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Ah...I guess giving some love to Jayden Jernigan. Could've at least photo-shopped him wearing a Mizzou uni.
Agreed. Anything that says we will "improve" isn't much of a stretch to say. We can only get better across the board from last season. One other thing....curious why there's picture of an Oklahoma State player on a Mizzou article? Attention to detail...important for a defense...and SDS editors.
A left handed point guard with a scorer's mentality.....looking a little like Anthony Peeler out there. Yeah, I'm old.
I have to agree with Afan and Tidefan on this. Nothing against Sam, and it's obviously a different world today in terms of acceptance compared to just a few years ago for Sam. But looking back, which is always 20/20, he would have benefited greatly with better timing on his announcement.
Pulling for you guys tonight! Never been a fan of the zags to begin with, and that was even more the case when they suspended John Stockton from attending home games. Complete absurdity. Go Hogs!
I couldn't agree more. The cancel culture in this country has gotten out of control.
After reading Manning's 247Sports scouting report....the only thing missing is, "He walks on water". But, yeah...I'm just jealous...I barley lettered in HS football.
I know these are just projections, but if Mizzou were to play Army...yikes. I’m pretty sure all Army does is run the ball on every play. It’s like they were built to play Mizzou. Our D is much improved, but this would be a major test for them.
I wasn't at the game, just watched on tv. But I never took the boos to be directed at a player, least of which was Bazelak. Rather, I felt like the boos were more directed at the offensive play calls. We were dinking and dunking... seemingly every play, whether it was as a run or a pass was within 5-7 yards of the LOS. The Florida linebackers were able to t-off and run downhill to stop everything. It's why Badie couldn't get going. We didn't stretch the defense enough. I think that was the reason for the frustrated boos.
For whatever reason, no matter what each team's record is, or what issues either team might be facing at the QB position.....whenever Mizzou and South Carolina play it always seems to be super close games that come down to the wire. So, I think we'll get out money's worth no matter what happens!
I always liked Mark Richt. He's 100% class through and through. Nothing but respect.
Awesome! I wish I had played football in HS but basketball was my game. I didn't learn to love football until much later. So, I never got to play or experience anything like you did or the safety in this story. No doubt the QB and RB had blank and shocked expressions on their faces!
He timed the snap perfectly. I wish there was a video that showed the look and body language of the offense....would love to see what the QB and RB looked like right after the ball was literally snatched from them.
I like coach Drink a lot. I will admit at the news of his hiring, I wasn't all that impressed. But as I got to know him, how he carries himself, the way he speaks, (which is almost always encouraging but not to the point blowing smoke) his vision....he has won me over. I think, from what I can tell, the players like him and want to play for him. He's got a fantastic (by Mizzou standards) recruiting class coming in next year. If this year turns out to be one in which he has to learn some tough lessons, I think he is one that will actually learn and adjust, as opposed to just making excuses. If anything, I think this years adversity, will make the team even better in the near future....especially given the talent we have coming in.
And he seems mature beyond his age. Looking like a great class coming in!
If by some miracle Mizzou would happen to be leading at any point in this game, particularly halftime, look for A&M to dominate the second half and pull away. A&M could understandably have a bit of a let down after their huge win last week as well as the 11:00 start time this week, especially against a Mizzou team they are expected to beat. But they will likely wake up by the second half and run through our D. Hate thinking and typing this, but it's just the most likely outcome.
Unfortunately, this year's Mizzou team is not on par with the teams in seasons past that beat the Aggies referenced in this article. Even against North Texas last week, our D gave up way too many yards. Our D is atrocious. Hoping for a miracle Mizzou win, but my head tells me Mizzou is probably in for a beat down at the hands of A&M. Mizzou has a lot of work to do.
Yeah it's going to be a tough game for us, especially on the road. Like you, just hoping for a win and an injury free game for both teams! Kentucky is a team I have always liked and respected. It's easy to hate on Georgia and Florida.....and Vandy is Vandy.....but Mizzou, South Carolina, and Kentucky....those are the heart of the East and I'm rooting for KY and SC except for when they are playing Mizzou!
Should be a good game, and a great indicator for both teams of what kind of team we can expect. Probably safe to say both teams held something back last week in as far as not wanting to put too much on tape. Probably see both teams open up the playbooks some this week.
A literal LOL moment reading that! Love that movie.
okay cool. I was thinking that would have to be the case. Well, at least TX had to swallow enough pride to shut their network down, maybe there's hope they'll be a good SEC member (and not attempt to bully the conference a few years from now) after all.
Serious question here....and I'm sorry if it's been answered already in a previous article or in the comments, but if so I haven't seen it. By joining the SEC, will Texas be forced to shut down the Longhorn Network? (I would thing so, but I'm not sure, and haven't heard anything about it).
Another nice pick up for Drink and his staff! M-I-Z!
Z-O-U!!! Drink just keeps bringing them in. Love it!
Yeah, the headline was definitely click bait. But upon further review, "next" is a perfect way to sum it up.
Glad to see this rivalry game finally get going again. Too bad we couldn't play them last year. Not sure what to expect at all from next seasons Mizzou team. But probably smart to lower my expectations.