Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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Nick Saban and Kirby Smart are cackling and rolling blunts and lighting them with $100 bills right now after hearing this ridiculous news which will do nothing be cement Bama and Georgia at the top of the CFB Food Chain for as long as they're coaching.
No BamaTard, what I said is actually correct. What you said is nothing. "Road to row," is nothing... it means nothing. It's not a saying.
Someone got into Pappy's stash of 'shine again.
Someone got into Pappy's 'shine again.
Really? I found it to be measured and pretty spot-on.
*you're* Dumb Hillbilly gonna dumb Hillbilly.
The most bold proclamation someone can make about the Dawgs D right now is that it would still be the best in the SEC, given how so many think it's gonna take a dive. As good as Bama will likely be on D this season compared to last, the Dawgs will still be better. Mostly because after Oregon, our schedule is pathetic thanks to a schedule loaded with bad teams (FU, Vandy, the NATS), overrated teams (looking at you, Hillbillies), and teams that are well-coached but severely out-talented (Sakerlina, Missy State, Kentucky, and Mizzou). Bama has a tougher road to hoe, so their defense will not be as highly-rated.
“…18 of the first twenty seasons of the decade…” No one sees the problem with that sentence? No one? No one? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? That fine FU education at work, I guess.
Regardless of your fee-fees, Texas will always be your No. 1 rival. Since you're new to the SEC, y'all don't get to disrupt other rivalries in conference that have been there longer than y'all have. So while Auburn and MSU are weird fits admittedly, it's what y'all get, for balance purposes more than anything.
Yeah, you may not think of Arkansas as a rival, but Arkansas definitely thinks of y'all as a rival. It's like Sakerlina and us. You're also Bama's tertiary rival after Auburn and Tennessee, and if you're honest with yourself, Bama is either your primary or secondary SEC rival. So suck it up, buttercup.
That's completely idiotic. Wow. I mean, just dumb. When the SEC goes to 16, the 8-game schedule goes out the window. To not acknowledge that reality is shortsighted. Everyone knows the best formula for the SEC when OU and TU join is 3-6, because it allows you to keep playing your true rivals for the teams that have more than one, and it allows every player in a four year career to play every other team at least twice. 3 permanent and 6 rotating. Here is what it should look like when taking into account traditional rivalries along with balance for tiers of teams: Bama: Auburn, Tenn, LSU Arkansas: Texas, LSU, Mizzou Auburn: Bama, Georgia, TAMU Floriduh: Georgia, Tenn, LSU Georgia: Floriduh, Auburn, Sakerlina Kentucky: Sakerlina, MSU, Mizzou LSU: Bama, Arkansas, Floriduh Ole Miss: MSU, Vandy, OU MSU: Ole Miss, Kentucky, TAMU Mizzou: Arkansas, OU, Kentucky OU: Texas, Mizzou, Ole Miss Sakerlina, Georgia, Kentucky, Vandy Tenn: Bama, Floriduh, Vandy Texas: OU, TAMU, Arkansas TAMU: Texas, Auburn, MSU Vandy: Tenn, Ole Miss, Sakerlina
If you want a surefire draft bust, take a QB from the Tosu Suckeyes. It's science. 100% bust rate. Justin Fields and C.J. Strouf will continue the trend. Guaranteed.
Funny... how many losses did we have against West teams on our regular season schedule in 2019 and 2021, you dumb Gump? The answer is ZERO, Gump. So... how does your assertion of "every year" work again?
You said all this same b.s. before the game last season, and then you disappeared for like a month. Feel free to go ahead and disappear now.
LOL... now you're just lying. Must be great 'shine, Hillbilly.
And the delusional Hillbilly has checked-in. Where's truvol?
If I were to squint and look at the schedule, Mike Leach at Starkville in November is the most dangerous game we play.
I think what you mean to say is the defense will take a step back from being ALL TIME HISTORICAL to just plain ol' great and still one of the best defenses in CFB.