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there is some data to suggest that the replacements for the 15 drafted players may not be less than stellar in replacements since some like kendrick seemed to be a step late often---jackson has great guts but i am sure new corners or safeties will be a lot faster than him if anyone takes the time to check out the commentators during the games against south carolina, tennessee, alabama, auburn, kentucky, where they constantly said how good the opposing players were there is an interesting fact go over the undrafted free agents from the recent draft and most of those so called tough players were given tiny guaranteed money or some nothing at all the D-rob or the giant problem at alabama in the offensive line owens who reieved the huge sume of $5000 which is probably less than it cost him to fly to the tryouts and back home once he is cut anyone who will take the time to see all the players of the teams above which were not drafted and also recieved a pitance of guaranteed money will wonder if our new players might not be so far behind the point is the dogs won the whole enchillada and maybe they will again if the quality of the opponents is not more than last year if you see the guaranteed money smoke monday did get $120,000 which was interesting but the other linebacker at auburn that was raved about got much less and the ellis kid from south carolina recieved nothing alabama in particular had several not drafted kids but the dogs as far as listed had no kids in the free agent draft so maybe the opponents were just not that great
sorry to use this as info about georgia but after reading some info today about the guaranteed money some of the well known names in SEC who were not drafted i think bulldog fans like myself need to not get too high on winning the NC i saw this fellow for alabama offensive guard or tackle recieved the mini guarantee of $5000 and i think jamari ellis from south carolina did not even get that much zacoby from auburn reieved almost a pitance and this kid from auburn who played for georgia after going to the PAC as a 5 star arod was not even given a penny so my question is how good was georgia really or was it the opponents were just not very good in 2021 since after 41 years i am elated the dogs won but too many of those names the announcers were high on on the opponents seemed not to be very able maybe the only thing lacking in 2021 was great elite corners and safety play with the exception lewis cine was elite but this kid we took from clemson seemed lost or a step slow most of the time i hope this transfer from west virginia will be the real deal since jackson is a tough kid but has no speed the coach from south carolina seems like a copy of mark richt which means he is a very nice fellow and seems not to lose his cool like saban
according to jim donan who claims to know all the inside info on the team this paul kid is better than the one we lost to oregon if vandergriff can beat out stetson with no problem then we are not worried about running backs since we have 2 good ones already and this branson is like chubb i think chubb was not a 5 star but if anyone remembers correct me the team needs to be similar to lsu of 2019 to win again i watched all the regular games again some 3 times and stetson is a miracle but nothing more than average QB it was eye opening to see all the mistakes he made against teams like auburn if anyone takes the time to watch it again give him credit for the 4th quarter but why do we need to wait for a miracle again if vadergriff is the real deal
bowers is elite and maybe the best at his position in the history of college football if he keeps making strides over the next few years however we need washington also since he is elite blocker and if he is coached up he will also be unstoppable no idea why he was not thrown to on the 2 pt play in the NC since running cook outside was dumb and dumber we should have run washington or bowers up the middle with davis and carter blocking like we did several times when carter was able to block 3 guys at one time we were beating up the defensive line with zeus over and over so why run cook outside especially since there was no serious attempt to block on the ends it bothers me that washington is rumored to transfer on late kick program and also that daniels is rumored to transfer i think smart has not been smart about daniels just like he did for fields------why is the big question i would like to see vandergriff as the main QB next year since he has the size , speed, and arm talent that stetson does not there was a program on dawg sports that speculated saban was scared and missed his chance in the NC which seems to have some validity if anyone watches the plays shown a couple of these new kids may be as good as travon walker which will help but how does smart replace dean is the real question the one they call mjj may be equal to any defensive end which would go a long way to make up for the fellow who got arrested which i hope he is not guilty of the deed
my take has always been stetson has a lot of guts but he is not a great QB no matter what he should get credit for winning the NC and sometimes it is better to be lucky than great but frankly i do not see why his daddy thinks he has been not given respect since almost all media and pundits have created a legend of a walk on QB assuming the role of Elvis Presley but that cannot last the same a Presley since Elvis had staying power Stetson simply does not have the talent of a Johnny Unitas or Joe Namath but if the NFL selects him in the draft then most of us are wrong the good of the team i think will require smart to be open with the fans which he seems to not be happy to do we have three 5 star QBs and smart if really smart will make it clear what he wishes to see moving forward if he decides on benett i suspect daniels, vandergriff will be gone this coming week and beck is obviously not going to every be happy on this team sometimes you get too many stars which cannot be satisfied for me the fact that the NC was won after 41 years is all that matters and if the dogs go back to winning 10 or 11 each year for the next decade the fans should be calm and happy since i remember some of those days with wall butts and some other coaches whose name i would rather forget but will always remember dooley since i was there when he came and mark richt was a wonderfull human being and only sometimes a great coach other times you had to pull out your hair so to stetsons dad thanks for the kid who finally won the NC
georgia fan since 1951 with realistic expectations finally won the title but we were lucky this time not like 2017 this was not a blowout till the last part of the 4th quarter and it helped that bama lost their biggest downhill reciever saban is 70 years old and i expect he is on the downward side and this year may be in his sub conscious for a long time smart was very very lucky he did this with a QB who had a hard time seeing over the defensive line and this time he had almost no batted balls but next year smart better have a 6 foot 3 QB who can run and who is able to not fumble the ball or take sacks like bennett did in this game the studs like davis, walker and 95 were great but georgia will have a hard time finding these fellows and more important is the corners will be greatly improved which will stop the explosive plays like tennesse was able to do with a B minus team and what about the kid Vann kid from South Carolina who torched georgia if smart can get Vandergriff up to speed we have the recievers to equal what LSU did in 2019 with Burrow it may take a change to tempo to ensure georgia will not be out gunned on offense so will smart adapt like saban did several years ago bama is no longer king and their are new forces out there besides ohio state, texas a&m, what if the new guy at Southern Cal elimintes our getting a Bowers again or the more risk is the new man at Miami stops our access to IMG and South Florida
miracle belongs to bowers, pickens, defense, zeus, cook smart and bennet make it hard to give them any credit
3rd quarter stetson is a really poor QB but smart is the dumbest coach in the country this fumble by stetson is digusting if he does not put daniels in now there is no reason for smart to continue being the coach of the dogs every again
if daniels was playing the 1st half georgia would have 21 points stetson may have a miracle but he is a high school QB nothing more
ronald reagan was in a famous movie where he played a notre dame coach who was on the way out reagan said "win one for the gipper" pickens please "win one for kirby" you can do it anyone with your guts can do it and those corners from bama never had to face someone like you
wishing will not make it happen since smart never let us know if daniels is capable of beating bama but if stetson is capable of super human effort and play like johnny manziel the dogs will destroy bama he cannot win the game with his arm although he did well against michigan jordan davis must stay on the field all 3 downs and make sure young cannot evade the rush from the sides up the middle due to davis being immovable he was substituted too much last game jameson williams is skinny and either keley or cine needs to make him understand there is no easy releases since so far our clemson star corner was not getting in his face very often hard to say which is weaker poole or the bama corners but bowers is impossible to cover and pickens if in good shape is also impossible to cover so bama has one guy to our two cook is a game breaker as a back and the one back from bama is a bull but a 5 yard bull also kenny mac is a game breaker so we have an advantage this means smart finally has to play not to lose but to rout the other team and that is where is wonder is saban in partnership with the devil to always be lucky
tide fan 8x5 is very well the closest to the real future of this game and seems he knows the game from a strategic way only a few items he left out bowers may be best reciever on either team since he can catch over the middle in traffic and run over people seems saban has a lot of hurt players not just this mechhie fellow but interior linemen and DBs young is great but if the dogs will run over him a few times he may not be so sure of his decisions this is the dogs major chance and will the refs favor saban and will smart continue to run up the middle with zeus instead of the outside where dogs have an real edge and should win the game
after 41 years of almost winning the top award there are only 2 items left to consider is saban better coach than smart are the refs on the side of alabama if both are negative then the dogs have the best team overall but this josh at late kick maybe said it best does georgia have a popcorn type player who can create instant TDS like jameson williams at bama or a QB that seems to always know where to throw georgia has bowers and pickens who should be able to create instant TDs and a QB named daniels who may never see the field but we can still hope he does i think saban is more worried about cook and if smart will let him fly i think cook wins the game while not as fast as williams he is more elusive ask josh pate on his show tonite if he thinks cook is the edge georgia needs
will the refs give the dogs a fair chance of is saban so revered that the refs refuse to call holding on bama so far smart is almost great coach but until he beats saban the almost is still almost
agreed but what about washington getting some targets
1. congrads to stetson 2. he is not a great QB no matter how happy the coach is 3. kendrick was beat 3 times and the reason michigan did not score was the QB was not = to alabma QB 4. pickens caught one pass -----what was the reason he was not used 5. stetson overthrew washington which is hard to do with a player almost 6 foot 8 inches 6. why was washington not used more once bowers was hurt 7. almost every play to the outside was working so why did it take a whole season to stop running zeus up the middle every down 8. michigan is a good team more like kentucky with no ability to strech the field so the win does not make this an omen the dogs will beat bama 9. stetson was not pressured and can the line hold up vs bama the same then the dogs will win 10. i think smart should have played daniels when the dogs were given the ball at the 5 yard line in the last few minutes to find out once and for all is daniels capable of the same miracle that young did vs auburn-------can daniels make miracles if needed is the real question 11. this was a win but all real dog fans need to get some four leaf clovers to beat saban since i think the refs may forget this is not sabans right to win
since i have been a dog fan since 1951 and my father before me in 1920s i reserve the right to have an opinion on the QB question bennet is a kid with guts but when the coach under the insructions or orders of smart makes a comment if this article is correct that he gives us the best chance to win is like the toadies around the senile president claiming inflation is under control perhaps the best result is to lose badly with bennet instead of a close loss so smart will finally realize he is not a defensive coach with alabama any longer and wake up to this is no longer the same game if the dogs are behind 10 points to michigan and samrt does not change QBs i hope he decides to make an appointment with a shrink to access what is wrong with his brain maybe they will win vs michigan but it will be like a new form of einstein theory to beat bama with the same QB who has a noodle arm for the long ball daniels may not be joe namath but he can throw deep and if the dogs think to win running zeus us the middle for 2 yards a pop then smart needs to retire
this is exactly the point we will never know if daniels does not play and start we will know stety is not so steady
muray is correct either smart is not sure or he is playing games with the fans one thing is almost certain 100% stetson bennet is not a good QB and certainly not a great one he won because of the defense and give him credit for guts but smart is going to create a slew of fans who will always remember his stubborn streak and when he fails to win 11 games a year they will wonder is it time for a new coach no coach of any team is worth 7 million dollars and for that he should be panned
1. i am red and black for over 65 years 2. but why make fun of a new guy napier we have no idea if he is going to be normal or not 3. if he is not like mullen or the guy before i think the dogs will have to be more alert to the level of competition 4. seems to me that georgia fans would be better off not being so smug that this napier is a fool
1. i am red and black for over 65 years 2. but why make fun of a new guy napier we have not idea if he is going to be normal or not 3. if he is not like mullen or the guy before i think the dogs will have to be more alert to the level of competition 4. seems to me that georgia fans would be better off not being so smug that this napier is a fool
it is time to stop feeling sorry for stetson and no more applause for how great a story he has as a walkon this is big time football and he is a poor QB period 5 years from now the question will be is smart and laning and his crew still at georgia because the next question is they may not beat michigan if smart does not get a real wake up call himself not just talk about it one of the opinions on this was why did smart say he never considered changing QBs did he just forget that saban changed QBs when he had a real QB with real physical qualities and not someone who could not look over the lineman on the other side no more crying for stetson he just is not worth the effort his time is over and if smart does not start daniels most of the fans will remember this for many years it matters not if daniels can beat michigan and bama we know stetson cannot what more is there to say other than this is a turning point the the career of kirby smart perhaps he is not aware of the lifespan of coaches contracts ask ed obregon or dan mullen
if smart wants to lose and get embarresed again stay with stetson but stetson is a great story of heart but really poor quality QB and frankly he makes bad decisions under pressure over and over smart better start taking 100% of the onus for the disaster he has created by not playing daniels when the dogs were in front of all the cup cakes they faced even kentucky and florida to get him ready it is now or never and smart will be richt junior is he does not wake up
he still is in denial ask daniels what he will do if smart will ask him
when and if smart will let us know the decision about daniels is all that matters if not then bama will win easy vs michigan cincy is just not in same universe as bama smart started a fellowed named dwan mathis so he may not deserve the name coach smart he is a great recruiter but does he need to ask saban how to pick QBs
i have been a fan of georgia bulldogs football for 64 years and i do not think i will be around long enough to see another NC if smart does not wake up quickly smart is not better coach than mark richt who was at least a nice felllow smart has been a better recruiter than mark richt but if this continues i think he will start losing recruits soon dan lanning should not be laughing since it was obvious that the slower the pass rush the ease that bama could take to throw the ball seems lanning is a nice fellow but the head coach of oklahoma not so fast the only decision now is can daniels = bama points and can dan lanning understand the slow pass rush results in bama winning if they have the luck to play again this year give bennet an applause and his walking papers now if daniels can win the next 2 games and decides to stay great but get vandergriff ready to take over since beck is out of his league either smart develops some better defense backs and finds a great safety since cine is gone or the next season is 10-2 or 11-1 better than mark richt but not elite and smart is overpaid if this continues
at least i see adams and sentel questioning smarts brains tonite finally this is a turning point and smart will not be there 3 years from now if he does not change immediately
daniels will leave if smart does not start him in next game not only that but recruits may change their minds soon
will the media have the guts to ask smart why did he not start daniels or at least go to him in the 2nd half