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Despite academic qualifications, Notre Dame still had top quality recruiting classes. He can't do that much better at LSU. Notre Dame averaged #12 in national recruiting between 2010 and 2019. Like I said, he can do better at LSU, but he also has much fiercer competition.
Question: Looking back at Notre Dame's schedules the past several years, I really don't see a lot of challenging games. When they did play a superb team, they often lost the game. Notre Dame's recruiting was always pretty high in the rankings. Kelly probably can do better with recruiting at LSU, but then he will be playing a much superior schedule against the likes of Alabama, Texas A&M, and the winner of the East if he can get to an SEC Championship game. What is the likelihood he will do better at LSU?
....and we don't enjoy watching games in Hawaii that start at 10:30 pm or later. That is going to be a constant gripe since many of Alabama's games will start before lunchtime in Hawaii. I have an idea. Enjoy the beauty.
It's shameful where he's pumping that sunshine, though.
Those losses only sting if the team is vying for something. At this point, the season is lost and only a miracle will get SC into the post season.
I guess that would require you to read before commenting. The prediction is that the offensive line will be the weak link in the offense. There, now you don't have to actually read the article.
Notre Dame also holds the record for most players with fake girlfriends who fake died and were really men.
Now just don't take that Lambo down a city street at 150 mph and cause the death of some innocent person.
I'm still waiting to buy Harsin a beer for taking Bobo off our hands. He did great quarterback work while coaching at Georgia, but the wheels fell off at Colorado State and bringing that stiff QB to South Carolina caused a further downward spiral.
Gosh! That mask he's wearing looks like something reserved for Hannibal Lecter.
Why would Arch even care about NIL? His family is worth a fortune. He just doesn't need the distraction. I'm sure his family will have a lot of input there.
It's only good for Deion when it works. When it stops working, the system is broken.
Shouldn't you be able to beat South Carolina State in a bowl game before bumping up to grander things?
Side note: I understand that there have been players from the SWAC that have gone on to have illustrious careers in the NFL (Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Deacon Jones, Shannon Sharpe, Steve McNair....and the list goes on)
That guy has more talent than the rest of the entire conference. He will, of course, dominate in the SWAC. I wonder how playing against lesser talent will translate to playing at the next level.
Sources put George Pickens in the car with McIntosh who were leaving a pre-draft celebration in downtown Athens. There was a single vehicle accident at 4:30 a.m. involving a high rate of speed but no injuries. McIntosh was booked into the jail and released on $2,000.00 bond about an hour later. Doubtful there will be any suspension for a misdemeanor charge.
So Florida's own players abandoned the team and that's Rattler's fault. Gotcha! Will the team just forget about their own players that abandoned them?
I'm going to go out on a limb and predict the Gamecocks to win this matchup.
There are obviously two houses of opinion on Rattler. Those who think he will succeed and those who thing he is a toxic POS who feels scorn about what happened at OU. Rattler had a great freshman year and regressed in his second season, but his numbers weren't bad. He just played in the shadow of Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Jalen Hurts and the comparisons weren't exactly fair, but that is what you get when you go under center at OU. I'm sure Rattler was offended that he was pulled during the Texas game. He didn't play great and was responsible for an INT and fumble, but a Texas punt block gave them the ball at the 2 yard line for an easy score and the O-line did not protect Rattler in the first half. Caleb Williams played well and that was the end for Rattler. A coach's decision, but perhaps a bit premature. Rattler appears to appreciate a second chance to show he has game. South Carolina teammates have embraced him as a leader and I'm sure he will provide a positive impact on the offensive side of the ball. Last year was a debacle when it came to starting quarterbacks. I'm excited to see how the season goes, but I'm not expecting miracles. South Carolina does not have an easy schedule.
Agreed....9 is about the cap....but the schedule is tough with Arkansas and A&M on the West side and Clemson to finish the season. I think SC is +-7 with a chance to do a little worse or a little better depending on how the team gels.
Gotcha! Then I guess we'll be interested to see whether Lincoln Riley can make the other USC relevant again. They haven't had much relevance since the Pete Carroll "cheatin' Pete" days.
....and now Caleb Williams has a defensive coordinator for a coach. I'll be interested to see how his progression goes.
Actually, Dawn won her second Natty at South Carolina in one less year than it took Geno (with an "e" since you are so familiar with him) at UConn. She is also the first coach to beat Geno in a National Championship game. She is also the first coach to beat Geno Auriemma (2x), Tara VanDerveer, Kim Mulkey, Brenda Frese, and Gary Blair (2x), all of whom have won National Championships in the same season. South Carolina played the toughest schedule in the nation. Love the excuses....I suppose every team that lost to UConn in a National Championship game could do the same. Sad....very sad.