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Initially yes, but I think a lot of that is due to the fact that his staff did not have much time at all to build relationships on the recruiting trail.
Carolina needs to do damage in the SEC tourney and take at least 2 of 3 from the gators to get an NCAA berth, not going to happen. Fire kingston
SDS doesn't do research, they write articles about tweets and superficial "analysis". Everyone comes here for the comments.
This would be disastrous in my opinion. That money goes to the facilities not just for the big TV revenue sports, but all.
Oh for sure, that's fair. I don't think anyone is saying we're going to be a top 10 finish this year like those years, but I don't think a top 25 finish is out of reach.
Rattler aside, that 79th ranked class is better than the number due to transfers. And Rattler aside, we're bringing in Stoegner and other proven performers.
When was the last time the Tennessee and Bama game was relevant? Sorry, quick jab so lay it on me. Seriously though, for once I agree with the writer, I like the "pod", and it makes sense on the UF, UGA, UK, USC one since they all have ACC rivals they play every year. It should still allow for that, and you'll lose the UGA/AU rivalry, but no way out of losing some. Only thing I would question is the A&M, OU, Mizz, and Texas "pod". Feels like the Big12, but I'm being picky.
How are those the same things. Choosing to smoke some weed or choosing to do harm to someone else or their property?
Valid point on the rush defense, but I'm also hoping that our offense can move the ball this year and help give our D a rest. So many games last year it felt like the D was on the field the whole game and got worn down.
As a Carolina fan I have to agree with you. Watching Burch and Pickens under Muschamps regime was maddening.
Rankings don't take transfer portal into account.
What's exciting to see is Beamer making an effort to involve those same players in the program, and help build a tradition that we've historically lacked or not had a light shined on.
We have 2 commitments, just none that have announced publicly.
Lloyd and Beal-Smith will be a 2 headed beast this year. Carroll may come along later but I dont expect him to be a big contributor, he has to change his body type back from DB to RB, will take him some time to be in peak form in my opinion.
Everyone on here that's referring to the article that said Carolina stayed in the locker room during the national anthem during the final 4 needs to chill. Probably the same people that blast the media when it's convenient for them. Staley addressed the article, they did not intentionally stay in the locker room for the anthem and if you watched the game they were on the floor and standing for it last night.
Yeah I guess that's why Justin Fields transferred to, just wasn't good.
Kirk you moron, he was 15-2, hows that not getting it done.
He was out 2nd leading scorer, how would this not be a loss.
We're in the running for Sean Miller, not saying it's a shoe in but he has interviewed and is showing mutual interest, just relax
Fair enough my friend, I probably did. Unfortunately I feel like there's quite a few posters on here who would have meant it the way I took it, nothing personal to you.
Where is that Alabama fan that always posts on here hating on hype videos? Surprised I haven't seen him here yet.
In the world of recruiting? Yes, the money for this video is well spent.