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Patience grasshopper. Kelly is a good coach, not sure I'd say great until we see what he does at LSU with the level of competition and quite honestly a deeper level of talent than he had at ND. To me his 74% win pct at ND is not relevant considering the weak ACC schedule for the last few years and the pounding ND took every time they got in a big bowl or the CFP. But, the talent level steps up tremendously on the Bayou and his kids will get battle tested every week. I'd give him 2-3 yrs and LSU will be contenders in the West again....if there is a West.
It would be hard to believe the defense wouldn't take a step back and have an increase in ppg given up. I don't see it being 10-15 pts per game but maybe 5-8 more. I just don't see Ringo taking a significant step back 1) he was consistent throughout the year, particularly in the 2nd half of the season 2) I see defenses picking a lot more on the younger guys.
Duly noted. I am very interested to see how you guys do with Kelly at the helm. Never been overly impressed with him at ND, but he's never had the talent he will have in the bayou.
Congrats! Be smart with the new found wealth.
Cain and Emory should both have big years in a Kelly offense don't you think?
Now that's a good measuring stick for your program's success, "we're the only team in the east that hasn't lost to Vanderbilt since 2008." Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Why yes, I'd beat the drum of besting Vanderbilt too if I was a in your shoes. In the grand and glorious history of USCjr football, what programs that you've played more than 5 times do you have a winning record against? Let's see, Vandy might be the flagship there, oh but let's talk about Coastal, The Citadel and the mighty blue hose of Presbyterian and marginal winning % over KY, MSU, Virginia and WF...thrown in Newberry, Wofford and Erskine and I see the makings of a powerhouse! You see where this is going, bangin' the "we beat Vandy" drum or "Vandy needs to go" ain't all that impressive with your stellar resume for the last, say 100yrs.
If Will Anderson stays healthy, no reason he won't be the #1 pick in spite of all the QBs. Now if Brice Young lights it up, then it'll get interesting.
Let's see '20, '15, '02, '03, '95-'99. Be honest, outside of 2011-13, you've not done that much, and even with those "all time great SC teams" you still didn't win the SECCG. Granted better than Vanderbilt but it's not as though your roosters are putting up SEC championship wallpaper either. Vandy has no history of consistent success in football, but neither does USCjr.
With the context of this article and playing the "transfers make us better" card, Rattler doesn't count. Those rankings in '20, '21, '22 do mean a lot. Sure there are busts and guys that are 3* that excel (i.e. Jordan Davis) but if you go back to the only real success USCjr has had around 2010 or so, look at the rankings of their recruiting classes.
Pickens is a stud. Burch WAS overrated.... being a big fish in a tiny school/conference pond at Hammond elevated his ranking.
Even though they won't admit it, so does USCjr. There's been times in recent memory, they needed to leave as much as Vandy.
I like the idea of no divisions regardless of how you do the schedule. In years past, the best two teams were in one division sometimes. EOD, let the two best teams in the conference play in early Dec.
Not really wishful thinking. It's just that reality is going to set in quick when the Dawgs visit yo "boys from Bull Street". Mr Rattler better have his track shoes on, 'cause he's gonna need em.
Drinking and writing do not play well together... well, unless you are Negan on SDS! Good luck to the Hogs this season.
Kiffin maybe an I agree with the opportunities. But, I'd put my money on Jimbo or Kirby doing it again vs one on this list.
Any team that has a "Bumper Pool" at LB is gonna have a good defense. Hoping Coach Pitt and the Hogs continue the upward trajectory. Outside of Bama and maybe TA&M, all of those games look winnable.
@AFan, good points and I agree. Losing all that talent and more importantly experience dictates a step back. The talent is still there but the experience with only 3-4 exceptions is not. This group will take some time to come together. I too think the learning curve will be overcome due to the SEC East strength. And, there aren't any defenses that scare me against UGA's offense this season. The Dawgs should be in ATL facing the Tide once again. Even though we've now got another Natty in the back pocket, Bama is still the standard for success over the long haul. Are the Dawgs getting to that point, I think so, but we aren't there yet.
Prove me wrong, but I think Arch is way overrated.
I was thinking the same thing. That drama is going to show up, just a matter of when. His OL will be shaky at best, so he's going to be running for his life a lot.
Can't say I disagree with anyone on this list. I hate to say it, but Vann (SC) can go off at any time. If the SC line can keep Rattler upright and he improves, Vann will have a big year.
Not sure I buy in to the Bennett prediction. He may start 12 games, he may not, but achieving Murray status as a passer, I just don't see it.
Imperial, if they don't, and that's a big IF,it won't be because of the gators.
If you intend to step into the national spotlight, this ain't the game to addd. As usual Farner's headlines lead you to think there's some big news. The ONLY perennial top ranked opponent you have is Klem's Son through 2037?
Now that's an interesting this day/time, not surprising though.
Whatever. If he wants to meddle in mediocrity and still maybe get drafted, then go to Texas. If he wants to have a shot at a Natty and more likely go first round choose the SEC.
@BamaBone, I agree Anderson deserves to be #1 and probably would've been if he'd come out in '22. Stroud and Young will be in the Top 10, but I just don't see Rattler going that high if a first rounder at all. He's sketchy at best and with smallish OL will struggle at USCjr. Sure, he'll have his moments, but he's going to find out quick that this league plays defense. Jalen Carter should also be in that Top 10. As for other QBs that kid at Stanford will be first round ahead of Rattler. I'd say #1 Anderson, #2 Carter, #3 Young, #4 Stroud, and maybe Carter switches with one of the QBs.
So, the hype train on AR is rolling again already. Let's see in 2021 it was Heisman and it seems he's slipped a bit in the projections there to the same neighborhood as that other over hyped QB (the Clemson kid). Now he's a first round pick in '23 based on a hi-light reel from the FAU game and not a lot against good defenses.
Kirby and Saban both have lost significant asst coaches in their tenures and have kept on building. We shall see what Datboy does now.