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I am certainly looking forward to seeing this offense in the 2022 season. They steadily improved last year, and should continue the process this year. The improvement of Levis and the offense from the first few games to the last few games is incredible. Defense won the first few games, offense the last few (even though Tennessee was a loss, the offense shined). Joe hits it on the head while talking about the offensive line and defense being potential weak points. The overall performance next year will hinge on how well defense holds up and how well the offensive line can protect Levis. But, I don't see the offense slowing down otherwise. (barring injuries, of course). Bring it!!
Agreed Kirk. A signature win against a Kentucky team that somehow mysteriously forgot how to tackle or cover receivers.
Awesome job! Great game! Congrats! I hope the Hogs go all the way now. You’ve beat the best, now beat the rest.
Good point... although hardly a consolation prize.
Arktrav is true. SEC crowing has taken a big hit. Sorry to let the conference down.
Shows that UK is really a football school now. Basketball is just a diversion before spring practice.
We already have T. Robinson from VA Tech. If we can land this guy, that will add considerably to the mix. One more is always welcome.
I think Tennessee was out for blood as well after the shellacking we gave them in 2020. They were starting to gel as a team, were motivated, and had to prove something against a team that should have been a challenge. In the end, it became a shoot out, with the last team that scored winning the game.
I would agree with SicEm. Bennett has accomplished what nobody else has accomplished at UGA in over four decades. Even if he comes back there would be no guarantee that UGA would win it all again. He would potentially risk all that goodwill he has made. He probably should retire from football and start his career. I can see him making a fortune doing endorsements and ads all over Georgia.
Congrats UGA. One for the SEC East! Great game. 41 years in the making.
Rattler shouldn’t be on this list at all. He is not a returning QB. He has not taken one snap at USC, nor has he in the SEC. Next year, maybe. But not now.
Welcome to BBN. Nice addition to the Big Blue Wall. Go Cats.
Sorry we can't play the Buckeyes. Any teams out west need to fill a slot? Is UNLV still around?
I don't know what happened to the defense in the past two games. Miss State passed it all around and had their way with us. Same for Tennessee. They couldn't have been tired, they barely saw the field. Injuries count for some of that, but not all of it. Considering that the defense saved the day against Florida (8 stops at the end), it just boggles my mind. And this is no disrespect to UF, the were still playing well at that point in the year. Let's win the last three, starting with Vandy, and then we can reassess the year.
UK scored two TDs against UGA as well. More than any other team. Not even the Mighty Gators matched that feat. Win out Dawgs. It’s your year.
Why does anyone pay any attention to Twitter? Why should we ever read it?
I am hoping UF doesn't score 13... or if they do it is because of field goals. We need to keep the honor of the second touchdown all to ourselves.
I'll be interested to see if FL can score more than two touchdowns or 14 or more points against the UGA defense.
Agreed. The 1998 squad was one of my favorite teams because nobody thought they would do much of anything. They frequently (usually?) fell behind in games, only to come back and win. The Duke game in the regional final was a classic example. Then they get down to Utah in the NCAA finals by 10 points at halftime, causing Billy Packer to basically write them off. Guess what Billy, they came back and won it all. Glad to give Tubby the honor he deserves.
The plan was to score more than any other team on UGA so far this year. As it were, we tied. It’s a consolation prize at best, but Georgia is that good. Hope they win out now. Go Cats!
I can't see Stoops going anywhere. Kentucky is paying him very well, he has a good appreciative fan base, the administration loves him. He has the second-longest tenure of any SEC coach. Only Sabin has been in place longer. Why would he risk any of that going to USC, Notre Dame, or any other place they churn-and-burn coaches on a regular basis. One of Stoops' secrets to getting competitive in the SEC is recruiting Ohio. Ohio has an abundance of talented recruits, and they all can't go to The Ohio State University or Michigan. He is an Ohio native, so he speaks the language. How would he get Benny Snell or Lyn Bowden to go any farther out of state than they did? We beat Penn State in the Citrus Bowl and poached their second string QB, so that would be attractive to a B1G recruit as well. I could see him going to Iowa because that is his alma mater. On the other hand, he probably met his (now ex) wife there, so there may not be any reason to go back again. So, neither money, ego, fan base, or recruiting should be a factor in Stoops leaving UK. He is building more prestige every year he is successful. I expect he will retire from coaching here.
I remember Bunchy Stallings giving a good pancake block during one of Benny Snell's runs in 2018. Smoke did the same thing on this play. Blocking and tackling...coaches say it all the time...blocking and tackling are the keys to winning.
This would be a great time for the offense to start "clicking," as Coen phrases it.