Retired firefighter from east central Kentucky

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Maybe the taxes put him in a bad mood?
Just hope they don't sit together on the bench!
We do have two things no one else in the SEC has: Two Dingle's and a Berry lol.
LOL fuzzy. I would have probably chosen UT because of the prolific offense Heupel runs, but the possibility of both teams having a good year could happen.
I agree Kimsey4701. Different types of offense, but if a few players step it up, it could get interesting.
Well, I kinda admire anyone who can write 2-3 whole novels a day. Took Stephen King several years to write some of his. He's just a mismatch for anyone in speed writing lol.
Not sure we'll drop 50 on them, but an L is definitely on the table.
You need to understand it's Scott Satterfield. His first year, after UK cleaned his clock, when he met Stoops at midfield, he had a total near-breakdown whiny fit over UK players and fans doing L's down. Temper tantrums aren't normally a sign of a mature person.
Yeah Geaux, he's actually had a few good players transfer in this year. But he's had some decent players over there. He just doesn't seem to know what to do with them.
Farmer, use of the "L" up thing was pretty good. But just remember, the letter "L" still begins the word....wait for it.... "LOSERS!"
Welp! There's novel number two Negan. Will have to admit that I'm somewhat impressed. Heck, it would take me a whole day just to write something the size of one of your posts!
Wish I had the time to write a minimum of 2 full-length novels a day!
Seems like recently the Packers have taken their draft advice from the Jets.
Their OL was horrible. Several good QB's met their end at Cleveland. Kinda hard being a good quarterback while spending so much time on your back.
Well, a horse is a horse of course! Unless it's a very rich horse!
They also put a butt whoopin' on Duke at Cameron Indoor too!
Gotta admit I'm impressed there Negan. Not many people out there that can write two novels a day!
Definitely agree with that one! Congrats! Keep the tables turning guys! Good luck!
Or we could just do like the PAC-12 and B1G and claim that our teams are so good that they beat each other up so badly during the season that we don't have anything left for the post season. Dang, that was a long sentence. Huh?
Note to self: Never attend a WWE match the night before attending a college basketball game!!!
Just ignore them Ron. Remember, Ky is where most bourbon is produced. Congrats on your season. This is a tough SEC this year!
You guys have a great team Ron. Wish you guys luck in both tournaments. Would love to play y'all in the last game of both tournaments. P.S. Don't let the downers get ya down. UK probably has more than most lol.
Agree with that totally fuzzy. Sports oftentimes does bring out the worse side of fans. But it also brings out some really things. That's an awesome story, and is much like the Chris Oats stroke deal. So many fans from the SEC schools helped him achieve some good.