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How is that non conference schedule the toughest in the country
What a horrible comparison. Ole Miss and LSU's record is almost identical and Ole Miss just won 3/3 games in Baton Rouge. My argument was that Ole Miss should be ahead of LSU because of this. Tennessee is 22-5 in SEC and I never mentioned them. Why do you think LSU should be ahead of Ole Miss in "power rankings?" Remember, these are not standings.
But Ole Miss is obviously the better team right now, would you not agree?
So Ole Miss was 8-15 in SEC play after the Arkansas series but 2 weeks later we are 13-14? Interesting...
Jacob Gonzalez plays for Ole Miss. Auburn's ace is named Joseph...
This is silly because both of our QBs are sophomores so they can't get drafted in 2023. Therefore, the that "trend" will not end...
It is just as much, if not more, Partridge's defense as it is Crum's.
Friday night? With the baseball team at home vs LSU? Seems kind of random
It was very convenient that Arch was on his visit during that weekend, but Eli's jersey was retired and the "Manning Day" was honoring Eli. While Arch was there, it was his Uncle's name who was painted in the endzones.
Charles Davis is a color commentator and Burkhardt is a play by play commentator
Switch Tennessee and Ole Miss and you got a good list. Tennessee is the better team right now. Hopefully we can take 2 this weekend.
I wish we didn't, but doing nothing in 7 years is different than doing nothing in 4
Unfortunately, I would not say Tim Elko is in solid form. He is hitting .205, which is the lowest on the team among starters
This list would be far more silly if Tom Crean was added to it. Because if you add Kirby, you gotta add Crean.
I agree with you, but I really think he's getting another year. Too many injury excuses
What happened to Brian Scott Rippee? He knows much more about Ole Miss than this cat.
But what if he is losing 45-42 games? Wouldn't you rather hire an OC that is 7-5 with a great offense instead of one that is 10-2 with a decent offense and a much improved defense? He can't control or be blamed for how many points his defense gives up
That's called an SEC west baseball schedule.
TJ McCants will, without question, be added to the midseason list. Huge year upcoming.
3 of the 4 are important. What is the importance of the Ole Miss game? The NCAA tournament and probably the NIT is not on the line for either team.
You are supposed to put a space after a sentence, Jerrick.