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Maybe Alabama can get a team!
I agree with all of that. Tweedle Dumb was yakking about how hard 41 years would be. I was simply pointing out that there was plenty of other stuff to focus on. I get that he is not capable of understanding that. Maybe the USFL will take off. And you keep.saying "hosting" events. The Braves won those events.
It won them 2 World series. I get it...there really isn't a AA equivalent baseball wise and the Tide have never won a CWS so baseball isn't a thing to you guys, but to the rest of the world, a world series championship is a thing. 2 is better. Had that MLS deal too I mean, the world series isn't the USFL, but come on
Tennessee to open 2024 season against AA High School from Deleware
It's not a prime time matchup. Move along
But they did win. Tennessee didn't so run along and GFYS chump
And irrelevant would be Alabama with respect to anything not college football lol
Well no, but like I said, the Braves multiple championships, the Olympics, the Masters, hosting a Super Bowl, and that elusive CWS title made the time go by nicely. Wonder if the Falcons would beat Bama?
I mean yeah...if it wasn't a college football post why would Bama fans be on it.
If he had a time.machine that could take him way back to 1998, I think the Vols would be a solid choice but I doubt he wants to use dial up internet.
Well you have all of your eggs in that one basket. We have a college world series, a couple of actual world series, hosted a Super Bowl, an annual golf major and that whole Olympics deal which filled the gap lol. Alabama has had as many major sporting events as Kabul. But hey, that USFL is great
Not really a fan, but they were decent people at least.
So your mom is in the habit of drilling glory holes? Like Lewis Grizard once said "D@mn brother, don't believe I'd have told that one"
You can call it whatever you want, but at the end of the day you guys beat one above average team. You beat most of the also rans on your schedule and lost to anyone that was halfway decent.
That's a lot of words when all the author needed to say was "It Will Be $#!++y"
He's right. A neutral sight game between 2 also rand isn't newsworthy to most.
Except that you guys don't beat "pretty good" teams @gwhite. Let me count off the above average teams you beat last year: 1. Kentucky Lol...I can count all of the better than average teams you beat using my schlong. Now for you to count how many games your losing streak vs Bama grew to this year will require both of your hands and a foot (or most of your teeth). Better win soon. You might have 6 toes or something on a foot, but it won't be long until you can't even count that high anymore chump
Outside of college football, you have asant championships and major events as Kabul lol
Never had a World series champion of the college or pro variety either. We had both to fill the gap plus an Olympics, a super bowl and as pointed out, the Masters every year You have AA baseball, the USFL and Auburn for those down years lol. Talladega is a.wash as we have 9ne.of those too and frankly, nobody has cared anyway since the mid 90s.
If someone tries to start a fight I like to grab a beer bottle by the neck and break it off. They tend to think you are nuts then and back off and if not, well I have a busted beer bottle in my hand lol