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Going to upset some UGA fans, but Dabo deserves #2 with his multiple championships and sustained excellence over the past 8 or so years. Now if we’re projecting out over the next 3-5 years, then Kirby is #2, but right now I’d have Dabo #2.
This just tells me that we didn’t push all that hard. Sure, we would have loved to add him to the roster, but he never even visited. If we really wanted him, Bama would have made sure he visited. Also, with the way our roster and WR room is currently, I doubt Bama was willing to pay a big NIL deal to match USC or Texas. He’s a luxury to Bama, but he’s a big need for the teams he listed. Big difference.
Any SEC schedule should be considered tougher than a Big Ten schedule and you should know that. Plus having to play @Tennessee, @Arky, @Ole Miss, and @LSU is very tricky. As far as Bama's non-con schedule, @Texas is tougher than a home game (ATL) against Oregon and Utah State went 11-3 and won the MWC last year. Ohio State does play ND but that game is at home.
Bama has the much tougher schedule than the other two. We may drop a regular season game but I still see us as the favorites to win it all.
As someone planning to attend the game, I don’t like this at all. It’ll most likely be the Big Noon kickoff game making it an 11am local start. It’s going to be hotter than Hades.
You’re forgetting about Chris Braswell.
Ok, so two QBs over 20+ years. My point still stands.
This will be one of the most Senior laden, experienced defenses Saban has ever had at Bama. I believe there will be 6-8 starters on D that will be Seniors or R-Juniors.
Can we please stop considering Jumbo a "QB Guru"? He got lucky with Jameis but that is it. Nothing else. Kellen Mond got worse year over year. I can't even name another QB he's coached.
Isn’t the article about parity in college football? Didn’t a team just win their first title in 41 years? Seems like that could be considered a little bit of parity.
We are pretty arrogant, sure. The thing is, Bama fans can actually back it up considering Bama has dominated college football for the past 15 years. Bama is the bluest of blue bloods in college football. You know it and we sure as h*ll do too.
Bama had one of its worst O-lines under Saban last year and Bryce was still able to cook opponents game after game. I expect the O-line to take a few games to gel but overall they’ll be better under new coach Eric Wolford.
I guess UGA winning it all was kind of some parity since they haven’t done it in over 4 decades.
To me, it seems Texas fans are just as arrogant as UGA fans, so nothing new there. Both have a couple titles but act like their the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Yeah, I don’t agree with coach here. College football has never had parity.
Will Anderson Jr. would have been the #1 pick in this year's draft given the lack of QBs, but next year is full of top tier QBs so I doubt it happens.
3-2 during the entirety of last season, but by all means pick and choose what you want to fit your narrative.
Well that's the most rac*st thing I've read today. Grow up.
The ACC needs to do this because of how bad their product has been. The conference isn’t good and lacks multiple truly elite teams, ever since Miami and FSU fell off a cliff. They desperately need their best teams playing against their best. Doing away with divisions may help that.
This is one of the worst way-to-early mock drafts I’ve seen, not that any of them matter right now. It’s not because he has Levis at #1 but rather he has Will Anderson Jr. falling to #6.
ATL airport is the most efficient and effectively run airport I have ever been to. With as many people that go through that airport, they do a tremendous job of keeping the security line moving. Not to mention the bevvy of great food and bar options.
Isaiah Bond, freshman for Bama, remember the name. Ran the fastest 200M in the entire country this past year.
"Kirby’s never going to have the highest-scoring team in the nation cuz he doesn’t run up the score for stats or fun." This is certainly not the reason, but you keep telling yourself that. Saban never runs up the score, he just has elite offenses.
He is though. Bowers is incredible but he was also their only true receiving threat last year so he racked up numbers. Arik hasn't even played a down of football at UGA. Washington had like 10 catches last year for 150 yards. Bowers is the only proven one and the other two are just speculation at this point.
The National Championship just needs to rotate between ATL and NOLA.
Arch just needs to look at that UGA stat. That should help his decision making.