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The worst part of that is considering whether tu will play a rerun of their home game against LSU - they turned off the visitor locker room AC under the guise of "construction". Of course, the home side locker room AC worked just fine.
Right. Muhammad seems solid. He seems to have picked up a good bit from his dad. Ainias Smith is among the best you'll ever find in the slot. I'm willing to give anyone a mulligan year for having trouble catching off-target bullet passes for a year. Calzada will forever live in Aggie lore as the tough-as-nails QB who took down Bama. But the rest of the year wasn't quite what you'd hope for.
The TAMU/tu rivalry is real, going back way before the days of tu students firebombing A&M's campus from a plane back in 1947 and then running out of gas. tu used to be able to claim to be the "big brother", but the dynamic between the two schools has changed dramatically in the past 10-15 years. TAMU's placed an emphasis on growth in academics and investment in sports while tu's landlocked in their 40 acres to the point of trying to convince their School of Social Work to move a dozen miles off campus and fight through Austin traffic so they can have room to build a small indoor football practice facility on a lot that's not even 100 yds long. No, really. That's actually true. Not much for long term planning, that group. Both schools are good options for students academically, but if you talk with high school students, A&M's seen by most as a better choice. We've invested as aggressively in our engineering facilities as in football. 5,200 acres compared with 40 acres is about all you need to say in terms of the continued growth potential. You can talk all you want about the past, but it's not like that anymore and I don't see it going back. As much as I didn't like the idea of tu joining the SEC, I'm in the group that can't wait to see Aggies bury them annually.
Not sure about that. I was introduced to Bowers by O'Gara on his podcast early in the season telling me how Bowers is "not a human being".
The difference between Mullen and Jimbo is that Mullen was all "on the field" coaching and nothing more. If you're recruiting at a high level, success on the field will come in the same way it did at UGA. In Kirby's words, "you can't outcoach talent". Jimbo's making progress in recruiting and he's shown he can coach up talented players, so we're all confident that on field success will come at some point.
They're not likely to announce until well into Fall camp. Hard to say who that'll be. Even Aggie faithful really have no idea. My money's on Haynes King, but with an OL improved over last year, Max Johnson could be a safe choice depending on how he picks up the offense. Weigman is the future, but as a freshman, he's unlikely to start.
Getting 500 receiving yds would place him in the range of the #25-30 WR in the SEC. That's within his reach this year. I don't hear people talking about the other composite 5 star freshman WR Chris Marshall. Stewart is crazy athletic and should be an exceptional WR, but don't discount Marshall. I've watched him play a good bit. He plays very mature, and he doesn't drop passes. Ainias came back this year to improve his draft stock (wise choice) and I expect him to be targeted a fair amount. Moose has the right mindset and could get a lot of playing time. I think there's a good bit of room for Stewart and Marshall this year. I wouldn't be surprised to see either of them get 500 receiving yds.
I think his point is just that it's in a talent-rich area and the alumni have a lot of money to support the program. Moving to the SEC would improve their recruiting and mobilize their boosters, so I can see how they might get to the level of a lower or mid tier SEC program in time. This is the NIL era, after all, and Houston's a pretty big town. They'd probably be able to get to a recruiting ranking in the 10-15 range nationally and in the mid range of the SEC. They'd get an occasional 5 star and a few 4 stars every year. That's not enough to get to a SECCG, but it could get a few wins every year in the SEC depending on scheduling.
I'm not a huge fan of tequila either. It's great in a margarita or a flor de pina, but outside of that, the flavor doesn't go well with much. Maybe that's my impression leftover from a few too many shots in my youth, so your mileage may vary. Mezcal is different, though, because it's so widely varied in the type of agave used. Different brands have different flavors. I haven't tried enough to know which would go well in an old fashioned and which wouldn't, but I can see how there are some brands that would be alright that way.
Absolute? No. Nothing is absolute in preseason prediction. Any of those teams could surprise everyone and have a great season. Of all those teams on that list, LSU probably has the best chance of having a really good team, but playing in the SECW is difficult. USC and Oregon could be good in the PAC 12, but they have Utah, who should be the favorite. OU should be a tougher team with Venables at the helm. Still, first year head coaches don't usually have a lot of success.
Dear Connor, I agree with you and most Aggies that we shouldn't be ranked in the preseason top 5. It's a strange time, though. You made the point that most of the usual preseason playoff contenders are in their first year of a head coach. A&M got the #1 class for that reason. ALL of its regional recruiting competitors had an unstable appearance with first or second year head coaches. Ordinarily, the fact that all those teams are down would be a reason to pencil the Aggies in for a top spot, but we still have to go through Bama and UGA, and that's not likely to happen this year. That's why we're realistic and patient. Teams you mentioned: Florida LSU Miami Notre Dame Oklahoma Oregon USC The Aggies will be better than all of them this year, so I see why some of the preseason rankings have the Aggies ranked highly. You have to rank somebody, and yeah, we'll have a better team than Baylor and NC State, too. Utah will be good, so I'm with you on that. I just don't think preseason rankings matter all that much when we're playing in the SEC West. In the SECW, you're either #1 or #2 or you're out of the hunt. I'll happily admit that we're most likely out of the hunt for this year, but I'm going to enjoy the ride all the same. Gig 'em!
Umm. Nope. No hot seat for Jimbo. If you don't understand that, you just don't get college football. Stars matter. The 247 talent composite for 2021 had Bama and UGA standing well above every other team in the country at #1 and 2. TAMU was way back at #8. I'm thinking that after all the transfer portal action for other teams, our #1 recruiting class in history will still only put us at #4 or #5 for 2022, and the majority of our 5 stars will be true Freshmen, unlike all of the teams above us. This is one time in my life that I'm actually excited to say "wait til next year". We have good things going on - it'll just take a bit of time to get there.
That's one of those games you wish someone didn't have to lose. Good to see the Aggies come out on top, though. Gig 'em!
I'm looking forward to this season, on both sides of the ball. Hopefully we'll have a season without a QB injury - we racked up enough of those last year to last a few seasons. We have a lot of young talent and I can't wait to see them start developing.
He's actually the #19 player in FL, not in the country. It seemed odd to say that he's the #11 DB and the #19 in the country. That would be a very deep DL class. He's a hoss, though, no doubt about it.
He's actually the #19 player in FL, not in the country. It seemed odd to say that he's the #11 DB and the #19 in the country. That would be a very deep DL class.
The NCAA abdicated their duty, but for good reason. Having been dragged in front of Congress and had the SCOTUS essentially tell them they'd be charged with federal crimes if they got in the way of student athletes being paid, I don't blame them for stepping aside to see how it will play out. Honestly, though, the way the Congress and SCOTUS treated them last time, I'm not sure what the NCAA can do. My guess is the NCAA won't be able to enforce much of anything.
Agree. He didn't test well, but when he's on the field, he plays well, and that's what counts. He had a hard time adjusting to Calzada's passing, but so did everyone else on the team. I'd have a hard time thinking of a better place for a TE to land than Buffalo.
Agree with you about Dean - he's a no-brainer. I'm surprised the Falcons didn't take Malik Willis. Ridder's good, but Willis would have been a much better business decision, being a home town product and projecting really well into the future.
Happy to see him get a 1st round spot. He can play well all along the line at every position and just puts his head down and goes to work. Gig 'em!
I hate seeing players on D drop down with a fake injury to slow down the offense. At the same time, anyone who's played will tell you that adrenaline is real, and you don't always feel an injury immediately. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to sink in and you have to decide to play when you're probably injured or drop to get off the field. I get not wanting to encourage players to play hurt. I hate seeing players flop to slow the game down, but finding the right way to fix it without causing other problems is tricky.
Let's lay off sportswriters for the moment. We're in the offseason and he's writing us words to read about football. When there's no football to watch, at least we have SDS. I say give him a break and appreciate the opportunity to talk about something important so we don't have to talk about politics.
tu's taking Bama's leftovers again, hoping Sark can coach them into shape better than Saban. Sark better than Saban. Yup, they're actually rolling with that.
He's a heck of a player and I hate to see him leave. I can't tell you how many times I've watched him lay down that block that set Achane free on the kickoff return TD against Bama. There won't be many times he'll have to buy his own drink. Good luck, young man.
It's hard to make too much out of a Spring game performance, but coming off the title win, UGA's earned the benefit of the doubt. Great performance overall. If they can get Gilbert out of his funk to play up to his potential during an actual season, they'll have one more dangerous weapon added to the pile.
I agree with you. Watching him evolve and actually start running the ball toward the end of last season was a different kind of experience.
Maybe that's the answer. I see his receivers being taught to find an opening and wait for the ball. That works when you flood the field with 5 pass-catchers on any given play. Does that approach detract from their practice in traditional route-running? Is that why even the better receivers in his system aren't highly drafted? Or maybe it's that he doesn't start with top level receiver recruits. If he were to recruit the #1 receiver out of high school, would he get better results? I'm rambling because I don't know the answer. It's a chicken vs egg scenario. How do you win a bunch of games and put a bunch of players into the NFL without being a top level recruiter, but then how to you get to be a top level recruiter without winning a bunch of games and putting a bunch of players into the NFL?
Sounds like a thinly-veiled dig at the guy who took over his old job at LSU.
No joke. A great DB has no better friend on draft day than the DL he played behind, and vice versa. They complement each other.