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Going to be a rough year for everyone in a parity-stacked west division. CBK has an excellent history of keeping his team in games in the 4th quarter and the tigahs better hope that pays off the next 2 years before the tigers come back to relevance.
@17Tide I think we can all agree on that at this point in the year. The tide are definitely the best team on paper right now.
Yeah I'm assuming he was told something along the lines of, "You cannot just assume you are a starter,you will have to work hard and keep improving." That likely did not sit well with him.
Dude seriously!!! He has one of the best opportunities a teenager could dream of and he can't get over being a spoiled brat. You can't teach talent nor humility, unfortunately for him you need both to be wildly successful.
When you have 3 of the best defensive minds in football running your defense, elite talent at every level, being young doesn't have as large as an effect as it would otherwise. We'll be a top 5 defense again. I don't see us going back to the Natty, but I also didn't see us going to the Natty last year and we all know how that ended.
CKS will do what he always does: Balanced offense and balanced defense. The physical talent in the DB room is higher than it's been in a decade, will be all about teaching them the head-game
Also gwhite isn't a plant either, he's just your everyday delusional UT fan that sees everything in mustard-vision
@PTheRicker Negan is not a plant, just a nut job with too much time on his hands
If you've ever seen a Brian Kelly team's offense you are in for severe disappointment. He's a grind it out, kick a field goal and let the defense score the TD's type of coach.
Yep Hooker actually looks like a much better option than Homer Hayes' boy Anthony Richardson. Let's not forget this is the same writer that said Dan Mullen will win a Natty lol
It will be a win for UGA to go from terrible to respectable in 1 year. Given all the firepower in the SEC that is about as good as any dawg fan can ask.
Yeah and the only question is why is that surprising or new?
@SparkyGator Good call! Here I go completely agreeing with a Gator thanks to Negan.
@FlaGators That's a delusional statement. The talent composition is about the same and SC has a better staff, they will be neck and neck for 4th best in the East for the foreseeable future.
Vols and SC are about the same when it comes to the talent composition, when they play the coaching will be the difference.
Lol no Tray Scott is the best DL Coach but I expect UT fans to be delusional about that.
@MattyJ The obvious answer is the Michigan game because that team actually plays defense instead of just having 1 good defender
How do we still have to tell people don't drink and drive?... Uber exists
Sports writers over hyping a football team from the state of Texas?!?!? First time that's ever happened
Pittman is gonna Pittman and will keep the hogs in any game. That man can coach.
Everybody writing off King but he's the obvious choice for starter
That second and third round made my head spin watching bad decision after bad decision. The Dean pick was just one of like 50 baffling decisions by GM's.
Yeah that confused me too. Devonte Wyatt is more JJ Watt archetype but I wouldn't even go there cause Watt is prototypical where defenses fit him and not the other way around. Hutchinson plays edge contain/read, not close to the same thing Watt does
Facts^^^^^ Jacksonville doesn't have the luxury of picking upside over immediate need.
This^^^^^ And in that 07 draft they skipped out on Joe Thomas, darrelle revis, Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis, Adrian Peterson, and Marshawn Lynch and went Russell #1 overall. As a broncos fan, it was one of my favorite moments in draft history.
I can't believe I'm saying this but I'd like to see some success from the lizards this year as they have a solid coach and a decimated depth chart. That being said, 8 wins is the ceiling and the floor is 4. Don't become the next Tennessee and WLOCP can stay fun, become the next Tennessee and the fun for the gators will be over for a long long time
If y'all start Finley your season is in big trouble. Hopefully you figure it out or you'll have a new coach by bowl season