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Hey Adam...you mention new DC Blake Baker and him getting his system installed. Can you share with us what kind of system he will be running?
I think the author is talking about MSU's entire schedule including those non-conference games. I agree. That schedule looks brutal.
Gotta wonder why Coach Mullen stuck with TG for so long.
Not sure what a competitive offense will do when the defense is a sieve. Not throwing shade at the Tigers but holy moly that defense was miserable last year.
Got no problem with Banks but Martinez sucks. UGA gave up a lot of points under his guidance.
Kelee Ringo would have to say "79 yard pick six" to put the game away. A moment that will live on forever.
And what's up with him giving us a history lesson? I think we already know the story.
Derion's two picks were in the Orange Bowl against Meeechigan. Do try to get your facts straight. It's not hard.
I liked the hire at the time. Kirby was a first year HC and Chaney was a competent OC. Chaney was great helping with stability during the transition. Never did see him as a permanent fixture though. Just felt like he and Kirby weren't a perfect fit for each other. And I hated how he never (almost) threw to the tight ends. Man that used to bug me.
As you wish...... 2017: 41-0 2018: 38-12 2019: 43-14 2020: 44-21 2021: 41-17
MSU football is certainly more exciting under Leach than it was with Dan Mullen. I'm not saying who's the better coach or who will have the most success but the fan base seems to have more energy and interest with the Pirate.
I can see why they call you BamaTampon.
How about the guy from French's mustard?
Why is everything going to happen at the mid-point?
Ron... So which is it. You claim Georgia was running the spread all year then you say don't change the play-action.
Obviously only time will tell but I think the Gators are gonna be better off long-term with Billy. He will need to clean up the mess Dan Muffin made (recruiting shortfalls mostly) but he seems to be just what the Gators need right now. A high quality no-nonsense leader that should right the ship.
Dagws got the last laugh by forcing your lord and savior (the Mighty HBC) into quitting like a little chicken sh!+.
Go ahead and crow about beating Ray Goff. He was a nobody in the history of great coaches. The Dawgs crushed the mighty HBC and made him quit like the little chicken sh!+ that he is.
Speaking of the past... 9/19/2015: UGA 52 - SC 20 and thus ending Steve Superior's college coaching career. That little chicken sh!+ didn't even have the balls to finish the season.
I hope UK can keep Coen. I look forward to watching the Dawgs match wits with a competent opposing OC. If Kentucky really wants to keep Coen, then they need to open up their pocketbooks and offer some other incentives as well. Personally, I think I would rather live in the countryside in Kentucky than the chaos that is LA.
Does it matter who the coach is? Saban - Natty! Miles - Natty! Orgeron - Natty! Kelly - ??