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Maybe not on the FBS level but you do know Kirby had national titles before Going to Alabama pretty certain he got one in Valdosta State
10.2 back to 13-15 seems more like a smart defense to me
Sure they probably take a step back but I’m banking around 13-15 ppg
Mullen is now oc of lake Oconee academy last I read
Na sc and candy have nattys in other sports recently plus vandys academics enhance the league overall academics
So all qbs must have immediate timing and chemistry with receivers they just started throwing to… why are there even practices
Dajoun Edwards is the better of the backs imo I’m not on the k Mac bandwagons just yet
UT is 0-pick a number against elite defense over the last 22 years soooo
Wtf is your obsession with offensive shootouts.. that’s not the goal of any competent program
An all star hbcu vs an all star team comprised of players from fbs conferences would be cool to me .. they’d only be coached as a team for minimum practices so i don’t believe it would be to one sided
Unpopular opinions but Bryce young is a product of weapons he had when he couldn’t find metchie or jw he struggled
also i think robert beal jr is gonna a force next year.. super productive on limited reps
Completely agree and who is to say the guys replacing won’t be even more productive
Njust curious how many titles does uT have since 1967 it just the one with tee Martin in 98
Wear and tear dang speak and spell don’t understand my accent
Plus I’m Those limited snaps he was very productive Without all the way in Paris
Any chance you can shorten the post a bit negan .. personally I like to read Em but they’re taking up my entire break times
Doesn’t state in the article about an accident that I seen
Figured reckless driving generally results in a citation and probable Revoked driving privileges.. didn’t think they made arrest generally unless there were other things happening that these half ass articles don’t tell
You get arrested for a seat belt in Athens ???
Even green platoon ranger school getting a sapper tab probably a relative cake walk for a d1 athlete that been training for six years ..
Woah woah don’t knock the finance guys .. probably had to go out on the stx to update some sgli
Bro hate to tell you boot camp is probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done. hardest part of boot was rolling my underwear and making my bed.
He’s the reason jermain Burton xfered? Jk
Chaney wasn’t terrible just not a premier guy.. I imagine he will be good enough at tech to be in the top half the conference