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Pretty impressive physique for a young man of 7 foot. Most of the time their upper body is not that developed. Looks to move well. Probably take a year or two
2 years ago Brennan had the best first 3 games in LSU history. We do know he can do it. Nussmeier may beat him out but I don’t see Daniels doing it
The only thing I saw that really was out in left field is that Alabama has more next level receiver talent by a country mile. If that is true then why should he go there? Why fight for touches? Is the writer trying to say Bama is WRU? Maybe, but they aren’t a country mile from Ohio State or LSU.
This kid can run. Comes from a small school but this guy can go.
Who is going to throw Him the ball? And I don’t mean that ugly I just wondered if they picked a QB
This whole article was based on Grantham being the problem. Past articles have shouted at how terrible the recruiting was under Mullen. Is it possible that the Gators just didn’t have the talent they needed? If that’s true then this article is titled correctly, “way to early”. I just don’t see Florida making this big a defensive jump in one year
Just because you abolish the East & West isn’t going to change who is going to play for the Ship.
He didn’t have a NIL deal while at LSU. I haven’t heard if he got one for going to Bama.
Yeah. That’s funny. They are expecting a very long career
He was penciled in as a starter before he got injured. Good get. I think they got the ones they wanted from the old team.
As bad as LSU looked on Saturday is how good they looked on Sunday. I have absolutely no idea what to expect from them.
LSU has recruited similar(2022 excepted). Our problem was self inflicted. We went from Coach O to Coach BozO. Though I will be forever grateful to Coach O for the 2019 ride.
Fully agree. It’s just funny to see Jimbo deny it and the fans buy it.
His coruscating review of Richardson is something. He is way out on a limb there. I have no idea whether he is right or wrong either. He may be that good. If they have the hardest schedule as he says(which is another reach) Gators won’t win 8.
Great pickup. Not sure they care what the penalties will be. Also not sure whether these players care about the NCAA tournament. If he scores 18 a game in the SEC next year he is going to be a very rich young man.
One heck of a coincidence. I went to the baseball game Saturday and I was under the covers before Garth got going good Saturday night
You can try to blame O if you want but it’s the kid’s fault. Gilbert had to fail 4 drug test to get to where he was. When he tried to come back O told him he was welcome back but he was still serving his suspension. He went to GA. Ricks failed 3 tests to get to where he was. Discipline was staring them in the face and they ran to where they didn’t have to face it. So take that “O’s fault” garbage somewhere wlse
Giddy ain’t me. I’m just reminding some people on here of what I said. I was giddy when he committed to LSU. When he left I didn’t really care.
Y’all keep dreaming. Does GA even drug test?
110,000 tickets sold. The last time the seismograph was set off by an event was October 8, 1988 when LSU hosted Auburn
Lots of them leave TX because they don’t like the Longhorns
LSU beat TX and OK the last time they played. Bring your kitty cat down to Tiger Town