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Sorry, it's easy to forget about the south. For most of us in the college football world TV is what brought on the night game fad. As well as games during the week like Thursday night. TV did that.
Mentions he knows fans love night games, “but at the end of the day the world that we’re in in college football… TV is a factor.” TV is the reason College Football started playing night games in the first place.
The NFL isn't going to sanction or subsidize any league, ever. That's costs money and it's money the NFL owners will never spend as long as College Football exists.
Honestly, any of those that includes "will be improved" I don't think is an overly bold prediction. None-the-less nice write up Adam and I'm looking forward to actually having a defense again even if it's not elite.
This was actually pretty decent, had it not been for the pandemic shutting it down it was well on it's way to make enough money in year one for at least a couple more seasons. Last I knew they hadn't announced the teams/cities yet but hopefully that doesn't change much although there's no reason to have a team in NY or Tampa or LA, those are the cities who struggled the most with attendance. They should try and incorporate more non-NFL cities like San Antonio or Oklahoma City or Sacramento.
When there's not necessarily a wrong choice it's hard to say there's a right one.
Yeah I think that's a big part of his gripe. Suddenly other schools can legally out bid Bama's boosters for players so College Football just isn't fair now.
So he turned down all those NFL offers he blabbed so much about just a short year ago? Lmao
He's going to have the pick of the litter whether that's the Panthers, Cowboys, Giants or otherwise.
Yeah, too many guys now a days act like the draft as the ultimate goal, like the big finale when it's actually just the beginning and they actually haven't done jack yet.
I just thought it was strange the author mentioned Mizzou "had just 4 hits" against Tennessee in the semi-final as a sign of weakness while Arkansas' offense in the tournament hasn't been near what it was in the regular season. Only 3 hits against Ole Miss and just 4 hits in the semi. That's not scary offense.
If Arkansas strength isn't their pitching then Mizzou will score. Can Arkansas score on Mizzou's pitching they've never seen and better than they've seen? That's the bigger question, Arkansas only had 4 hits against Florida and aided by a bunch of walks so it's not like they knocked it all over the place only scoring 4 runs when they could have scored 7 or 8. The Tigers defense has been elite as well so Arky can't really count on Mizzou making mistakes, or walking batters all night.
Of course, the good ol' scheduling (wink, wink) misunderstanding.
I wonder if anyone has ever won the SEC Tournament without giving up a single run throughout the Tourney. Just getting to the CG with 3 shutouts has to be pretty rare.
Yeah what you just describe is the same or similar to the best solution I've seen as well. The "pod" system is kind of dumb imo, it's like eliminating 2 divisions just to create 4. Makes no sense. You don't need pods in order to play every team within 4 years.
Bama, GA then everyone else basically. You can separate it a little more but at point what's the point?
...could definitely make that throw. Miami should have traded for him.
SEC expansion killed playoff expansion and everyone knew it would minus Sankey apparently. Should have signed off on Playoff Expansion FIRST (which had crazy momentum at the time), then brought on OU and Texas. Whether those schools contacted Sankey first or not, neither of those schools were going anywhere, neither one had anywhere else to go, there was no rush but Sankey got happy feet and here we are in a Playoff Expansion cluster you know what.
It's no different than trying to be "fashionably late" to a fancy party. Don't want anything to appear too obvious.
On of my favorite phrases in all of professional sports is one the NFL uses "Legal Tampering Period" Lmao. Hello McFly, if it's legal then how the h*ll is it tampering?
Sad how it was on the fast track until last June or so. But we know what big announcement happened back then that put the hard brakes on Playoff Expansion. Big mistake in timing, obviously.
Well you just have to believe out of the 15 or 20 throws they had to choose from this was still the best one to hype. In all fairness to the Dolphins marketing team, comparatively speaking it probably looked pretty good to them.