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33-18; little Nikki now whines more than wins in recruiting.
I don’t get all the “Sarkisian will improve this, change that to a high level” constant commentary. The guy won just 8 games at Washington and USC as HBC, 5-7 to boot at Texas last year. Until he shows real chops this glowing outlook is hollow.
He couldn’t be a walk on for the Dawgs. Looks like scared money to me.
That will make little sunbelt Billy some money in 3 years when Kirby retires him! So far he’s retired shark fat boy and Danny boy; he’s next.
Little Sunbelt Billy has no chance. Sounds good but let’s see what Kirby and Old man diaper in Tuscaloosa have to say about this.
Kirby has already retired two Florida coaches. Little Sunbelt Billy you are next scared money!
He. Is. Not. Going. To. Nick Saban university. It’s Dawgs or Texas. Little Nikki has no chance to sign Arch. It’s not become a phase of why would 18 year olds want to play for a man that wears a diaper on the sidelines while stumbling and gurgling. You had a great run. We will take it from here.
Why we own you is bc you and your mediocre program as you say don’t care about us outside the season. We beat you every October bc of what We do outside the season. Kirby already put two of your coaches in retirement. Little sunbelt Billy is next.
You actually thinking little Florida has money close to UGA is a joke! Your facilities are third world! I’ve been there. You are a hobby come lately program that lost forever and you had a couple good runs. Stay average Bc you are!
33-18! Nice land by the munchkin QB. Nikki Old Man Diaper hangin by a thread!
Kirby has already put 2 florida coaches in retirement and you clowns actually think sunbelt little billy can match up?? You reptile jock nasal operators are dumber than I could ever imagine. What a joke. Your little program blows.
Would’ve beat nick Saban university 47-18 with him as starter. We won in spite of Stetson.
I will compare all day! Kirby better recruiter, still plenty of time for him to win titles. Urban is a clown (when there were no other good coaches) that fan idiots like you hold on bc you got nothing else. You were mediocre before spurrier, mediocre after the sociopath. Kirby has already put two of your coaches in the dirt, the swamp cajun will be next. But you keep thinking that it’s going to change little chomp chomp! Kirby will beat little Nikki at some point but in the meantime he will keep spanking your little coaching staff every year! Oh congrats on the 50th best recruiting class little chomp! That should go far for you!
He’s a joke of a guy! He says “to hell with Georgia”, well I say “F Him”! He beat us when we had an average as grits coach. Kirby would wipe the sociopath every year and force him to “retire” again just like little Nikky did!
You and others keep writing how Nick Saban University can improve. Problem is they don’t have the players. They can’t stop the run and they don’t cover well, maybe have one first rounder on defense. Just wait till SEC Champ, if they make it. Dawgs roll them up.
He can’t recruit. It’s simple. He can’t recruit. And he’s an odd personality, unlikeable know it all when he’s clueless. But the UF job isn’t as good as USC or LSU, them’s the facts - thus putting the Lizard department in a tough spot. Kirby runs circles around him. DM is done.
Little Nikky’s diaper beginning to match his Just for Men color.