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What's interesting to me is ... Kirby kept Bennet in because Daniels (and his parents) demanded he stay out. I'm not saying that was his ONLY reason because ... hello captain obvious. But still
BREAKING! USA Today reporting on a guy from 247 Sports who WENT to Texas as a college ... thinks Manning is going to ... Texas! CRACK REPORTING there USA Today!!!
Agreed ... it's really no stretch at all to say that GA will have another NC in 5 years.
I've been saying for a while now "No way Manning goes to Texas" ... and I still believe that. Personally? I would LOVE Manning in Florida. As a Georgia fan .. that's nothing but fun to me.
Great analysis. No way he signs with Texas. None. He’s going to sign in a weaker conference than his relatives and expect the same respect? NOPE.
Yeah I ... while I agree that it will be hard to repeat ... who then? I guess we really won't know until 6 games in.
Headline "Bama loses 5 star running back recruit!!!!" Bama Fans: (yawn) "Next!"
An entirely freshman class and brand new coaches of Gators would easily make Utah look like a high school team.
^^^^ THIS .... I feel this presence in the force as well.
"they’ll have to pressure Stetson so he throws erratically." unfortunately for me ... your point is not only spot on ...but most likely the key to another win
"(that’s if you take away non-offensive touchdowns allowed)" I love that you guys keep hammering this home. Please keep it up.
If Georgia just squeaked out a win in 4 Ovetines to an unranked team.. … oh never mind I don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.
As much as I want to agree with the sentiment of this article .. I just don't. Connecting a questionable exit by Spurrier to a string of fallible coaches makes an interesting article I'll give you that. But Florida is one good coach away from perennial contender ... except ....for that Urban Meyer thing .... wait.... lemme re read this thing O'gara may have a point.
I have always and still view Florida as "Alabama in waiting" ... It's going to happen ... it's only a matter of time. I'm just praying you guys get one more Mullen while we get a few Natty's in before it happens. But oh yes's gonna happen.
This article is the exact script for a Georgia horror short film.
@ Bill Let's Party Belliwhatever .... You sir ..have won this thread.
I'd like to read the paragraphs ... but there's so many exclamation points I'd rather not. Count me in as one of those who believe's we don't win without JT. Dear Georgia "Change My Mind."
(raises hand) I'm STILL not happy with UGA's offense. I don't care how you spin the numbers for Bennet. We're not going to beat Bama with him. and by the way .... if/when someone tells me I'm wrong ... just know I'll be extremely happy to be wrong....but even now on November 18 ... I don't feel like Bennet is beating Bama ... it just aeint happnen
I think that's a sign of major respect from Kirby ... and I love that we have a coach that doesn't take anything for granted.
Eh .. I dunno ... Eli went to Ole Miss, Archi Ole Miss, Peyton TN ... seems like each man wants to chart their own way. I think Peyton would love for his son to have a legacy of his own.
Agreed with DieselNova ... I'm still not convinced... IF we win a national title I'll rewatch this whole season .. I just don't see us doing it without a superstar QB. We'll see though I hope im wrong.
yyooouuurrrr ..... cuz typing and spelling ... not in my wheelhouse apparently
I have no idea ... but I'm going to go with yes your are correct. As far as Finebaum ...even a broken clock .....
Blame it on the back and forth winning of the 2 clubs over the past 30 years. .... I would be less vitriolic if the winning didn't come in "groups". A lot of us are close to apathetic about Auburn ... if they hung as many on us in a row and for such a long time as the great ball coach did ... we'd be on them too.
"Vaccine Denier" ... a better term would be "Experimental Vaccine Denier"