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"my question is what will be there when he does eventually leave?" Well look at the class he just brought in. If he continues to recruit like he does up until he retires the cupboard will be stacked. He hasn't shown any signs of recruiting falling off at all.. Its hilarious that you're trying to question or put down the coach that just went undefeated in 2020 with an all SEC schedule won the NC and followed it up by winning the conference the next season and coming up short in the NC game. Everything you have posted is some "if" from your hopes and dreams...
I mean the LSU head coach directed one at Bama.. I haven't seen where you had a problem with that..
"I mean if we play our best we might win much bigger than by double digits." You are dumb...
I understand why they're up in arms about it. This is the biggest game on their home slate for next season. The atmosphere would be great at night for them because other than Bama their next big home game would be TCU/Baylor...
I believe Ole Miss as well but when you look at the schedule MSU is in a spot of concern being after a long stretch and the week prior to the Bye. I'm just not sure MSU has the firepower to beat Bama.
He will be an impact player wherever he ends up.
Well to be honest... Anyone.. Just a couple years ago a sub .500 team beat them. Is it likely? No, but it wouldn't be crazy to see a loss in the regular season.
"Still would not have mattered “if” what? Just like losing to LSShoe in 2018 would not mattered if what?" So here you go again trying to work with hypotheticals... The Fact is it mattered because there is no if...
"none of which should be confused with facts," You don't need to concern yourself. I doubt anyone expects anything you post to be based on facts..
"Not saying coach is leaving but the program will on shaky ground with this new talent acquisition process he has whenever he does finally retire." He just brought in his highest average player per rating ever this past recruiting class.. His talent acquisition process seems just fine.
It’s always a simple answer with Leg, Gabe… Just know anything after his username is just BS trolling tr@%!…
Well considering your post is based on Emotions of a sad troll and not actual facts it's really easy to determine. Facts isn't something you actually use with your garbage.
I imagine the loss to sub .500 SC did more to knock them out of title contention in 2019 than the loss to LSU..
"LeghumperU 1 DAY AGO Opinions are subjective, assumptions are objective. Didn’t Boxster already explain that above?" Just to refresh your memory...
And like you always do you somehow try to make it about LSU…. You’re as bad a Negan
Losing multiple players at the same position is hard for anyone to overcome. Bama also lost them late, one in the SECCG and one in the NCG so it wasn’t like they could slowly work in their backups as by that point they are playing the best competition they’ve played all season… It wasn’t but a couple years ago Bama lost multiple LBs to Injury and it hurt them pretty bad as well… I mean in 2020 UGA was more talented than Florida but lost, 2019 more talented than LSU but lost..
Which would be incorrect since neither of them are the same team that took the field last year… I guess we can go ahead and pencil in 4 losses for TAMU since they can’t be any better ..
Sure but considering Burton is now a Bama athlete before the discussion of Addison would have started it would indeed have something to do with Bama/athletes. But sure I get what you're saying.
So it's talking about Bama athletes but has nothing to do with Bama athletes... That makes perfect sense.
" Bama fans, you can only talk out of both sides if your mouth for so long before people (athletes) stop listening to you." You think the athletes are going to schools because of comments by fans? Bama is one of the most talented teams in the country. They had the highest BCR of any team last season... Only you think Bama isnt talented.
And yet I can still discuss it with boxster... Thanks for your input. Have a good day.