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I thought he would land in a much better spot. Maybe it’s about his scoring average. LSU was definitely a better team with him.
Gill you often come across as some sort of drama queen. I said I’m not a fan of that. That doesn’t equate to bitterness. These kids can do what they want. I can pull for who I want. That’s how life works. You’re welcome.
Most kids in the portal are just looking for playing time. Some are trying to improve their numbers. Some want to win. This kid just comes off like it’s all about the NIL money. I’m not a fan of that.
It’s all about the money with this kid. His Pitt team from last season will probably be better than either of these choices. I hope it’s Texas so Bama can shut him down.
LSU didn’t lose one in April. That’s not spin. Johnson left before the bowl game, so LSU had plenty of time to recover. That’s not normally the case when they leave in April. I was a fan of Johnson, but he was only the top QB because of injury.
With transfers the way they are, they had to do this. There are tons of players in the portal and multiple teams with short rosters due to various issues. Might as well marry them up.
That’s not close to truth. The south has always been big on night games because of the heat. McNeese isn’t getting on TV, but their home games have always been at night.
Wow. Just saw this article. California sure seems determined to end college sports as we’ve known it. The non revenue sports are likely to go away. Title IX will be a problem.
That’s not a Bama fan that you are whining about. Screen names can be helpful.
Certainly not the best look for Tennessee. White says it’s a money thing, so he admits to greed and dishonor. It also looks like they’re scared, again. I understand dropping Army because of their style of play, but this is weak.
So which is most likely to lose as a double digit favorite? I’m surprised that Bama’s closest line is against Texas. I expect them to cover easily.
Will he be able to predict plays as well as Romo?
I think the top 9 on this list will make the NCAA tournament. In a Power Poll, I would have Ole Miss over LSU. Texas A&M and Auburn have been the pleasant surprises from the SEC. Nicely done by both, but especially the Aggies.
If Jimbo got 8 5* guys for less than $5 million, that would make him the greatest recruiter ever. I’m going with, there is a fund, and he’s not being very honest about this.
He threw for the most yards in those first three games, and we lost two of them to unranked opponents. His 60% completion rate was below average and his two picks against MSU were quite costly. He’s got to play better to keep his job. I definitely hope he does.
I think you mean skittish, and I don’t see it that way. It may turn out to be quite smart, or it could bite them because we will have film that they don’t.
Try and keep it real. He would enter the room as the best receiver, hands down.
I would say it will be based on why he entered the portal in the first place. He hasn’t said, at least from what I can tell. If it’s all about the money, then he’ll go to who offers the most. If it’s about having an established QB throwing to him and winning, then he should go to Alabama.
I think LSU is now a solid 2. I don’t see us as a team capable of sweeping Vandy, so I think we stay there.
It’s been this way all conference season for us. That’s what happens when you lack starting pitching and can’t play defense. I have not been impressed with Johnson at all. We’re stuck for now, so we just have to hope he gets his act together.
Miami and FSU are what happened to the ACC. Once those schools declined, the conference was left with one quality team. That’s not enough to remain relevant. They don’t have a tie to the Rose Bowl, so that leaves them as the step child of the Alliance. Not a good spot.
That’s not what Negan said. I don’t think I’ve ever defended him before, but he clearly writes, probably and if. That’s not a conviction. But, Rodriguez was observed driving carelessly and then refused to take the test, that’s not a great sign for innocence. We should just let the court handle this.
Didn’t he talk about the depression stuff months ago? One of us is confused.
Good for him. He can do even more if Ole Miss makes the tournament. It looks like we’re trying to help.