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fsu has a 5 year season opener losing streak. they scheduled duquense to end that streak cause they know their chances in NO are slim
doubt it. kirby was stubborn to begin with but winning a natty (against saban no less) with bennett starting is sure to boost his ego too much to make the right decision
reminds me of lsu-texas 2019. texas will have quinn, worthy, robinson and possibly jordan addison. i suspect it will be more competitive than most people think
in the last 7 years, florida's beaten uga as many times as uga beat florida between 1990 and 2010. 4-3 in the last seven is not our "daddy"
you just hired our soon to be fired coach following the worst season is sec basketball history lol
so, ut actually tops bama in acadmeics, baseball and basketball. they're only currently better than uf in baseball and basketball.
academics?? uf is by far better academically than ut. also, we've had a better basketball and baseball program than them over the last decade. try again.
gwhite, hmm it's almost like i've heard this one a few times. have fun in the birmingham bowl!
i also believe he used the word fantastic.also, y'all have been extra bold lately, i smell fear.
he's actually proven that on multiple occasions but there's no point in entertaining a lifeless troll. enjoy your natty in case you have to wait another 40 years!
nash, i think billy's done a good job keeping kids from ocala/lakeland/tampa areas thus far
fsu is not showing recruiting life. mike norvell's third year class finished behind napier's transition class that was sitting in the 70s a week prior.
miami and florida were "well behind" fsu a week away from signing day(we were 77th) this past year and both finished ahead of fsu so keep that in mind. there's a lot of discussion within the fanbase about when top recruits will start to actually commit. we have tons of top prospects (cormani mclain for example) who have us in their final two. that's a big deal, especially relative to what was happening under mullen, but i honestly think recruits want to wait and see how billy does year one. signing day is a long way away.
maybe u should look at the list of recruits that visited the spring game. 247 has us crystal balled for multiple 5 stars, including cormani mclain so try again. kirby's already being shoved in a locker ;)
i was at the game and it was so apparent how drastically better AR was then every one else on the field (no hate to del rio, kitna or miller)
you're* negan, you seem to spend too much time on these paragraphs to have stupid grammar mistakes
my words exactly. colin not only plays like a champion, but composes himself like one too
i've always found auburn to be one of the most exciting teams to watch every year. regardless of how good they are, they're always apt to pull off an upset or two
why would he want to play for the doormat of the SEC when he could play for a 2x national championship program down in gville??
regardless, 3 is greater than 2! see you in jacksonville, without dean, white, davis and all the people who kept stetson bennett looking decent!
maybe if kirby could've kept him at uga, y'all would have more than one natty in the last 42 years!!!