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Thanks negan for bringing together every SEC fanbase. We all agree you are one big fat Moron
So you’re responding to a Negan delusional post by stating facts and recounting history. Neither Negan, his boyfriend DumbsOfWar, or his groupie Leghumper, understand facts, truth or reality. They are here only to troll and spout BS
So what he said is true, or do you think that 10% is most
You sound like a Georgia Moron, trust your coaches bro
Come on man even if his specific example was wrong do you think that no 3 star recruit has ever been drafted in the first round?
Nuts I agree with you, both Negan and Dumbs fit your description
Fundamentals and attention to detail. And yes, recruiting
Not Ethiopia bro, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I did come back in a good mood, I was nice to kirk76, didn’t call him kirkdumb this time
No mention of Cox? Will he be able to set the edge? Will he reach his goal of breaking Alex Brown’s record? That would be a bold prediction
As opposed to kirk76, you are still the same ole Moron. At less you are consistent
I go away for a while, come back and find you finally have a non trolling, coherent post. Didn’t know you were capable. Who are you?
Silly Vol, the opposite happens to be true. We got a proven star player while you got a 5 star high school kid with potential. Big difference
This comment section is hilarious in large part because it's 90% Negan responding to his own crazy posts
Gatorfan you must remember kirkdumb76 is an 8 year old. A retarded 8 year old. Therefore his response to your post is what it is
Don't know why people get in such a wad about a stupid list like this. Getting all mad someone was left off or mocking those who made it. Remember this is the author's opinion. You can make your own list, I'm sure Negan has his ready and it is as relevant as this one
Thank for the correction. Trent Whittemore. Agree he's more a possession type guy but FlaGators said there was no other reliable pass catcher. Whittemore is reliable. The only one who could stretch the field would be Henderson. He has the speed just hasn't been able to put it all together yet
Dang! We lost the 3rd best kicker on the team
Waiting for negan to chime in so that the Triumvirate would be complete. One fan base with the most and the worst trolls of all, way to represent. While it's not a true statement that Georgia has the best football coach of all, it is true that Georgia has the most obnoxiopus, delusional and stupid trolls. Guess one out of two ain't bad
You can say that it's Florida's fault for letting UT use their facilities and by extension you are saying Florida should have told UT to take a hike right after the game without showering as a big F U but that's not what happened
UF allowed the UT team into their locker room so they could use the facilities before embarking on the road trip. The UT players took advantage and messed with the Gator equipment. Guess next time they should be told to hit the road without use of the facilities since they seem to lack gratitude or class
Academic superiority evidenced by a silly tweet. I get it. Academics to Bama fan is twitter. Fitting
What's happened to our team since is that we got a better head coach and coaching staff overall and that we settled on a better QB as well
His comments happen to be correct you are just too dense to realize it