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kraut is a good option, but not mixed with chili on the same dog
Fox will put it in prime time anyway, the week 2 schedule for ABC options is weak. Fox will have Iowa State at Iowa at noon I would bet.
Any win over the Evil Nole, in any sport, is sweet. We need to take the series with USC this weekend to seal hosting a regional.
ESPN, UF/Utah is arguably the third best overall game that day, Arky/Cincy is right behind in 4th. If you look at the overall slate for week one, not alot of standout games overall.
Beg to differ about 96 Leghumper, we throttled everyone on the slate that year, same year we went to Knoxville and got up 35-0 at UT and cruised, actually Vandy played us the toughest game all season until the Evil Nole debacle. We stomped Bammer and the Evil Nole in the rematch, and would have done the same to anyone else. SOS brought Stoops in that year to shore up the defense and not have a Nebraska repeat. Our guys were focused.
LSU also had to deal with a cross country trip after prepping elsewhere due to a storm (Houston wasn't it). A shame ABC is cowering to the PC crowd and letting MEon and Jackson State have a slot Sunday afternoon instead of a real game.
"Combined power of the Disney and the XFL." That, along with the steroid-riddled Rock, put me in the permanent 'no' column.
Negan..."Florida came close to stealing our 1980 national championship!!!!" Every title team has to have luck on its side at a point or two each season. 1996 UF - thank you Ohio State and Texas 2006 UF - FG block against Gamecocks, UCLA pulling unreal upset against USC 2008 UF - Ole Miss stopping Tebow on 4th and 1, if UF wins that game, the 'speech' doesn't happen, and who knows if UF runs the table or not 1980 UGA - the entire UF secondary taking a trip to Middleburg on a 3rd and long late in the game, George Rogers actually fumbling a football 2021 UGA - Alabama injuries, Oregon beating Ohio State, Cincy keeping ND from being unbeaten Did we almost steal a title that wasn't won yet? No.
Means UGA/Oregon will be at 3:30, maybe Utah at UF at noon in a blazing hot Swamp.
I was comparing him to Smart's play. I remember both, but Smart stood out as the far better player of the two. I believe both had picks against UF, in fact, I believe Muschamp got his in The Swamp when we did the home/home during the Gator Bowl renovation. And yes, I still call that stadium the Gator Bowl.
About as asinine as putting out bowl projections the day after the CFP title game back in January.
When Saban retires, Bammer will slip. Anytime a legend leaves any program slippage takes place.
And I blast Slimebaum as a diminished media twit. Mrs. Slimebaum blasts him for being diminished elsewhere.
Big Ten gets the noon slot more often than not. They'll likely put Iowa State at Iowa at noon and Bammer/Texas at 8:30 EST.
I would have paid to see Kirby pat Paul on the head ala Benny Hill back in the day.
Smart yes, All-SEC one year I believe if my aging memory serves me correct. Duncechump not as much. People forget UGA can 'slip' on D this season and still be in the top ten in the nation. It's called depth through recruiting, we'll get back there at some point, then the WLOCP will be a top five matchup yearly.
Please, anyone from the SEC ladies, make Boomer Sooner choke.
New and better coaching alone will allow for at minimum 50% improvement on the defensive side. I hope Nick has plenty of Bud Lime Light on hand to rehab Fat Slob Todd with.
It is a shame that Fat Tooley still has a UF press credential.
Put OU and Texas in the west, move Bammer and Barn to the East. While realigning, move Mizzou to the west and bring one of the Magnolia State schools to the east.
Very crazy considering UF has national titles in all three of the aforementioned sports, and multiples in football and basketball.
Keyboard diarrhea. Negan is the master of it. That being said all you have to do is look back at the first SECC game to see how divisions work. If Antonio Langham doesn't pick the ball off and score, and UF drives down and wins, the whole conference championship game concept likely would have been canned, perhaps permanently.
Galen Hall bought diapers and baby formula for a player's baby, and the NCAA nailed us. Beyond the pale of human decency, that's the NCAA.