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Talent does matter, but Saban recruited that talent. And Nick took his 2008 team to a #1 ranking and an SECCG with mostly Mike Shula’s players.
Reading comprehension. Saban isn’t blaming someone else, it was an example. Doing the right thing , even when it isn’t the popular thing. He isn’t really talking about Henry Ruggs. He is talking about life in general and football in particular. How do you not understand this and everyone else posting does. OH , wait. L S U.
Wonder if Bo saw the long TD pass to Burks where time expired on the play clock, and the game clock actually ticked off another second before the ball was snapped? Or on the same play Burks pushed Josh Jobe past him and caught the ball and ran for a TD. Obvious OPI with the side judge standing 10’ away. How was that not called? Hope you stay another year , BO. Will Anderson has some unfinished business.
Large scale needs to mean building new! I can’t even remember how many times Coleman has been slated for, or renovated! The longer they wait , the more it will cost, the less likely it gets replaced!
It’s been a while since Saban’s truly won a national title? Well Dawg, how long has it been since Georgia’s won one?
No, it is a huge blow. But No one knew Scott Cochran until Nick Hired him and Alabama made him a star with his energy! Just like No one knew the other Saban assistants that are now head coaches. I’m sure Nick will find a suitable replacement. We are wondering why Nick didn’t make an effort to retain him, Bama has replaced STC a couple of times in the last three years.
It was said there is a rift between Smart and Saban because Kirby recruited athletes on scholarship at UA to transfer to UGA before he left. One did. Also, Kirby took a a picture of the Alabama big board and showed it to prospects and told them they were not high on the Bama board , so the prospects should go to UGA because Kirby had them at the top of his board and thought more of them! Of course, Kirby never showed them a picture of the UGA board or where they actually stood. He didn’t steal the board, he used it to negative recruit against Saban!
It wasn’t petty! Everyone knows they way Flowbee left, taking pictures of the recruiting board, using it against Nick , recruiting Bama players on the way out! Nick was fooled once, wouldn’t let it happen again! Especially going to Flowbee in Leghumper land! Good luck Scott Cochran! Thanks for the years!
In Nick’s tenure during the regular season Bama has played FSU twice, Penn ST twice , Clemson , Wisconsin, Virginia tech twice , USC (2020 will be the second game) And Michigan. Alabama future schedule has Oklahoma , Notre Dame , Texas , Wisconsin, Virginia Tech . Over the next 10-12 years Just knowing a Georgia fan pulling Bama into a conversation about UGA/Clemson shows Nick is living in that Cranium free!