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You clearly watched more of State than this author. Forbes has the most interceptions in the SEC with three returned for TD's, so to say he isn't a playmaker is odd. Also, Walley took a secondary role last year, but he is very reliable. I was really excited about him last year, but Polk received the big play routes Walley ended his freshman season with the prior year. I actually think the sneaky WR this season will be Griffin. He leads the SEC in return yards, and he's very fast. I hope he gets more balls his way this season.
These don't seem like predictions. They seem more like trends except #7.
Hopefully he can play more of a point guard role this year. If he takes on that role our team should be better prepared.
Top 8 is all that matters. UT could stop now and have that. Don't worry about SEC tourney either. Worry about the Super Regional. That's where they could slip up.
Honest question, was his worst game against State last year? That's the only game I saw him play, and based off of that game he is a 7th round to undrafted QB. My thoughts are if Nick Fitzgerald didn't get drafted, Levis shouldn't either.
I've never thought about it, but if fans weren't familiar with the air raid maybe that is where some the frustration with Leach lies. The air raid was always mainly a short passing game. It's not the Fun and Gun from the Spurrier days. If fans expected that, I'm sure it was surprising. The air raid is a starts a bunch of crossing routes at 3 different levels. One route deep behind safeties, one middle behind linebackers, and one short in front of linebackers. the design is to force the linebackers and safeties, who don't normally cover, to make decisions. Then there are routes that start by looking like that and break out instead of crossing. And every now and then one doesn't cross, but runs a go (Polk was great at this). The wrs line up different every time to be a surprise which set of routes they run. The last nuance to the air raid is your eyes start deep and then move to the short route. That's why the short cross is sometimes thrown after he break by the line of scrimmage. I hope that helps.
All these are better suggestions, but with Makai Polk and Malik Heath gone I hope Lideatrick Griffin gets some run on deep passes. He's our fastest and best return man. I want to see them target him deep this year.
I promise I'm not knocking Tuscaloosa, but if a kid will go to Alabama then a kid will go to South Bend. The town isn't the problem. The school standards probably were. LSU's situation will remove all doubt about recruiting ability.
I believe Brian Kelley might be underrated. He might not be likable, but his teams compete.
I do think a receiver upgrade would be important to MSState. When a Leach team was ranked #1 he had a first round WR (Crabtree). I also think he's never had the opportunity to work with a stout defensive line like MSState can provide, which is a more likely recruiting improvement at this stage in his coaching trend. For example: If he can recruit a 3rd to 4th round receiver and continue the trend of top notch linemen (Such as: Simmons, Cox, Chris Jones, Sweat, Preston Smith, Autry, Pernell, Spencer, Gerri Green, Cross, Elgton, Tyre Phillips, Eland, Gabe Jackson) a Leach team could make the glass ceiling jump. He should always have a competent QB in this system.
Seems like a troll, but I'll answer it honestly. If he doesn't put forward at least 8 wins this year, he will be on the hot seat for the following year. If he gets 8 or 9 he will get a one year pass with a slight regression. If he puts out 10 wins 2-3 more years before hot seated. If he consistently wins 8 with a 9 or 10 every now and then, he can stay as long as he wants.
If it's going to happen, this is the year. Year 3 and 4 are historically Leach's best teams. This is the season I've been patient for. There are many State fans that were impatient and expected last year what always takes Leach teams 3 years to produce. I expect less errors/penalties and similar to better production on offense. They should finish more drives in the end zone.
Maybe not, but I bet coaching security is pretty high on the list and Texas can't offer that. Alabama and UGA can.
Of course not. I'm pretty sure I was offering an option the article neglects. Everyone is writing "where he should play/pick." There is a new option now...where "all" can he play? That's a new option with the transfer with no penalty rules. He can literally play at 4 different schools if he wanted. The NIL is revealing the incentive to stay 4 years to try them all instead of 3.
I don't know. This is the one thing the rest of his family doesn't have. If he pulls in a championship he has bragging rights over Peyton, Eli, and Archie. There isn't anything else career wise he can hang over them at Thanksgiving dinner.
Why should he choose? He can NIL transfer and try all of them.
To be fair, Keith never said what kind of experience he has. They might have a close relationship of some sorts where they have shared experiences.
Who knows? I feel the transfers out where better than the ones coming in so far.
Even if it was injury related he should only fall a round. I'm guessing most people had him as a healthy 2nd. If the injury is false that's pretty messed up. It's also possible the injury exists and he thinks he can play through it because he doesn't believe it hinders him. (both can be true.)
They literally beat Bama with the heisman qb.
He played the best. Maybe not the best NFL prospect, but he was the best defender at UGA last year.
1. This is the only real question that needs answering. The answer is they won't be quite as good. Cross was a killer and irreplaceable. 2. Griffin, RaRa, Calvin, and Rufus should seamlessly step in. I'm super excited about Griffin getting more touches. RaRa was beating out Malik Heath by the end of the year, so that's simple. And, Walley is plenty good enough to be the one. 3. Probably not. This is the deepest part of our team. 4. I expect Peters and Preston to be the starters, but I honestly don't know about the new guys. 5. I've always thought Forbes was a better cb than Emmerson. Emmerson was so physical around the line of scrimmage and we will probably miss that. I'm hoping Banks is better than we realize. 6. Anyone will be better than what we had last year.
He will have a legit shot at that job. It was probably worth the wait to land in Carolina for early playing time.
He's easily the best OL we've had in a while.
If he could shoot, he would be amazing. Great defense, rebounding, physical, etc. But, man, his shot is junk.
^yep. When NFL players play next to each other the team seems to win.