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I know it is a VERY long shot but I'd love to see Pitt make the playoffs this year without Addison so he can watch all his old teammates thriving without him.
Are you saying that Kirby made the wrong decision by going with Bennett last year?
I thought the same thing, that 11am EST in Austin is 10am local time.
GabrielRTR-If you don't want to support "virtue-signaling woke garbage" I'd suggest you stop following Alabama football. Saban led a BLM march in Tuscaloosa less than 2 years ago.
GeauxTigers8-I can assure you we understand the English language perfectly fine. It seems like you are the one that is struggling with writing a coherent thought. These guys will absolutely get an opportunity to beat Saban, half of them play him this year!
Yea that was weirdly worded. A few coaches on this list play him this year so they will definitely get the opportunity, question is will they be able to do anything with it. Also it wouldn't surprise me if Saban retires before another assistant beats him, though I hope Kirby can do it a few more times before then!
I've never considered him a UGA homer, always seemed pretty even with his reporting. He went to IU and his background is B10 so not sure that screams "Jawjuh Homer"
sds1967-Show me in the comments where JTF said they were a ranked order... getting worked up at someone for no reason.
BamaTime... big difference between being the bench warmer getting handed a participation trophy without contributing and being the guy leading your team to one. But I'm sure Bryce is perfectly happy with the one he got.
That's what I thought, my wife is a Bama grad so I'm usually pretty familiar with their players and I haven't heard anything negative about him other than a few things some salty Buckeye fans posted after he transferred out last year.
What's up with the maturity comment? I haven't heard anything negative about Williams to cause concern.
Bryce Young is 1 inch taller than Stetson... But Stetson is a champion.
GabrielRTR, your original comment was some nonsense about Burton being the top receiver at UGA last year and how that will translate to success at Bama. I merely pointed out that UGA's offense is very different than Bama's and the jury is still out on Burton being able to lead an elite offense since he's never done it in his career. You then went on to take some cheap shots at UGA and Murray for having a different opinion than you. Seems like the only one triggered here is you.
Yea I was just surprised he is receiving so much attention, did people not watch him last year?
I was suprised Uiagalelei was on this list so I looked up his stats from last season. 2,246 Yards (77th Best) 9 TDs, 10 Ints (99th & 92nd Best) 43.2 QBR (97th Best) I'm even more confused by him being on this list than I was before researching his stats.
GabrielRTR, not new here, just noticed how triggered you seemed to my reasonable response and didn't understand why. After seeing some more of your posts I now get it. You just have a pathetic life and use the comment section of SDS to dish out some "payback". Good luck with that man.
Gabriel RTR, seems like you felt attacked by my comment so I apologize if it came across as though I was taking a shot at Alabama, I was not. Just pointing out that Burton may not be the next great Bama WR like you think he will, just hasn't shown it yet.
Georgia's offense was good but not elite the entire time Burton was in Athens and last year the emergence of Bowers relegated Burton to 2nd option at best. Time will tell whether Burton can be the focal point of an elite offense but he just hasn't yet in his career.
LSU and UGA might as well just swap teams, everyone is in the portal anyway.
Oh I'm not arguing that UGA basketball is relevant, just pointing out that its been more relevant than UT basketball over the last two decades. Also still not clear on the scheduling benefits that UGA received in the 2008 tournament, surely it's not the fact that there were no crowds in UGA's home state as that seems to be a negative for UGA.
Wait are you saying UGA benefitted by having our game postponed and being forced to play two games in one day? I'd love to hear the logic behind that one oskie!
Georgia's basketball program has won the SEC more recently than Tennessee's football program. So when will Tennessee have a competitive product in football again?
I was thinking the same thing. Unless these guys are masochists, they've got no reason to come to Athens right now.
You do know that Corch is a troll and he writes these things just to get a reaction out of opposing fan bases but you keep falling for it. Just ignore him like the rest of us do. Oh and no asterisk on our championship but thanks for your input!
Don't be so down, I'm sure it won't take 40 years for Bama to make it to a championship game again.
Click on the picture to get the full image... it's Tua.
Doesn’t Alabama have a giant sign in their locker room that says “No Excuses”? Asking for you, GabrielRTR…
But if OK St won and finished third then UGA would be 4 and still in the playoffs with Cincy on the outside.
If this is true about his mom calling up other recruits I wouldn't want my school to go anywhere near this kid or his mom. Don't need that drama.