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Agree. Our OOC scheduling saved us this year in terms of post season prospects. Tough out of conference schedule with good results offset a relatively weak conference record which hovers around .500.
As opposed to the AFan who can't take a compliment from another team's fan (best QB in the SEC) without posting a snarky comment. Pot meet kettle. So classy you are AFan. Keep up the good work.
Captain arbitrary strikes again. Who cares if the QB left in January or April? LSU lost its best QB on the '21 roster (Max Johnson) but because he left earlier we can spin it that they benefited from not losing one in April? Why not just write an article on who has the best QB room entering the '22 season? That's what matters. When the QB left during the offseason is arbitrary and doesn't really matter that much. Of the four QB's that left during the "spring": Emory Jones, Florida--Good from a team morale perspective honestly. He had his shot. This is addition by subtraction. Carlos Del Rio-Wilson, Florida--Could hurt depth a bit but Kitna and Miller should be serviceable back-ups. Dematrius Davis, Auburn--Did anyone really think this guy was going to start at AU? Seems like a depth hit only. Lucas Coley, Arkansas--We all know who the guy is at Arky. A depth hit at worst.
It's nice being a Tampa sports fan. Championships quite a bit recently.
I never said Jimbo is on the hottest now; I said if they don't compete for SECCG or CFP after this year. In other words...another 8-4 season will start some griping. I'm not backing down from my statement...I think it is true. Will all fans clamor for a change if they go 8-4? No. But some will. When the chirping starts and the "fireheadcoach.com" websites show up the inertia of the situation will take on a life of its own.
What does the depth of the WR room have to do with the best QB in the SEC?
And you act like TAMU's roster is Arizona State's and that no one at TAMU wants to win. Try telling to Sumlin.
I responded that I never said anything about UGA or Bama rosters cause you don't need to (everyone knows the top 5 is UGA, Bama and Ohio State and two other schools). At the end of the day, I don't really care about TAMU. I was more pointing out how sports writers use arbitrary logic and narrative creation as the reason why one coach is on the hotseat and another is not. To say Mullen should have been on the hot seat in year 3 while Jimbo should not be in year 5 was arbitrary at best. That was the entire point of my post to begin with.
I don't think I ever used the word "LSU" in my post. Pretty sure it was all about UGA and Bama.
Like I said in my last post there. I never said UGA and Bama didn't have great rosters. We all know that the top 5 every year is UGA, Bama, Ohio State and two other teams. I still think Jimbo is on the hotseat if they go 8-4 again. I just point out that the same journalists who write the "Mullen must win in year 3 stuff" write this stuff: "TAMU shouldn't be expected to win even though they had the best recruiting class in year 5 and have been in the top 6 in 3 of the other 4 years at TAMU".
Another don't expect too much from TAMU article cause they are so young. We get it Connor.
That was pretty gangster of Saban. Made me laugh.
Mississippi laws are much more favorable for this than Bama laws. He actually got lucky.
I didn't say anything about their rosters. We all know they are top 5 every year. My point is that TAMU has a close enough roster today to be closer than 8-4 and that another 8-4 team will put Fisher on the hottest. I never said TAMU had to go 12-0.
Never part of my argument. That is Connor's argument. I'm merely suggesting the Jimbo will have some hot seat if in year 5 he doesn't crack 8-4. The comparable roster of UGA and Bama is irrelevant. Never mentioned it my post. Strawman.
I never said "A&M beat Bama last year, so if they don’t win this year Jimbo should be fired.” Also, I don't think that today's culture of hire and fire is sane or sustainable. All I'm saying is this...if Jimbo doesn't win this year. He will go on the hot seat. And its true. I didn't like it anymore when two seasons ago the narrative was "if Mullen doesn't beat UGA, he will be on the hot seat". I don't think there are many coaches out there significantly better than Jimbo...it's not my point. My point is this...Jimbo will be on the hot seat if they don't get back to CFP or SEC title contention this year. Not saying it's right or he deserves it, just saying that is what is going to happen if Jimbo pulls out an 8-4 or a 7-5 season.
They don't do the hiring and firing, but don't be naive to think that the media doesn't create narrative. There is pressure on Jimbo to win. They didn't pay him all the money to go 8-4.
I don't think he should be on the hot seat now. but if he doesn't win this year that is where he will be. Because the media will put him there.
UF is second game of season. You think he'll miss that game? He might.
BTW...this is the third article than Connor has written basically making excuses for Jimbo before the season has even started. Makes you wonder if he is getting TAMU NIL money or something. I don't get it. Connor is a Jimbo apologist.
The last 5 recruiting classes at TAMU: 2018 (17th); 2019 (4th); 2020 (6th); 2021 (8th); and 2022 (1st...and best class ever claims from some). If a roster made up of that kind of recruiting doesn't have enough talent to catch an UGA team that is losing a ton to the NFL and a Bama team that TAMU beat last year, then I don't see how you can say the coach isn't going to be on the hot seat. This take makes absolutely zero sense. Fisher needs a big season this year. Period.
Don't see it at his age at his position. Best of luck to him though.
I think CBN has signed more kids from IMG than the last three coaches combined
Mullen 2018 > Mullen 2021. It's like the guy forgot how to coach.