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Kentucky's offense will be pretty good this year... I think the biggest improvement comes from an expanded receiving core with quality experience and good young blue chip athletes. Wan'Dale was really, really good, but it was frustrating that Levis really only had a single target to throw to last season. The Tight Ends are also really good to compliment the receivers, so that doesn't hurt in showing some creative formations. Lastly, the RB's are solid. CRod is going to be a beast. Cats will need every bit of this to contend with an improved level of play across the SEC East this season.
The disparity in how this is applied blows my mind... Like we live in the same country, but if you get arrested in California or New York for something far more serious, you're out of jail in a couple of hours. In this case, there's no bond? And the additional details I read, she took his phone, and in turn he locked up her wallet and car seat in his car. No physical violence. There's a bond hearing this morning.
Barkley is one of my all time favorites as a basketball player and an analyst. The only commentator I've ever seen embrace his alma mater in a field of neutrality. And not care what anyone thinks or says. A guy who has common sense. I don't always agree with his takes, but that's the fun in liking this guy. I was lucky enough to see him out at a bar in Lexington when he was in town for a pro/am golf tournament and the guy had no posse. Just having fun with students and loving life. And as far as Pearl goes, he's a good coach and Auburn is lucky to have him. His NCAA transgressions have been minor and he seems to love where he coaches, so hats off to him. I hope he stays at Auburn.
I don't mean to imply that Saban or Bama couldn't/wouldn't cheat... I mean they wouldn't waste those efforts on a UofL receiver. Honestly, it's tongue in cheek. I don't think this kid is great, but I'm biased. If he's landed at Bama, or any SEC school, he's probably got potential somebody smarter than me could identify.
There is 0% chance Saban or anyone on his staff spent 1 second scouting the University of Louisville's roster. Satterfield flatters himself obviously. I'm sure the Bama staff pays attention to the transfer portal and that is the first time they've ever heard the kid's name, did a little research, and saw a possible fit. They reached out and the kid grabbed an offer to escape Louisville. Just an added benefit that it happened to be for a storied program. Truth be told, if Troy would have reached out on day one, this kid would have latched on to an opportunity to flee.
Kentucky has always had trouble with mobile quarterbacks. AR is dynamic and also has a great arm. I for one am in no way overlooking a Florida team we've beat one time in the last 30+ years on the road. And I'm certain all but the most unrealistic fans are not either. Same with the Tennessee game. Kentucky is miserably hot that time of year, but no match for the sweaty SWAMP....
Yeah I know... I just feel like a normal kid that age mighty have their parents in their ear. I personally made a lot of bad choices at that age despite having pretty good family around me- so I get the youth/bad decisions. I just think when you have a potential NFL career in front of you (not to mention all of the NIL $), there should be some pretty frequent conversations happening with these kids from coaches and staff. To all of those that made the point that thankfully nobody was hurt, I concur. This is now a lesson that he can recover from- whereas it could have been much worse and life altering for multiple people.
Thanks fuzzy- I think the Vols are going to be a really fun team to watch this season...
If you're referring to Marrow's comments, that's taking it out of context- at least that's my opinion. Georgia is the team that Kentucky has not been able to beat under Stoops. And by no means is Kentucky suddenly some awesome team that can overlook any team from the SEC on the schedule. They'll be doing well if they can figure out how to win another 5 conference games this year. Every team in the east will be better than they were last season. Not sure how much Georgia can improve over a crazy good team that they were, but they certainly won't lose much- if any at all. Kentucky will also be better I believe. Should be a fun year.
With all of the resources Power Five schools have, you wonder how student athletes still make these decisions... Maybe because they're 19 or 20 years old? I guess that's part of it. But still- now this kid will have to prove he has learned how to hang on to the football as well as have his character analyzed. For all the things I think Stoops does right, he really truly needs somebody on their staff who does a better job of managing the players' off field activities/decisions. He is a great back and hope he figures this out and comes back with the right attitude. With Florida in week two, this could be a selfish decision that impacts the team and not just individual achievement. Come on Cats, do better.
The Cats may circle the game against Georgia as the team that they haven’t yet been able to beat under Stoops, but by no means is that a slight on the rest of their schedule. Playing at Florida will be an extremely tough game. They may win that, but they very well could lose. TN is always a team that finds a way to beat Kentucky- even in the years where we should win. State is going to present problems. SC finished last year well and is going to be better this year. Mizzou has added some pieces and will be better. Ole Miss on the road will be a fun game with lots of offense. I love Marrow and his confidence, but he knows how hard an SEC schedule is. He’s playing to the fans and recruits.
Satterfield is a clown. I have a very difficult time picturing Saban pouring over game film of the University of Louisville to find next season's game changer. This kid will likely never see the field. Hey Scott, put together a decent football program and maybe you keep players. Who would blame a kid playing for a mid-tier ACC program from jumping at the chance to play for Bama? A team who's HC is trying to land the job at South Carolina after one year in Louisville... Hell, I'd have a hard time blaming a Kentucky kid from doing that, but whatever. L's down.
Would love to see Levis improve his demeanor a little bit. I mean you want passion in your quarterback, but watching his body language sometimes after a dropped pass or interception was not great. You need your QB to be a calming presence. Ironically, I thought he looked most poised against Georgia last season. Despite the fact that they gave him little to work with, he didn't try to force his passes and made overall good decisions against an NFL caliber defense. And seemed to keep the offense positive in an obviously really tough game.
Why wouldn't winning a national championship be the most important thing for this kid? Sure he wants to end up in the NFL, but the family has plenty of money. When I think of the Manning family, I think of them as an SEC family with successful college careers. Winning a title would be a pretty cool thing for an already highly accomplished family of quarterbacks. Winning a super bowl would only put him as equals to his uncles, but neither of them won a collegiate championship. And I'd be surprised if he didn't end up at Bama or Georgia. Texas has been pre-season hyped for years and it hasn't worked out since Mack Brown left.
There were definitely times I think he tries to do too much. Over penetration and finds himself in a place to make a bad decision. Having said that, Kentucky does not have a viable pg on the roster, so I'll take him back and hope they can work on his decision making...
Georgia did not look great in SECCG, but they crushed a good Michigan team and looked poised in the NCG. They handled business in the regular season- Clemson wasn't up to their previous standards, but they pulled out a tough game in week one. The GA defense was generational. TN had one of the best offenses not only in the SEC but the country and they held them in check...
I believe just the one in 1996. But to be fair, I believe he also won the SEC 5 or 6 times while he was in Gainesville, and should there have been a playoff format vs the BCS, he likely would have had more opportunity to play their way to a championship. Right or wrong, that was just my perception of Spurrier when he was at Florida. And he took Carolina to a pretty high level while he was there. Hard to compare to Bama who has titles all the way back to the 1920's or 30's. I think Smart is on this same path- just takes time to build a legacy. And he can do it with Georgia's history and tradition.
What Saban does, and has done is truly remarkable. It's utterly unrealistic to think he can win the national championship every year- but every year, he's somehow in it or in the conversation. There has never been a coach that is able to reload and develop a fundamentally sound football team like he has. The closest I've seen to him is the Old Ball Coach. But until Saban retires, the Bama brand is synonymous with championship football. The Georgia team last year was one of the best I've ever seen, and Smart may well in fact build that program into the new Bama once HCNS retires, but until that day, it's not going to happen.
This provides some much needed experience in the secondary. Would like to see the Cats get one more DB before it’s all said and done. Looks like he was a pretty solid contributor during his time in Oxford.
I truly appreciate this kid- His faith in God, love of family, love of this country, respect for the game and his opponents. He'll eventually make some money in the NBA, but he's a college player to be honest. Glad to have him back for another season.
I like Kiffin. The ability to laugh at one's self is a lost art. Humility = likeability. But beyond that, he's also proven to be a pretty good head coach with a lot of personality. From what I gather, the players like playing for him. They were a lot of fun to watch last year. Excited to take another trip to watch the Cats down there next season. Hard not to like what Ole Miss and Kiffin are selling....
When Terrence Clarke died in the car crash a couple of years ago (recklessly driving at a high speed and distracted) you think about all of the wasted potential. That's what makes me cringe about these young kids with the world in front of them when you read these stories. Thankfully AR is just facing a ticket, but it could be worse next time. It's not just athletes- all kids that age think they're invincible. I did as well. It's a wonder there aren't more tragedies.
Nothing in the SEC is a piece of cake... The East will be improved this year. Despite Georgia replacing a lot of pieces, they will still be very difficult for anyone to beat. TN will only improve on defense and returns a high powered offense. SC adds in a QB with a lot of potential. Florida's roster is full of talent and I expect Napier will have them ready to return to the program they have been historically. Mizzou still has some pieces to put together, but they're a tough game. Can't wait for some SEC football!
For the first time I can remember, Kentucky is able to plug in talented blue chippers to fill the shoes of those that have moved on from last year's roster. The offense will be solid again. The front seven on defense will be really good. The secondary is absolutely where they need help to put together a good season. Brad White cobbled together some interesting schemes last year, but they were badly exposed by Tennessee and Miss State. Unless they can improve in that area, teams will exploit that weakness again this year...
I get where you are coming from... But there are other things in play. He's a great ambassador for the school and Lexington. And for the SEC in most cases. What will continue to be hard for fans to handle is the overall direction of the program. Good coaches adjust. When he came to kentucky, he had all of the built in momentum a new coach will get. And he was masterful in the one and done concept. Now a lot of other programs have caught up. I'll give him credit that he's leveraged the transfer portal to supplement his freshmen recruits, but his offense is not great. If I had dollar for every time they got to 4 on the shot clock and took a terrible look, I'd be banking some $'s... Having said that, he's still the coach at Kentucky. I'd love to see him acknowledge some areas he's going to work on outside of roster management. Not griping, just being realistic.
Honestly, while the Cats lost some very solid player over last season, this is where Stoops’ recruiting will start to show the value in their staff. They will be plugging in really talented kids where there are gaps and there will undoubtedly be some growing pains. But it’s where Kentucky can take the next step in demonstrating that the program is on steady ground moving forward and continue to compete. Btw, we took a campus visit at UT today with our daughter and I was very impressed with UT and their pitch. I’d obviously love her to follow our footsteps and continue her education in Lexington, but the Vols have a great campus and they did a great job. I could do the “Go Vols” yell at the end of the visit, but was happy to see my daughter excited. Next on the list are SC and Ole Miss. can’t help but thing the hometown wildcats win out, but it’s fun to visit the other schools…
No question WL is a competitor. Where I’d like to see him make some strides is his leadership on the sidelines. When they have a tough series, dropped pass, turnover, etc, his body language doesn’t look great. I get being frustrated, but he has to do a better job with steady leadership. Having aid that, the beat down he put on Loserville is the stuff legends are made of. Can’t wait til football season. Go cats!
The first ever SEC selection? That seems super weird to me.