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because Ole Miss had a stinky season from the start of SEC play until two weeks ago. Keep trending like you have and you'll see your team climb.
he has visited Ole Miss multiple times every year since the day that he was born. He has likewise visited Virginia many times.
The media has thought no such thing. The media thinks that his name in a headline will get people to read the article. That is all that the media cares about.
People said the exact same things about Peyton and Eli.
It doesn't appear as if you are agreeing with him. He didn't say anything about "quality of opinions". By the way, qualifying opinions is just an opinion as well.
I'm pretty sure that you don't have to have a "vast NFL coaching resume" in order to have or voice an opinion.
Saban has made a good living and become a rich man by never being satisfied. Why would anyone expect any different now?
at a school that only has one or two double digit wins ever, two double digit wins in 20 years sounds pretty good.
He is what he is. He has been coaching long enough to know what he is- a solid seven in per season coach who may occasionally win a few more. He is old enough that to expect him to change from what he has always been is asking too much.
Tony Bennett is 95 and more known for his singing than his coaching.
That's what I was thinking. I would favor not doing review at all but I know that genie is not going back into the bottle so I'll just say, if a review takes a long time then obviously there isn't "conclusive evidence" of anything so the call on the field should stand. If you can't see it in 30 seconds then what's the sense to go on?
The SEC tournament is the title now. The tournament winner gets the only automatic bid given to the conference. However, tiebreakers are important to determine tournament seeding so Braves's question is legitimate. If I remember correctly, however, overall record falls pretty low on the hierarchy of tiebreakers so I seriously doubt that it comes to that.
I am sure that Alabama is really shaking in their boots after that 52-24 nailbiter. Tennessee may have scored a lot of points last year, but against the two good defenses that they faced, they scored 17 and 24 points. Even against Ole Miss's improved but still certainly not elite defense, they only scored 26 and against Florida only 14. It wouldn't surprised me if Tennessee improves from last year but color me skeptical when I read claims like "Get ready for more pressure from the Tennessee offense, everyone. Enough pressure to potentially become the next SEC East team trading blows with Alabama in the 1st week of December." Make that claim after they show that they can score significant points against elite defenses.
At least it worked well that one time that all the stars aligned and everything worked out just so for State to win its first team championship ever.
I am pretty certain that the 2022 NFL draft hasn’t happened yet
oops, I seem to have taken a wrong turn. I thought that I was on a site for SEC football, not some celebrity gossip site.
I don't enjoy hiphop at all, but I am all for inclusiveness. So, if we are going to be inclusive, when is the music that I enjoy going to be included in the halftime show of the super bowl?
In a game that was about defense more than anything, a defensive player should have been mvp.
I chuckle when I see a Tennessee fan whining about another team "faking injuries". No team was worse about it in the 2021 season than Tennessee. And the gem was "You can bet that if Saban were running an -up-tempo offense and teams were flopping on them Tide fans would be screaming for a rule change". Alabama does use up-tempo, though not exclusively, and one of the worse cases of flopping this past season was by Tennessee against Alabama.
Better high school football in California than where? Better than Texas which OK recruits heavily?
It's amazing how some people can't just say, "I disagree with you" and instead have to resort to name calling and insults.
Well yeah. What quarterback doesn't want to be at a team that rarely passes?
once again, no love for the big uglies. Despite the fact that the main difference maker between the SEC and other conferences is the attention that SEC teams give to the men in the trenches, they just can't seem to make anyone's list.
Putting someone at 25 is not exactly what I would call "hype"
I read it on Saturday Down South so it must be true. Georgia can't win a national championship with Bennet at QB.
There are several reasons, but one of the largest is that State is too one dimensional and TTech had 12 games to look at and three weeks to prepare.