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well I dont think orgerons and kellys accent will have any impact whatsoever on the players learning. you can get by without really good pass catching tight ends if they are really good blockers. But if you are light in both areas that is a big detriment. LSU will likely experience some problems this season, maybe two seasons, but kelly is a better coach than many SDS posters give him credit for. I think he and LSU will be very formidable and in the hunt for the west, the SEC and the NC in 2-3 years if the recruiting stays on track which I have little doubt it will. Obviously they have to get into the NIL money like everybody else but thats true for everyone. if you arent NILing you are dieing.
geauxtigers at first i thought the same thing but honestly they are pretty close right now IMO. The funny thing is if Heupel ran a more conventional system and had the same record at UCF and UT he would probably be more highly regarded and ranked higher.
its 11am austin time, 12pm est. it could be 100 or hotter in austin by noon to 1pm and there isnt much shade in that stadium. That 100 will feel like 120 as I am certain the sun is closer to the ground in south texas. Night time game will be substantially cooler once the sun goes down. That part of texas almost always has a comfortable breeze at night. If youre going you want it at night.
Ok just kiddin That was for corch, Kirk and tdub
There is no wrong choice for someone of his talent level. Unless he chose Georgia…
Well I’m happy for him And hope he makes it. He wasn’t very good for UT but he was a one dedicated and tough vol. he always impressed at practice at UT too though. Anyway good luck JG!
My understanding is it had something to do with BYU joining the big 12 and not being able to play, but the buyout is the strangest I ever heard of. BYU gets away with no buyout and actually gets $2M and UVA and UT both give up some of its ticket sales revenue to pay the BYU buyout and some other crazy stuff I cant even remember. I think i would prefer to have played BYU but I do like playing UVA since it is a recruiting state for us and their new HC just happens to be the guy that turned us down before Heupel got the job and its close enough to attend for low cost. Can you even get a beer at a BYU game? We will be breaking in a new Qb in jackson, Iamaleava or Milton so it may not be an easy win.
so thats about 110 players total at $200K a piece is about $22M. I just took a quick peek at UW's financials and found they had revenue of $92M in revenue between 2015 and 2017. i dont know if thats 2 years or 4... it didnt say. but it said they made $43M in profit from the $92M in revenue and they are one of the richest schools in the pac 12. Oregon and USC are ahead of them. So UW will basically give up half their profits if this goes thru. other schools may not make a profit at all. More sound financial logic from the left.
If childress is the defensive MYP for ky then does that speak more to the lower quality of the overall ky D than it does to the quality of childress. I understand he had some nice stats but at Tx state doesnt necessarily mean it will transfer to the sec. Its a big jump. I would guess he doesnt end up the MVP and the ky D is pretty good. The #4 scoring D would be quite an accomplishment for a Leach coached team, especially in the sec. I will have to see it to believe it. I cant argue with the prediction on our secondary. We are so undermanned there it is ridiculous. We are going to be relying on a surprise or two to come out of the roster and that is a huuuuge problem. While I agree butler will be a big loss and we are still thin there (we are thin most everywhere) we have some good DL and I dont think that will be as big a problem as the writer does.
Congrats to the Vols! SEC Champions! I am curious as to how Tony will play vs the booldawgs. With nothing more to gain will he rest more arms and give more bench players more game time... or play as usual. Hoover wipes all the slates clean and we all start all over. The Vols have not been as dominant the last few series so I dont see them as so overwhelmingly the favorites as I may have earlier. For me winning the tourney is a nice cherry on top but being ready for the regionals and supers is the primary focus. Good Luck to everyone except when you play UT.
I must have watched a different UT QB last season. The one I saw threw passes all over the yard. short, intermediate and long and with a lot of accuracy. The one I watched seemed to read and react pretty quick and pretty good. I guess the question is if you put him in a more typical NFL offense would he be able to sit back in the pocket pre-snap for 5 seconds or more and read the D. other than the obvious differences in NFL and college I would think if you can read them at the pace he does it would bode well for him reading them with enough time to smoke a cigarette and drink a beer... He did force a few throws but not anymore than any other QB I dont think. He may have read some of the pressures but expected more protection from the RB's or TE's... He had a few head scratching throws too but im not sure why those occurred and would not expect that to turn into any kind of trend. I dont know what kind of NFL QB he will make but I would not bet against his success. TBH I dont see the O line being much better. the starters are or should be fairly solid but there is still no depth. All the attrition from pruitts exit will be with us for another couple years.
I love the old rivalries even though ours have been one sided for far too long. But everything is different so I am ready for a change. I think it is ridiculous to wait so long between some rematches. Everything else is changing so this may as well change too. Dont screw it up SEC.
for me what stands out isnt about how SC D does this season, though if these guys dont produce again this year it might contradict what I am about to say. I said on an earlier article that I thought Muschamp was no longer an elite defensive mind. I think he has not been that in quite some time, several years. Didnt muschamp have these two 5 * DL for 2 years? An elite defensive guy would have gotten something out of them. Were they both over-rated out of high school? Possible but not likely. I know uga fans are elated to have him as DC but I just dont think he is that good anymore. The uga D will still be really good but it may be in spite of, rather than because of muschamp. Kirby wont allow the D to be under-coached. I guess if neither of these two guys improve much then maybe that takers away from my thoughts. we will see. I do however think the SC D will be better. Just not sure how much better.
sorry boondock tough guy. didnt mean to leave you out as a top UT troll and you are a real internet tough guy, but hardly a boondock saint.
Great pick up! Fits in our biggest area of need perfectly. Welcome to Big Orange Country Julian!
Geez afan I didnt say bama would suck and I didnt say UT was going to be great. I said I didnt think the bama offense would be as good as last year. Obviously I meant prior to the WR's getting hurt. I also said they will still be formidable. if that means my big orange glasses are on full tint then ok, whatever.
Great Scott - you are talking to one of the biggest UT trolls on SDS. All he does is post stupid comments on UT articles. pretty pathetic coming from an auburn fan. They will stink it up a lot worse than UT and in more sports. Kirk1976 is exactly the same but at least his team is decent in football. Dont waste your time trying to talk intelligently to these guys. their responses will not be.
Fair. I just cant get away from those receiver losses. You guys have high level talent stockpiled and there can certainly be players just as good or make up for it in other areas. Every one of my opponent comments are questionable. Just one guys opinion.
It can be difficult to appreciate a defense that gave up so many points but when you take into account the defensive personnel losses after pruitt was fired its fairly easy to see why Banks got so much credit. I think we will be ok at LB, Edge and safety but im afraid CB and DL is going to be a problem, especially CB. from an opponents standpoint pitt will be less formidable, florida is a ?, lsu will be less formidable this season than ole miss last season, ky will be about the same maybe a little less without wandale, georgia will be similar, SC will likely be better, mizzou is a ?, bama not as good but still formidable, vandy is vandy. So on paper it looks like we will be able to improve the D and the record. But the games are played on grass, not paper. If the O is better, which most expect and I agree with we have a chance to improve a lot. Is it september yet?
true the really high profile ones mostly know one another but there are lots of others who are good too, especially the overlooked 3 stars who turned out to be really good. I guess at this point any good player that doesnt have a good NIL deal where he is should just jump in the portal to see what happens, maybe even regardless of what NIL deal you have. Which is part of the problem with the portal and NIL.
there is nothing hes done to say he wont field another outstanding defense. its the other things that i will be interested to see. I will say im not as sold on muschamp defenses as i was 10 years ago. not sure how much rope muschamp gets.
im not saying bama tampered. only that its absolutely possible. Addison has been in the portal a couple weeks now too but there is a widespread roomah (as doc holiday would say) USCw tampered prior to entering. Maybe he entered and found out there were lots of teams ready to dole out dough and hes looking for the best deal... maybe this kid did the same thing.
I get ky fans disdain for the cards but when every response is like this they dont have much cred. Sure its possible they saw him in the portal and made the call. its also possible some NIL guy for bama called him before he went in the portal. I dont know and neither does anyone else on here. But saying its not possible because its bama or saban is just lame.