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Like similar institutions, Notre Dame finds a way for talented football players to gain admittance.
ESPN Top 25 Future Defense Power Rankings: Each program’s future defense rankings from 2021 are listed in (). Georgia Bulldogs (2) Texas A&M Aggies (4) Alabama Crimson Tide (3) LSU Tigers (8)
"One positive about this transition is that the players (at least the ones not from South Louisiana) should catch on quicker listening to Kelly than they would have trying to work through Orgeron’s thick accent." Really?? Rather unprofessional.
I do not know that it is a matter of bias, but rather just not having an in-depth knowledge of the team.
There are no easy games in the SEC.
8-4 would be an unexpected disaster. That would mean none of the three quarterbacks work out, which is not likely.
A&M has defensive players with significant playing time ready to step up. Jackson, Raikes, Turner and Diggs are among these for the defensive line. Jones and Regis saw the field. Jeudy has a year in the system. Adeleye and Lucas had excellent performances in the spring game. Nolen will likely earn significant playing time quickly. Everyone predicted a large dropoff with Buddy Johnson departing after 2020. This did not happen. Similarly, the linebackers behind Hanson will step up this year. Cooper will be one of the best linebackers in the conference. He plays much like Aaron Wallace. White and Russell are capable linebackers. Ish Harris will be vying for a role as Cooper's backup. The secondary will see all but one starter returning. Johnson, Chappell, Richardson, J. Jones all return. And all play at a high level. Gilbert and Harmon were on the field a good deal gaining valuable experience, although typically not starting. Moten is back from injury. Denver Harris will be pushing to earn a starting role. Predicting a significant defensive decline seems hard to justify.
Hez and Lane have been reliable possession receivers. Hez has fearlessly gone across the middle, taken vicious hits and held onto the ball on a number of occasions. There is a place for a possession receiver. They are good within their roles. What we have lacked, except for the short periods when Chapman was healthy, was a wideout who could break the big one. We lacked the vertical threat. Moose has been inconsistent, but even consistent I am not sure he will be a strong vertical threat either. We need Marshall, Stewart and Thomas to step up quickly and provide that threat.
I don't think Fisher is worried about a redshirt for Weigman. He will be going high in the MLB draft. Three calendar years and he is gone, redshirt or not. I hope Johnson is not the winner. Too often he holds onto the ball far too long and does not read the rush well. Too many sacks. I will not rule out Weigman or Haynes.
With Chapman out due to injuries, we lacked a deep threat on the outside. Hez and Lane are great, reliable possession receivers with good hands. However to date they have not often posed a deep threat. And both missed most or all of 2021 due to injuries. Preston will have to do far better at holding onto the ball than he did in the spring game. He does not seem to show the speed of Stewart. Moose seems destined for playing the slot behind Smith. Brown could well be a threat, but we will have to see where Fisher places him.
Comparison to Demas are irrelevant and incorrect. Demas had sat out a year in high school ball before coming to A&M. With Chapman and Demas departing, Stewart will likely be a starter. This will be in his favor. Fisher's offensive schemes could hold him back. I am truly hoping that whomever wins the quarterback battle will be capable of going deep with some accuracy. If so, Stewart and Marshall could well play a large role in the offense.
Marshall should be a great one. I can see Marshall on one side and Stewart on the other.
Good point. Cooper is of the greatest concern. His loss would be significant. Cooper reminds me of Aaron Wallace. It will be interesting to see how the two Harris' develop.
I believe the secondary could be better this year. And I do not think the line will slip appreciably. This squad could match 2021's overall performance.
Might want to review your Aggie history. Buyouts have never stopped replacing a coach before. Fisher needs to be in double digit wins in 2022 and 2023, or he will be in the hot seat regardless. And in all honesty, he should be on the hot seat if he doesn't produce.
As though Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, etc. etc. did not have any NIL money given to their players...
Losing Demas and Chapman has a negligible effect on production. Both had great potential, but neither had any significant contribution to the 2021 season. Hez and Lane will be back, both of whom missed most of the season with injuries. Both are reliable possession receivers. Stewart and Marshall will both earn playing time and are highly likely to make an impact. Brown and Moose are ready to step up. Preston has potential as long as he holds onto the ball. The transition from Elko to Durkin will not miss a beat. Durkin runs a similar scheme and is proven. McKinley and Raikes had solid playing time last year and will fill in nicely. Look for Shemar Turner to become a force after doing very well in limited playing time in 2021. Diggs and Adeleye will do well on the edge, with Diggs being experienced there. Lucas was impressive in the spring. Nolen will likely earn significant playing time. The secondary should be stronger this year. Richards, J. Jones, Chappell, Johnson, Harmon, and Gilbert all return. Look for Denver Harris to push for a starting role. The running back room will be even better, in spite of losing Spiller. Spiller was a great running back. Achane is an exceptional running back. Spiller lacked breakaway speed, while Achane and Daniels possess breakaway speed. Not to mention LJ Johnson. Wydermyer cruised through his last year, unfortunately. And had far, far too many drops. Johnson and Green - possibly Smith - will pick up the slack as far as receiving. Wright returns as the blocking tight end. The offensive line should be improved, with J. Johnson's departure and experienced players returning. Special teams will be just as solid. QB will improve, the question is how much. This will hold the difference in a championship run and a "good" season. Are the Aggies overrated at 5th? Yes. But a strong case can be made for them being in the top 10.
Wish the best for Deondre. He will likely do very well at OSU. He was just unfortunate to be behind Spiller and Achane.
He was projected to go high in the MLB draft, but chose to go to college and play both sports.
One should watch more than the spring game before coming to that conclusion (which is incorrect). He has a good arm as evidenced by his high school play and the Kent State game. Not Calzada type arm strength (which is a real rarity), but good. {And arm strength is not dependent upon the level of competition, before anyone dismisses the high school tapes.} How would his running capabilities not translate?
Thanks for catching that typo. I have seen Myles follow too many receivers into the end zone over his career. I honestly hope others are good enough to keep him out of the rotation.
Agree. He was outstanding in the UA game.
His prevent defense certainly cost the LSU game. Perhaps others as well.
You are probably correct. But should the starter (Johnson or Haynes) stumble, there is a chance.
Agree. This - along with the insane number of drops - is why I looked at accuracy rather than completions.
Likely in numerous areas - DL, WR, TE and possibly DB.
The secondary could be improved with the young talent coming in. Richardson, Chappell, J. Jones, Anderson and Harmon all return.