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↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ read chomp-chomp’s comment again and then ponder – was that a delusional comment from a delusional fan? UGA wins the NC with Bennett at QB; Bennett was the CFP Orange Bowl NC. Compare Kirby and UGA’s season to the sh*t-show that transpired at the I-75 Truck Stop. Kirby was named the #2 coach in college football by ESPN and is about to get a $10 million a year contract while mullet is helping a small HS with their start-up football program. But, Kirby is “stubborn” and egotistical to the point he can’t “make the right decision” Fact, UF = the most delusional fanbase in all of college football. Non-UGA and non-UF fans – can you kinda, sorta understand why we detest and mock turd nation so much????
Josh allow me to offer some advice Among adults the most recent game is the relevant game when attempting to poke at a rival fanbase. If you have to go back in the series for a quip, you've already lost. Hence you don't hear UGA stating "flea flicker" when sparring with Bama fans. Side note - if you get your dream meeting with Negan are you going to swallow?
Lanning was a great DC and recruiter for UGA. Lanning should have had at least 1 Broyles award from his tenure at UGA. Now let's go beat Lanning and the ducks silly
What’s really stupid about the 10.2 point per game statistic - the majority of those points came in the 3rd and 4th quarters AFTER UGA had the game in the bag. Once the offense went into mercy mode and substitutions started. By the end of the regular season, barring an abnormal level of injuries, UGA will be a top-5 defense, if not better
The real kicker UF had to pay mullet $12,000,000.00 to leave
Hey dumbaass aka sparkygator ARPANET was created in the 1960's and the TCP/IP protocol guidelines were released in, get this, 1980!!! Remove 15 seasons from UF's 100+ years of attempting to play football and UF and Vandy are one in the same!!!!
“Duncechump not as much.” Are you saying Muschamp wasn’t a good player? Do you ever watch him as a player at UGA? Muschamp was a tough, hard-nosed, intense, high-motor player at UGA. The guy was a smart player with a nose for the ball and a knack for making plays. Nobody will ever say Will Muschamp was on the same level as Champ Baily but Muschamp was a solid player. He was a walk-on that earned a scholarship and became a team captain.
It's amazing how Negan corrals and controls all the dweebs on SDS. Negan is like one of the classic bad guys in TV wrestling, there's a whole herd of people who follow Negan just so they can respond to his posts and call him names
The University of Florida – 2nd only to Wall Street for creating Millionaires in the United States of America Will Muschamp – paid $6.3 million to leave the I-75 Truck Stop Jim McElwain – paid $7.5 million to leave the i-75 Truck Stop mullet – paid $12 million to leave the I-75 Truck Stop Sunbelt Billy – current savior de jour, UF is responsible for 85% of total remaining compensation on a $51.8 million contract. It’s going to be a hoot when Turd Nation inevitably turns on Billy and pays him to leave. “UF spent most of any Power 5 program on buyouts last 15 years” 247sports DOT com/college/florida/Article/Florida-Gators-Football-UF-spent-most-of-any-Power-5-program-on-buyouts-last-15-years-145568831/
UncleBIGNutz Now that was an epic beat down bravo Sir.
I just think it's so sad and tragic that with Metchie and Williams off to the NFL Alabama will never win another NC
At UGA we respect and appreciate all our former coaches. That is why they all choose to live in Athens GA. Just look at Coach Matt Luke, an born and breed Ole Miss man who stepped away from football yet decided to STAY Athens GA. How many former HC's and Assistance live at the I-75 Truck Stop????
Richt - immediately elevated UGA to national prominence and made UGA a national brand. Came within a hair of winning to NC's. Was a great ambassador for the University and program. Was a builder of great young men. Incredible human being by any measure. Was unknowingly dealing with the onset of Parkinson's disease towards the end of his UGA tenure. And, like all former living UGA Football HC’s Coach Goff lives in Athens GA.
Goff - he is the UGA player that denied the Ole Bourbon Coach a NC. Great man, great assistant, great recruiter, wasn't ready for a prime time HC position, very successful business owner post coaching. Like all former living UGA Football HC's Coach Goff lives in Athens GA Donnan - took over a program will a lot of problems and stabilized the program. Made promises he couldn't deliver on. Was not liked by then UGA President Michael Adams. Donnan is in the College Football HOF. And, like all former living UGA Football HC's Coach Goff lives in Athens GA
Nothing says "biitches" better than being on the losing side of 54-44
that's why you took the time to respond, because you don't care, got it
I would state #3StarRecruitingMachine But I think I wore that quip out about a 100 UF recruits ago; when it becomes the norm it’s just not that funny any longer
“Why would a fan base be humiliated by a coach not being as successful as they want?” Sure every fan base has to deal with a coaching hire that is not as successful as they had hoped for. The hilarity with UF is that applies to 9 of 10 of their coaching hires.
Just look at the turd comments on this article, the disdain they hold for mullet, the dismissive comments about mullet Begs the question – is there a fan base in all of college football that hates more former HC’s than UF?
"Nothing to see here" except the delusion and humiliation of an entire fan base
Are you familiar with Lake Oconee? Where it is located and the demographics?
mullet's contract buy-out was $12,000,000.00 and that's after making millions as the HC at UF. Can't blame mullet for just sitting back and enjoying all that free money from UF
But yes, Lake Oconee is chock full of SEC coaches and more than a few former professional athletes.
Saban's vacation mansion is on Lake Burton in North Ga
Expect to see a surge of kids from Lake Oconee Academy hitting the transfer portal
But but but but but mullet was an offensive genius, the QB whisperer, he could more with less, mullet was going to dominate the SECE and knock Alabama off that pedestal, MULLET WAS GOING TO OWN KIRBY DUMBS AND UGA all that bravado and babble less tban a year ago.
Hopefully somebody will review the Age of Consent laws in Georgia with Mrs mullet.
Landers didn't get a lot of snaps at UGA and he had a disproportionately high number of drops. Not sure what is blocking was like. Hopefully Landers has a good run at Arkansas; not all players develop at the same rate so hopefully his best days are ahead of him.