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Bama has a tough schedule, no doubt. But they're playing a number of teams going through some sort of transition (LSU, Auburn, A&M, Ole Miss, Texas). That's why I would give the (slight) nod to Ohio State. But that is definitely subject to change once the season gets started.
Lanning will have his defense ready for UGA's offense and being that Oregon's offense will be an unknown quantity on week 1, I expect Lanning's Oregon team to put up a good fight.
I mean, Bama plays Utah State the week before Texas and UL Monroe the week after. And the week Bama plays Utah State, UGA is playing Oregon. Most teams have cupcakes in September.
Well, sure there's a lot of "I think" since none of us have a crystal ball to allow us to see into the future and factually report on what we witnessed. And that's ok. It's perfectly reasonable for people to be offering opinions about the regular season.
I agree that Ohio State, as of right now, looks to have the more difficult schedule of the three, and all three could very well end up with a single regular season loss.
By Sept 10th, we'll all just be happy to have CFB back and to watch major program squaring off again. The likely outcome of Texas getting its face mushed into the ground as Bama runs all over them is an added bonus.
Gwhite, you predicted Tennessee would beat UGA last season and that UGA would struggle to even win the East. You have ABSOLUTELY no room to attempt to mock people for their predictions.
Gwhite, every year you read into the spring ball performance as a way to overhype anything and everything. It is a well established fact that spring football is an extremely poor predictor for the regular season. Also... since a team only has 15 spring practices and scrimmages against itself, whatever one side does well means the other side performed poorly. If your D was getting the better of the offense, and if spring really was a solid indicator of the regular season, that would mean your offense has serious deficiencies. It is supremely illogical and anti-factual to hype the positives from the springs while ignoring the negatives, since spring ball is ultimately a zero-sum game. However, though, using the spring as the basis for predictions shows a severe disconnect from football reality.
And VT, Diaz was hired as Miami HC in Jan 2019, so it was his staff that potentially tampered with Stevenson, not Cristobal's. And he was at Miami for a year prior to Stevenson's transfer, so there would have been plenty of time.
So you did a quick google search, found a random article, copied the closest quote you could find, and then just assumed you found the article and quote in question and had settled this debate? No, that's neither the article nor the quote I was referring to. Once again, excellent job BT. There's an article dated 1/4/2021 wherein an unnamed source within the Miami program stated that Stevenson was a player they wanted to take from UGA. This was a week before he entered the portal. And a few days after entering the portal, he transfered to Miami. No one will ever know the truth, but seeing that Miami recruited him out of HS they almost assuredly still had backdoor channels of communication with him while he was at UGA. The optics of this look very bad.
When the Miami Herald posts an article declaring the intent to get a player to transfer to Miami, and then a few days later the player enters the portal and transfers to Miami, that's not exactly "nothing"
"The smoking gun remains the Miami Herald article indicating Stevenson was going to the U prior to his TP entry…" Exactly. That's what makes this situation egregious. Boosters can and do act independent of the football program, so charting out the chronology of the start of Cristobal's tenure doesn't demonstrate much.
If this triggers tuition and room and board to be considered taxable income, that could result in a serious chunk taken from this salary especially given USC's tuition cost. And forcing ADs to do this might kill a lot of non-revenue sports. Also, a more reasonable salary might help this make a little more sense, it's not like these student athletes have many expenses being on a full scholarship.
I don't have "proof" just circumstantial observations... you know, like everyone else without subpoena power. Not surprised if that distinction is lost on you. You are free to look into it on your own and come to your own conclusions.
So you don't know the specific details of the situation I'm referring to, yet that's not stopping you from forming judgements and opinions? Excellent job, BT. My guess is that most all transfers are not tampered with, but there are some instances where it appears as if it probably did happen. But of course if I voice my opinion about one UGA player transferring out, then I must surely be biased and think all outgoing UGA transfers are questionable and also that UGA never tampers with in-coming transfers, right? Why bother with nuance when you can paint with nice, broad strokes?
"inability to cope" Funny how you have no problem identifying other people's inability to cope, yet you obviously have not gotten over Bama losing to UGA. Also, while I do actually agree with you that in general our society is too sensitive, your response to redsox2004 and your own bullheaded comment paints you as a pretty big jerk.
UGA's DB that transferred to Miami after the 2020 season is probably one of the more seemingly egregious examples of tampering I've heard of.
Heupel calls games like a 14 year old playing Madden. That alone will seriously impede UT's ability to become a truly elite team. Now I'm not saying Tennessee can't have a break out year and make a strong run. But Heupel is not going to build an annual contender unless he starts factoring in field position, special teams, defense, and team conditioning (otherwise known as complimentary football) into the strategic and tactical planning and play calling on the offense. I saw him repeatedly forgo field goals, field position, and ultimately his defense all in the name of continuously throwing deep 50/50 balls. Explosives alone do not make for an elite offense.
Gwhite you have not been right the past 5 season's about UGA's offense. Last offseason you said UGA's offense was a dinosaur and would prevent UGA from winning anything so long as Smart refuses to adopt your conception of a modern offense. You also predicted Tennessee would beat UGA, or have a strong chance to win.
"That wasn’t a good UGA offense" Are you high? UGA's offense was one of the most efficient in the country. Sure, it wasn't an elite offense and it wasn't a high-powered, high octane offense. But UGA's 2021 offense was without question a very good offense.
The above sequence of kirk's and gwhite's comments above is humorous.
Negan is crazy and on behalf of dawg nation I apologize for him. For as heart breaking as it was to lose to Bama in the 2017 NC, Bama didn't steal anything.
I fully admit Gabriel has long since crossed into highly obnoxious territory, but I'm no more bothered by him than you are by certain other UGA fans. If Gabriel believes he needs to "give it back" to UGA fans, that's his prerogative. Such self-righteous trolling doesn't render one immune from getting called out, though.
1. That wasn't UGA's best team ever. 2. UGA's performance in the SECC is not representative of their true capabilities last season. 3. Even if that was Bama's "worst" team in since 2010 (highly debatable), it was still good enough to make it to the national championship, win a playoff game, win the SEC, and put up very strong numbers, individually and team-wise. By all objective accounts, Bama was a fully elite team in 2022. The hair you are trying to split is not nearly as meaningful as you think it is. 4. I'm not the one protesting, so trying to flip that quote on me falls just a bit flat.
Gabriel, I have never said Saban or Bama has engaged in tampering. I don't know enough about the specific circumstances of this Tyler Harrell situation to have an opinion. However, I absolutely believe that tampering is occurring around the country and there are rules that govern what is and is not tampering.
Also, BT, in all seriousness, I appreciate the opportunity to debate with you without it descending into name-calling and/or insult-hurling nonsense. We have locked horns in the past, sometimes unceremoniously, so its nice to progress past mudslinging and just discuss CFB.
BT, yes having those WRs resulted in Bama's team being a more complete representation of itself in the SECC. But, alternatively, in the SECC, UGA subsequently wasn't a more complete representation of itself. That was achieved for UGA in the NC. Which is really my entire point. Both games clearly have mitigating factors which can be used to explain both outcomes. Neither game alone was a "pure" representation of both teams simultaneously. Also, Gabriel's incessant whining and over-the-top excuse making is absolutely categorically different. I've never said Bama's SECC win should have an asterisk next to it or that Bama is the "backdoor" SEC champion, like Gabriel has repeated ad nauseum about UGA's NC win. I'm offering context behind the surface result. Gabriel is attempting to cast UGA's national championship as illegitimate or "less than" other national championships won by other teams.