be in a rebuild, with new head coach Tony Elliott(former OC at Clemson). BYU would have been a better quality win but the travel to the West Coast area is lengthy. The Vols should beat Virginia...not sure they'd have beaten BYU.
carter...If you actually think that Harsin's "status" at Auburn will not affect the team this season, you've been wearing those Auburn undies way too tight. When things go as far as they did with your coach, it's very difficult to stem the tidal wave of Goodbye-Harsin. Frankly I do not care who coaches at Auburn, but Harsin is not the guy. You know that.
I read that Mullen & family live there in that small Georgia town of apprx. 3,500 residents and the son attends school there.
I asked that question since all the other posters were fixated on the asthma & in early season workouts there's a strong possibility of some athletes out-of-shape.
Auburn...With "One foot out the door Harsin" as head coach ? The 2022 Auburn football season may get ugly, very ugly early. We all know that the $$$$$ guys(Yella Wood, etc.) will not allow him to be around too much longer & the 1st chance they have to dump him=they will. I believe the Alabama defense will definitely be greatly improved.